Is Aspartame Responsible for ‘An Epidemic of Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus’?

How are people exposed to aspartame?

Aspartame – Truth vs Fiction
Its contents were entirely false, misleading, and defamatory to various popular products and their manufacturers, with no basis whatever in fact. Numerous reports have come in from consumers linking aspartame to various problems from headaches to multiple sclerosis. In an ironic twist, shortly after these experimental errors were discovered, the FDA used guidelines recommended by G. Aspartic acid is a neuroexicter, which means its structure affects the central nervous system. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Now, the question is:

What is aspartame?

Donald Rumsfeld and the Strange History of Aspartame

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Researchers fed groups of rats diets high in sugar or artificial sweeteners including aspartame and acesulfame potassium. Also called nonnutritive sweeteners, these can be synthetic, such as saccharin and aspartame , or naturally derived, such as stevia.

One animal study showed that artificial sweeteners saccharin, sucralose and aspartame appeared to spike blood sugar more than regular sugar. The approval of aspartame was a violation of the Delaney Amendment, which was supposed to prevent cancer-causing substances such as methanol formaldehyde and DKP from entering our food supply. A late FDA toxicologist testified before the U. Congress that aspartame was capable of producing brain tumors. This made it illegal for the FDA to set an allowable daily intake at any level.

He stated in his testimony that Searle's studies were "to a large extent unreliable" and that "at least one of those studies has established beyond any reasonable doubt that aspartame is capable of inducing brain tumors in experimental animals He concluded his testimony by asking, "What is the reason for the apparent refusal by the FDA to invoke for this food additive the so-called Delaney Amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act?

And if the FDA itself elects to violate the law, who is left to protect the health of the public? In the mids, it was discovered that the manufacturer of aspartame falsified studies in several ways. One of the techniques used was to cut tumors out of test animals and put them back in the study. Another technique used to falsify the studies was to list animals that had actually died as surviving the study. Thus, the data on brain tumors was likely worse than discussed above.

In addition, a former employee of the manufacturer of aspartame told the FDA on July 13, that the particles of DKP were so large that the rats could discriminate between the DKP and their normal diet.

The American Diabetes Association ADA is actually recommending this chemical poison to persons with diabetes , but according to research conducted by a diabetes specialist, aspartame: In a statement concerning the use of products containing aspartame by persons with diabetes and hypoglycemia, the researchers says: This was evidenced by the loss of diabetic control, the intensification of hypoglycemia, the occurrence of presumed 'insulin reactions' including convulsions that proved to be aspartame reactions, and the precipitation, aggravation or simulation of diabetic complications especially impaired vision and neuropathy while using these products Dramatic improvement of such features after avoiding aspartame, and the prompt predictable recurrence of these problems when the patient resumed aspartame products, knowingly or inadvertently.

Another researcher stated that excitotoxins such as those found in aspartame can precipitate diabetes in persons who are genetically susceptible to the disease. In a double blind study of the effects of aspartame on persons with mood disorders, findings showed a large increase in serious symptoms for persons taking aspartame.

Since some of the symptoms were so serious, the Institutional Review Board had to stop the study. Three of the participants had said that they had been "poisoned" by aspartame. Researchers concluded that "individuals with mood disorders are particularly sensitive to this artificial sweetener and its use in this population should be discouraged. I'm convinced also that it definitely causes behavioral changes. I'm very angry that this substance is on the market.

Additionally, there are numerous reported cases of low brain serotonin levels, depression, and other emotional disorders that have been linked to aspartame and often are relieved by stopping the intake of aspartame. With the large and growing number of seizures caused by aspartame, it is sad to see that the Epilepsy Foundation is promoting the "safety" of aspartame.

At Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 80 people who had suffered seizures after ingesting aspartame were surveyed. Community Nutrition Institute concluded the following about the survey:. Both the Air Force's magazine, Flying Safety , and the Navy's magazine, Navy Physiology , published articles warning about the many dangers of aspartame including the cumulative delirious effects of methanol and the greater likelihood of birth defects.

The articles note that the ingestion of aspartame can make pilots more susceptible to seizures and vertigo. The absorption of methanol into the body is sped up considerably when free methanol is ingested.

Free methanol is created from aspartame when it is heated to above 86 Fahrenheit 30 Centigrade. This would occur when aspartame-containing product is improperly stored or when it is heated e.

Methanol breaks down into formaldehyde in the body. Formaldehyde is a deadly neurotoxin. An EPA assessment of methanol states that methanol "is considered a cumulative poison due to the low rate of excretion once it is absorbed. In the body, methanol is oxidized to formaldehyde. Heavy users of aspartame-containing products consume as much as mg of methanol daily or 32 times the EPA limit. Symptoms from methanol poisoning include headaches, ear buzzing, dizziness, nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, weakness, vertigo, chills, memory lapses, numbness and shooting pains in the extremities, behavioral disturbances, and neuritis.

The most well known problems from methanol poisoning are vision problems including misty vision, progressive contraction of visual fields, blurring of vision, obscuration of vision, retinal damage, and blindness. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, causes retinal damage, interferes with DNA replication and causes birth defects. Due to the lack of a couple of key enzymes, humans are many times more sensitive to the toxic effects of methanol than animals.

Therefore, tests of aspartame or methanol on animals do not accurately reflect the danger for humans. As pointed out by Dr. Monte, director of the food science and nutrition laboratory at Arizona State University: He was so concerned about the unresolved safety issues that he filed suit with the FDA requesting a hearing to address these issues.

He asked the FDA to:. It's not fair that you are leaving the full burden of proof on the few of us who are concerned and have such limited resources. You must remember that you are the American public's last defense. Once you allow usage of aspartame there is literally nothing I or my colleagues can do to reverse the course. Aspartame will then join saccharin, the sulfiting agents, and God knows how many other questionable compounds enjoined to insult the human constitution with governmental approval.

He then left for a position with G. Searle's public relations firm. It has been pointed out that some fruit juices and alcoholic beverages contain small amounts of methanol. It is important to remember, however, that methanol never appears alone. In every case, ethanol is present, usually in much higher amounts. Ethanol is an antidote for methanol toxicity in humans. The troops of Desert Storm were "treated" to large amounts of aspartame-sweetened beverages, which had been heated to over 86 degrees F in the Saudi Arabian sun.

Many of them returned home with numerous disorders similar to what has been seen in persons who have been chemically poisoned by formaldehyde. The free methanol in the beverages may have been a contributing factor in these illnesses.

Other breakdown products of aspartame such as DKP discussed below may also have been a factor. In a act that can only be described as "unconscionable," the FDA approved aspartame as an ingredient in numerous food items that would always be heated to above 86 degree F 30 degree C. DKP is a byproduct of aspartame metabolism. DKP has been implicated in the occurrence of brain tumors. Olney noticed that DKP, when nitrosated in the gut, produced a compound that was similar to N-nitrosourea, a powerful brain tumor causing chemical.

Some authors have said that DKP is produced after aspartame ingestion. I am not sure if that is correct. It is definitely true that DKP is formed in liquid aspartame-containing products during prolonged storage. Searle conducted animal experiments on the safety of DKP. The FDA found numerous experimental errors occurred, including "clerical errors, mixed-up animals, animals not getting drugs they were supposed to get, pathological specimens lost because of improper handling," and many other errors.

These sloppy laboratory procedures may explain why both the test and control animals had 16 times more brain tumors than would be expected in experiments of this length. In an ironic twist, shortly after these experimental errors were discovered, the FDA used guidelines recommended by G.

Aspartic Acid (40 percent of Aspartame)