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Only in the past three decades have researchers begun to…. Signs and symptoms of low blood sugar may include: I am no longer exhausted or weak! There will come a day when he is on the mend and he CAN have a small amount of salt in his diet, there will never be a day when he MUST consume salt. What do I do when you tell your Dr.

What is a normal blood sugar level?

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Not even the best informed people can predict how high blood sugar levels even proteins raise blood sugar levels will rise or how much insulin you always need.

They follow the FDA guidelines which are wrong! The best diet for a diabetic is a low carb, lchf, keto.. Thank you for the tip on language, Riva. My mom is diabetic. When she was diagnosed in May her fasting was and PP was I do check her BG after 3 hours, 4 hours as well but her BG falls slowly and not rising. Next day her fasting would be around This is happening since mid July I am happy with this half miracle but wish she have same dinner BG effect at lunch time as well. How to investigate this and find the solution?

With numbers like those, without medication, your mother appears to no longer have diabetes. Prediabetes maybe — check with her doctor. Since her body acts like that, maybe she could eat smaller lunches. Does she eat a good breakfast? That might make a difference. I had just retired at I freaked when my PCP said I should be on injected insulin with my a1c at 11 and my blood sugars wayyyy off the chart. DT2 is a disease of obesity. Previously I would graze poorly at night.

I was place on Metformin mg, 2x. My primary almost cried. Stopping noshing and droppingbody weight got me under control.

Currently weigh about My numbers were running higher than normal but not as high as yours. My goal is or less. For the 3rd meal, I make sure to eat low sugar added meals. Plus, I work out 3 times a week. At least 30 minutes of cardio plus a full body, all major muscle groups, weight machine workout. My workouts usually last about 90 minutes total.

My recommendations for you is to keep lowering your weight. Shoot for or less. Make sure your meals are healthy and eat a normal portion about the size of your fist.

Cut out red meat totally. It looks like you get muscle workouts on your job but you need to make sure you get. Good cardio workout at least 3 and preferably 5 times a week. In my opinion, the thing that will help you the most right now is losing the weight and eating normal heathy portions.

During the mornings, your body has elevated blood sugar level spikes, serious spikes. But you need to check this problem and solve the real problem. My husband just checked his glucose levels after fasting. He works outside and it has been very hot here lately, but his clothes are drenched…he can literally wring out sweat from his shirts. Should we be concerned about diabetes? Susan, a fasting of is classed as prediabetes, which is usually not treated with medications, but would benefit from changes like cutting way down on refined carbs and sugars.

Of course, he should keep hydrated. Then I tested 6. They tested me because I was complaining about exhaustian and pain in my feet, legs, and hands. I cannot stand for more than a few minutes. I have changed my diet around and lost about lbs in 8 months. My a1c are normal now, not even pre diabetc but the terrible neuropathy symtoms have not gone away.

He must stop the soda. He should control his portions and eat small amounts more often. He needs to have water with him and raw mixed nuts. Not roasted in oil…but raw or dry roasted. You might have to get them from a health food store. I do not wish on anyone what happed to me. They should have explained this when I was pre diabetic. Now I have to stay healthy and strict on my diet and hope I will have some recovery over time.

Jim, if you keep your glucose down to an A1C of 6 or so, your neuropathy will probably go away or at least get better. He should get a physical with a complete blood test along with checking cholesterol and a1c. There are many things that can cause high blood sugar and the symptoms your husband has. It is best to catch things early. When it gets really nasty hot like it has been. I mix coconut water with water. The reason I steer clear of gatoraid is the sugar.

Find a brand coconut water with. And give you much needed potassium all day. None of the things I mentioned above will hurt him before you get to the doctor for conclusive tests. That way it is only 10g of sugar per 32 oz. It also reduces the cost. Your numbers sound like diabetes or maybe prediabetes, which is an early stage of diabetes. Since you are having a lot of symptoms, some medication might help. I would see a doctor and also advise taking a couple of teaspoons of vinegar with meals and at bedtime.

Keep testing and get on this. My numbers are great somedays and others not so much. I dont know if that is common? Also do you know if their is any corrlation between food allergies and diabetic symptoms? I read about a connection but you cannot always believe what you read. Some medication might help, but you can also try cutting down your carbohydrate intake, moving more, and taking plant medicines such as bitter melon, guava, cinnamon, insulin plant, or mulberry.

Most of these you can find as teas in Asian stores. David i am ashwani i got my test result of glucocheck was in morning empty stomach and i was also test at night it was so this is starting or in worst condition give me some advice on my that result. If you are checking correctly and your meter is OK, your glucose numbers say you have diabetes although this should be confirmed with a health-care provider.

Hope you can see a doctor, possibly start medication, and start using some of the ideas on our site and others to lower your numbers. If you or anyone wants to know the truth of how to beat diabetes or loose weight, the ADA guidelines are a joke.

I have been diagnosed for almost a year and I very quickly departed from the recommendations after realizing they are only there to keep you on meds and make you more sick. I have now stopped taking Metformin and have normal blood sugar levels. This does not mean that I am not insulin resistant. I do not know that yet. If you REALLY want to know how to beat type 2 diabetes, please watch these videos and learn how your body works and how you can very quickly get your glucose under control.

In all sincerity, low carb diets are very difficult to maintain even with the strongest of willpower. If you try going Ketogenic, you will really learn what it feels like to be free from carb cravings which are like a drug addiction. It took me a long time of trying and failing and not accepting failure to get to these conclusions. Best of luck to you and everyone who wants to beat diabetes and be healthy again. You need to get at minimum under lbs to help reduce the complications you can have with diabetes.

The big ones being cardiovascular and nerve damage they can lead to heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure or amputation. Those are the scary realities for us who suffer from diabetes. But, luckily controlling our disease can prevent or reduce our risks. The great thing about diabetes is that it can actually allow us to live a longer life, without many of us would continue bad habits of eating and not exercising.

Things that for sure will kill us. How long have you been diagnosed with diabetes? The hardest part is staying with your program. People improve their numbers and start going back to their old habits. I would work on cutting out all sugar from my diet and very little carbs. Just some whole grain sources of carbs.

If you want to be healthy that is really how you have to eat for the rest of your life. It takes a long time to get use to it and the world is full of temptation but eventually you will be amazing healthy and fit. What will help would be to eliminate the sweets and soda, also incorporate some exercise.

Even somethong as simple as an evening walk around a block can help. Maybe after your numbers are under control you can add sweets back with moderation. I was diagnosed in , I lost lbs and came off my meds altogether. I know that the closer I am to the more I need to watch my numbers.

Its time to say goodbye to all your sweets. If you want to be healthy and live you need to eliminate them all. No sugar no carbs. If you do not this disease will kill you very quickly. You are going to have to make this decision for yourself.

Its not an easy journey. But you have to decide what you want to do. Live or die eating. Cutting down on carbs and way, way down on the sweetened refined carbs are good ideas, though. Christ, give the guy a break.!

There is no reason to give up ALL carbs. My sister is controling her levels through her diet. Only sugars she gets are through fresh fruits. She still has bread but eats Ezikeal brand. You can live AND eat with diabetes. Diabetes can never be reversed. You can help control it through diet and exercise but it will never go away. It only gets worse as time goes by. My English is not perfect, but i want to say, that you are completely wrong. After 6 weeks, you can start to intake sugars normally again, but you have to keep exercising and not to let your body back in same condition, when it cannot handle big amounts of sugars and acids.

Thank you for your reply! This inspires me as my numbers have been steadily decreasing at fasting. The diagnosis was quite sobering and since my diet change, I have not had one moment of regret or difficulty, to be honest. I woke up with 91 today! Looking forward to improving my life and permanently changing my unhealthy habits. I have yet to take any medication whatsoever. Only exercise, diet change, and improved sleeping habits. Please do not listen to that person.

Type 2 diabetes never goes away. Your symptoms can improve and you can avoid taking oral medications and prevent some of those terrible complications of the disease through diet and exercise.

Right now there is no cure to diabetes other than in some instances with gastric by pass surgery. The number one problem with type 2 diabetes face is not understanding how dangerous this disease is. It needs to be taken very serious. Also another issue I always see is after they start having good numbers they relapse into their old lifestyle and the disease comes back even worse and more damage to their pancreas is presented.

Good luck you can have a long and normal life as long as you always go in at least twice a year to measure your progress. In the future you might need to go on oral medication but it wont be your fault if you are dieting. Its just the nature of the disease. I am sorry but your information is completely wrong and dangerous to give to people. There is no cure to type 2 diabetes. It can never go away. Diabetes is a disease hypoglycemia high blood sugar is one of the symptoms to this terrible disease.

I bought one of those big magnifying glasses so that I could real labels in the grocery store and other things that I needed to read-you should start researching different books-see what your local library has-if you like a book then buy it for your home library. The worst thing about diabetes I think is the damage that is being done to different parts of your body, silently. My vision has greatly improved and pain in my foot has as well. You will probably find in your research a strict, moderate and liberal diet changes-same with excercise.

I chose to eliminate all sweets, including fruits and all starch-es-potatoes, noodles, rice, bread, etc. Also-certain disorders go hand in hand with diabetes-not just pain in the extremities but depression, thyroid issues, and many more — for me getting on good quaity vitamins really helped-if you eliminate fruit-even if it is temporary then you will possibly cause vitamin c deficiency, for instance.

Consider what foods you eliminate from your diet and what possible nutrients you may also be eliminating and replace them. Take very good care of your teeth and mouth-brush and floss frequently-take good care of your skin and especially of your feet. I was told to check my blood sugar 3 times a day but I check more frequently because I want to know how I react to certain foods and activities. That puts you in charge. Any increase in activity helps-also if you can get outside-even if it is to sit outside for awhile.

If you are very overweight or have pain in your feet just walking about in your house helps-any increase in activity-gradually building up your activity-especially outside in the sunlight and fresh air. If you already suffer from depression you will find that the increase in activity-especially outdoors will help alot with that. I have been able to add a little-and I do mean little amount of carbs back to my diet without any il effects-like making a sandwich with a low carb wrap instead of bread or a bun, a few berries in my salad, etc.

But always chek your blood sugar to see how you react. Being newly diagnosed with diabetes is scary, very scary-and that alone can plunge someone into depression-but if you make changes even a little at a time you will see big changes in your blood sugar levels and the way you feel. If you find that your blood sugar is elevated it could be caused by activity dehydration -try drinking a glass of water to bring it down.

Get to know yourself and how you react to different things. You can do this! Thermal, I am in the Medical Field and it can be severely controlled and eliminated but it all depends on a lot of factors. Now if you have had the disease for awhile and just threw in the towel or gene issue or it runs in your family this all weighs in….

I have seen people put on metformin watch their diet drop a ton of weight and exercise and their HbA1c went back down into the range. Hi everyone, do I have to accept my diagnosis from the GP? I was tested to have extremely high HbA1c….

I feel that I need to be given a chance to get it down naturally before I get pumped full of meds and become registered as a diabetic. Should I not at least try this route? Some medication prescription or plant-based might help you get there. The disease never goes away once you have it. You can improve your numbers but if you go back to your old eating habits it will come back and eventually even much worse. It can be reversed, I know of a ton of people that have had HbA1c around 9, they lost weight and did a very stricken diet and now they are in the range.

Now if it goes way too long then yes I would agree with your assessment. What did you eat for breakfast that day? It sounds like you should have snacks with you at all times, and maybe ask your doctor about your lows. That is what diabetes is. You need to go to a doctor and get examined and start proper treatment either with oral medications and diet or whatever your doctor recommends. You have one choice. Change your lifestyle immediately or die soon. That is the only course you have with diabetes.

You are heading toward complications from this disease. It is not fun, number one reason for amputations every year is diabetes. Number one reason for kidney failure is diabetes.

Also going blind etc. When your sugar gets below which is extremely dangerous is because your body has been used to high sugar for a long time and now needs time to get use to it. Your diet needs to change. Forget about ever eating the way you did before this is a new life you have to strt. You are going to have to decide if you want to live or do you want to be consumed by this disease.

Dean, Metformin does treat the symptoms and it can help prevent further damage, and is best used with diet and exercise to help. Now I am talking Type 2 here, type 1 is a whole different ballgame! I was diagnosed with Diabetes 6 months ago, my A1C was 8. The Metformin quickly brought my A1C down to around 6 in a matter of a few weeks. I do lots of vigorous walking and some moderate lifting throughout the day.

This is unusual for me. Hi Whatever, Based on your A1C of 8. It sounds as though you are reversing it through exercise. People who walk and lift all day are not at much risk for Type 2 diabetes, because vigorous exercise burns up the extra glucose. Please share your story with others. They may be inspired to reverse their own diabetes.

Hi, my glucose FBS result is 9. However, I have also seen a note below which says 75grams glucose intake. Will this mean that my paper blod test result is higher than actual result, or is this really the tru result of my bllod test? Aina Mae, was this fasting result right before an oral glucose tolerance test? Most likely your FBS of 9. But you could show your results to the lab people or your doctor and ask.

I have been suffering with excessive thirst , I know this to be a symptom of Hyperglycemia so I tested with my mothers meter. I am a bit overweight and not real active. Is it common for those first diagnosed to have a number like that? That is a really concerning number for fasting. I would go see your doctor, get a fasting glucose, insulin, and an Hba1c test done.

And likely they will give you your own monitor, medication, and hopefully dietary and lifestyle suggestions to help you. Your fasting number should be under , and 2 hours post eating should be under It is definitely possible to change this with medication and lifestyle changes. My son his age 15 His fasting reading Is he having diabetes What shall i do.

Diabetes is a serious condition that should not be self-diagnosed. Besides, your son may have had a small snack without you knowing a few cream biscuits.

It may not seem like much, but biscuits, candy etc can cause spikes in blood sugar levels. There are some other diseases that can also affect glucose metabolism. Regardless, I recommend you go see a doctor to ease your anxiety. But for some of us living in the west, its not that easy to see a doctor as it is in my home country in India. Without having a health insurance which many do not have a visit to the doctor just to do a sugar test at the lab and consult the doctor may cost anywhere between USD, minimum, one visit.

So in the West, most have a glucometer at home and seek advice online in these forums…. Can you talk to his doctor about what type of diabetes he might be developing?

If he was my son, I would try to get him on a diet and management plan as if he had diabetes. He can possibly stop it if he takes it seriously now, as you can see in my new blog entry on preventing diabetes in various ways.

Have your son take the vitamin supplement chromium picolinate. Usually pharmacies have buy 1 get one free on vitamins. I was able to get rid of my diabetes by taking chromium picolinate once or 2xs a day. Most Doctors are not taught about vitamin supplements in medical school, so they cannot teach you what they do not know. I would definitely see a physician as soon as possible to see exactly what is going on. If it is Type 1 he will need to go on insulin for the rest of his life.

It type 2 at his age , it is concerning, but highly treatable through a complete lifestyle change. Now diabetes is a curable disease in SL, after 8 months treatment, people with diabetes can live a life as normal persons….

Hi Shehroze, It sounds like you are working hard to get better. Has your doctor given you metformin or another drug? You might ask for one. You might also consider taking bitter melon , cinnamon, or another plant medicine like these.

Are you from India or Pakistan by any chance? It is pretty prevalent in that part of the world to have fatty liver diease. Have you gotten your liver tested for this? This could all be combined with diabetes. To lower your all three of these issues. It is often recommend to avoid a high starch, carb and sugar diet along with a proper diet and exercise plan. You should also be on oral medication. No added sugar, little starch with protein.

Good luck to you. Porrige is a terrible breakfast for diabetes. Better to have meat or eggs with vegetables, or yoghurt with nuts. Hi Bear, Your sugars are coming down, which is great. A little high, like where you are now, can do it. Something else may also be going on. Also, our nutritionist Amy Campbell advises getting more omega-3 oils and green leafy vegetables for eye health.

You are generalizing a high A1C reading with irreversible insulin resistance damage to pancreatic beta cells.

Gastric bypass procedure includes low carb diet, which is why its reversible in that case. No need to do surgery if one has self control, discipline, and never goes back to old habits. If pancreatic beta cells are damaged, then one needs medication for the rest of their lives. The reason gastric bypass surgery can sometimes cure type 2 diabetes , is not because of diet by the intestine controlling sugar levels instead of the stomach.

After a gastric bypass the small intestine will start producing GLUT-1 , which controls glucose levels. This will cure the disease out right and the only known cure for type 2 diabetes. I am only discussing type 2 diabetes. I am not referring to the symptom of high A1C levels. Many different things could cause high readings of A1C. So, for the disease diabetes , there is no known cure but through possibly through gastric bypass. Everything else is just the control of the disease.

My mother sugar was before one month,suddenly yesterday when she checked her fasting sugar was even doctor cant believed ,her sugar intake is very less. Thermal Deal — it is YOU who are talking rubbish. Or preferably look at both to stop you spouting this scaremongering. YES — if you kick start your Liver and Pancreas back to working normally and your BS levels back into normal levels you will still need to watch what you are doing — a return to previous lifestyle choices will see the Diabetes return.

Unfortunately, The study by Professor Taylor did not indicate reversal but the study, which was to small to make any absolute definitive answer, did state that through diet and exercise the disease can go into remission not cure, but a condition where the disease is controlled for at least 6 months if and only if the patient continued to keep the weight off and keep their exercise and diet restrictions.

Unfortunately, as always as soon as you stop the disease returns at full force. Also , as your body ages the disease will become worse , with no amount of diet or exercise being able to help.

But, there is no medical proof, other than through some cases of gastric bypass surgery. I am sorry that this is not the answer you want. But, it is the truth. Some day hopefully a cure for diabetes will be found. But, for now only through diet, weight loss and exercise the progression and symptoms of this terrible disease can be controlled, sometimes.

I suggest you refresh your medical knowledge then. There is lots of evidence out there about reversing Diabetes. I suggest you go find it! There is none out there. Sorry to say, but you are incorrect. It would be great if diabetes could be reversed but it cannot be. I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My morning levels are always 5 to 5. My 1hr after food is about 5 to 7.

I have no symptoms. It was based on a Glucose tolerance test where my fasting sugars were 5. Or is it just Aistralia? The generic recommend intake in the third trimester is ! Amanda, your numbers do not seem to be diabetes. Maybe the prediabetes they call impaired glucose tolerance or IGT. You could ask them to show you the guidelines they are working from. Metformin or 2 teaspoons of vinegar at bedtime would probably lower your morning level enough to keep them happy.

I totally agree with you on this, but your missing the point. Some have the country is pre-diabetic these days.. Type 2 That can be reversed and is curable if you catch it before it becomes full blow and even then it can be reversed everyones metabolism differs. If you go back to eating the stuff that is making you unhealthily and are not doing anything to reduce it then yes trying to reverse it when you are too far gone it is incurable….. Pre diabetes is diabetes type 2 , there is no cure for it.

It is just early onset. It easier to manage but not curable Name one scientific study that says otherwise. I do not believe there is a single scientific study that has done the rigorous diet and exercise that I am going through.

There should be studies that have patients go into a strict vegan, sugar free, starch free diet and see if their condition can be reversed. I just started so I would only be a single subject. Once I complete my 8 month regimen and lose all my belly fat I would be interested in submitting myself to sugar stress tests and see if I still show signs of diabetes or pre-diabetes. You should and after 8 months , you should take a glucose test so you can see in concrete evidence after almost years of thorough scientific studies and billions of dollars.

There is no cure for diabetes and it does not go away. Your sugar will still spike to diabetic levels. Only cure known is gastric bypass surgery.

Hopefully someday there can be a cure. Also, I know we talked earlier about high A1C levels. How do you diagnose diabetes without using A1C levels? Lets not use a broad stroke and generalize the term diabetes!

There are 2 types.. Type 1 is not curable and Type 2 can be depending on how long you have had the disease and what your doing about it, most people wait way too long and go from pre-diabetic to many years with diabetes some times without even realizing it.

Their are boat loads of medical journals and doctors that would disagree with you. This is just one article there are thousands… Dr. Their are 79 million American with Pre-diebetes if you go full blown type 2 diabetic and stay their then I would agree with you.

I went from the 5s on my HbA1c up to 9 once, and I had instant symptoms, went on strict diet and exercise every day and my blood sugar barely gets above after a mean and in the 70s fasting. Sure it can get worse overtime, especially if you do nothing about it.

Sorry to say but both are incurable and pre-diabetes is diabetes type 2. The diseases is progressive to what degree can be helped by good management. Stop saying that its a myth to real science and the people who have dedicated their lives to the study and treatment to this disease. All that you are doing is managing your disease. If you eat normal again yu will have the same symptoms. Good luck and be sure to keep us updated on your progress.

Please go to this page where someone from customer support can better assist you! Finally I read an article that has the information correct about carbs and diabetes. If you fallow the advice in this article your numbers should come down. Sadly, the ADA seems to have no interest in reducing the number of T2 diabetics with their too high-carb diet. They would rather have you live 30 years with diabetes keeps their pharma donors very happy.

Hi Jedha, interesting article. My main source of carbs is from home made bread of pearl-millet and barley flour. I have stopped added sugar completely since 3 months and have processed foods maybe once in two months mainly pizza. I have about 2 drinks per week. I was going to increase my fruit intake to 2 a day but after reading your article, I am planning to stop bananas and switch to a lower GI fruit. Would you be able to point me to some more reading on this?

How do I reduce my fatty liver profile! As mentioned in the article, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are going to be your best choice in regards to fruit- you can read more about fruit over here. A healthy diet low in carbohydrates and weight loss are the best defenders for a fatty liver as both will help decrease inflammation. I have been trying to download your information for some time. So far have been unable to.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please contact support so we can look into this further. Hi, My GTT test says fasting is 83,One hour after taking 75g glucose is ,after 2 hours is and after 3 hours is Does this mean I have diabetes? If so how should I reverse it? Hi Fem, you can find our blood glucose charts over her e. As you can see, your fasting level and two hour numbers are both within normal range. Can you shed any light on their problems?

Neither consider themselves to be diabetic. Well you guessed right LeeLee. Those refined carbs send people on an energy roller coaster ride. Why is full fat recommended if high cholesterol is a problem with Type II? And what about the extra percentage that full fat adds? You can read more about cholesterol here and fats here — that will help clear up some confusion. Hi Jedha, My husband just found out he has T2 Diabetes.

Can you please give me any advice on how I can start a healthy diet for him. Anything will definitely help me!! Hi Mariela, this info will help guide the way. My numbers are fantastic. Diabetic doctor is very pleased with them. Would not ask me what I have been doing. Lost weight and feeling great. Hi can you clarify something for me. I use a natural wheat bran to make a cake in the microwave and cocoa powder for flavour.

Wheat Bran total carbs — Will this mean the net carbs are negative? What would be the GI? Is it possible for these products to raise blood sugar? For instance, 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa is 3 g carbs, 2 g fiber sugar is irrelevant. To get net carbs you subtract the fiber from total carbs. So the cocoa would be 1 g net carbs. There are no negative net carb foods.

You may find it by searching the GI database. It is possible for any food to raise blood sugar, yes. The rate at which it does so may be different in everyone. And also my lifestlye is very active, aside from the sweating I do in steam rooms. I even work out before I do that. And from what I understand most toxins and waste are removed through feces. I might sweat a lot during that time, but none of it is leaving my body through urine or bowel movements.

Any dietary advice, including the safety of salt, can mean life or death to a heart patient, and this sweeping advice can be dangerous to the wrong person. To add another anecdote to the pile, my otherwise healthy and young husband is preparing for heart surgery in 4 weeks to treat sudden heart failure.

While he is encouraged to continue to consume low amounts of sodium which is present in almost every food , he is entirely restricted from salt. Even a pinch of salt is considered a danger to him. There will come a day when he is on the mend and he CAN have a small amount of salt in his diet, there will never be a day when he MUST consume salt. So sayeth a cardiologist and, separately, a leading heart surgeon in Los Angeles. Sodium is needed — salt is not. Salt happens to have sodium in it, which is why people think they need salt.

Sodium is naturally in whole, raw foods. And because of this it is not needed to be added to your meals on the table or whilst cooking. But the body does need salt just not from the salt cellar. I too followed the recommendations of a low-salt, low processed food diet.

I lost 40 pounds, got a great tan and a lot of compliments, but my father said I looked sick. I went to the hospital with hyponatremia too little sodium in the blood , had an IV drip, and the doctor told me I drank too much water. A hospital uses a drip because they buy and sell pharmaceuticals. Though the body may initially use the second rate chemical reaction from the IV drip, this is not the way to maintain a metabolically useful sodium level. Modern living has shown that people do not understand what a wealth of sodium is lying in wait for them in simple vegetables.

This sodium is rich, abundant and metabolically usefull over a long term, unlike the toxic industrial chemicalised salt in everyday use. IV sodium at best, is a temporary stop gap, with potentially dangerous side effects and yet another crisis in waiting. Having too little sodium in the blood can be alleviated on a daily basis by simply consuming raw beetroot and celery. It seems a bit suspect that we now need to add additional salt to our diets? What other animal needs to do this?

Paul, naturally meats, fruits and vegetables, do not contain any NaCl at all. What they do contain is Na, sodium and Cl, chloride. The confusion lies in articles like the ones presented on this site, that omit to clearly define the difference between essential Na and essential Cl and non essential NaCl or salt. Sodium is not stable unless it is bound to some other element. As you dry it out it will find a neighbor or a protien to bind itself too. Exothermic reaction big time!

If you bit down on a piece of pure sodium it would explode your teeth and jaw. Look at the difference between heme iron and iron oxide. Either will work in the body but the body has to work harder to convert one than the other into a usable form.

What type of ignorant person thinks that sodium chloride presents some challenge to the body to separate and make use of the sodium and the chloride? I can make almost anything into a salt amphetamines are often made into the form of a salt!

That does not magically make it good or bad but it sure makes it easier for the body to use it! I can make cyanide into the form of salt but you do not want that in your body! Some of you are talking about chemistry and physiology you clearly do not understand. Your body does not for instance use complete proteins either.

The body than takes those individual building blocks not complete anything and builds what it needs to build. If a form is toxic than you have a problem but other than that if it can be broken down it does not matter. Some forms are so hard to break down that you body just does not have the time to break enough down with the resources it has to use what is being taken in but that is another problem. You can turn any metal into a salt! The truth is that you need salts, not salt. Salt is not essential to life, but salts are.

The two words are not interchangeable Doctors are useless at nutrition. Recommending salt, instead of advising that sodium is plentiful in fruits and vegetables, as is chloride, and these are just two of the salts the metabolism requires to function healthily. The amount of first class sodium in celery and beetroot is second to none.

Chloride in abundance is also available in plant based food. Unfortunately not everyone eats veggies which are a natural source of sodium. Some people just refuse to eat them.

Sadly those who refuse to eat veggies but then go on a no salt diet may have some issues. Ideally solve that by eating veggies. Extropian, you are very misinformed. Matter of fact, animal meats actually have quite a bit per serving. So you must be referring to yourself or dust mites. Alan — I have eliminated salt from my diet and it is not a problem at all. Sodium is different than salt. What I said was written flippantly as part of a personal anecdote, and was meant to represent my personal experience with my personal doctor.

But my bigger point, and the point that I actually do care about, was that articles like this making big sweeping statements are harmful.

But this article by a person who is seen as a professional is irresponsible and incomplete. Kell, you are right. People are very misinformed. More people need to die anyways….

Large herds in the days of old used to migrate constantly from places of salt licks to watering holes. The fact that animals ate addictive sodium chloride and went to a watering hole after proves nothing except that salt would make them thirsty. Processed salt, what we typically think of as table salt, is typically 95 to 97 percent sodium with the remaining being trace amount of iodine and the rest flow enhancers. Realize there is virtually no chloride in processed salt. Sodium does not equal Sodium Chloride.

Processed salt is not salt, it is basically sodium. James I totally agree with your sentiments regarding the separation of terminology regarding sodium and chloride and salt. Concluding you state that:. All sodium requirements and all chloride requirements are more than adequately met from plant based foods or the animals that ate the plants. It is a myth that NaCl intake might cause health problems at low doses. What is missing, more likely and would cause health problems, is sodium and or chloride, not NaCl.

Henry To a point I agree with you, if your largest physical exacerbation is twelve ounce curls, you may be correct. However, since my normal work day consists of six to seven hours of sweating from head to toe, yes it is very physical, I do not believe you can simply eat enough to make up the loss. I do temper my additional intake on those days I know I will not be as physically active, Balance I do have a problem wrapping my mind around the concept you present the sodium and chlorine a chloride forms when the chlorine atom gains or loses an electron exists as independent molecules in plant or animals.

Sodium is a soft metal and is extremely reactive it will burn in water and does not exists in nature by itself but as a compound with other elements. I look forward to further discussions as I attempt to understand this concept.

Uptake of ubiquitous sodium ions is desirable as a way to build osmotic potential, absorb water and sustain turgor, but excess sodium ions may be toxic. Information from a number of plant species about the proteins involved in sodium-ion uptake helps to explain how plants manage to take in just the right amount. Sodium is a highly reactive metal. Sir, you blasting comment lends nothing to the discussion except to confirm that when you open your mouth foolishness comes out.

If you had taken the time to properly research and present that research, you would have proven that my facts on the make up of processed salt was incorrect and stretch my mind to a new idea, but alas you have failed, not miserably to achieve great things, just failed.

Please look at the following article , I did some slicing and dicing on the article but hopefully have kept the intent of it intact. Why is Salt Refined? You may be asking yourself the above question. Salt is refined for four main reasons: Refined salt, having all of its minerals removed i.

Being a lifeless product assures a long shelf life. In fact, refined salt can sit on the grocery shelf forever. A long shelf life is a valuable tool to maximize profits for food manufacturers. Manufacturers believe that an all-white salt product will look cleaner to the consumer and, therefore, increase sales. Refined salt is bleached in order to obtain the white color. If the salt is taken from a polluted area, the refining process will remove the toxins associated with the salt. Iodine is added to refined salt to prevent goiter swelling of the thyroid.

Unrefined Salt As contrasted with refined salt, unrefined salt contains much more than sodium and chloride. Unrefined salt contains all of the elements necessary for life. Table 2 shows the major contents of unrefined Celtic Sea Salt. Unrefined salt does not contain appreciable amounts of iodide. Unrefined salt has not been put through various machines to remove the minerals and other elements that are naturally part of the salt. In addition, unrefined salt has not been exposed to harsh chemicals.

Finally, unrefined salt will have the minerals and elements associated with its origin. There is one sodium ion for every chloride ion. However, the atomic mass of sodium and chloride differ significantly, hence the different percentage by mass. If there was a big difference in the amount of sodium compared to chloride, you would find that the salt was electrically charged.

If it were only sodium, you would find that it was a highly reactive metal. Salt is NOT bleached. NaCl is crystalline white in its pure form. There are some minerals in the impure salts, but it does not matter with regards to your health.

In fact, pure salt is better, I am not too keen on eating Silica and Strontium…. So, refined NaCl with iodine is the best for your health. Just bringing some chemistry to the table…. Refined NaCl is not good for your health, on the contrary, it is associated with stomach cancer just for starters.

Growing up, my older brother would call me a salt vampire. When I was pregnant my husband was sure my bp would skyrocket. I found that salty foods made my nausia go away, so saltines were at my bedside. At work I had a cup of salty sunflower seeds handy. And the minimal swelling in my ankles happened due to the increasing weight of the baby, not the salt. No one needs a lot of salt. However we all need the requisite amounts of sodium and we all need the requisite amounts of chloride for our personal metabolism.

All of the sodium aka natural salts your body needs comes from whole foods, not processed foods. Its mind blowing to me the things that people want to argue about, other than common logic and sense. It banishes room for other energies. This is why people are on meds without an emergency. They change a little due to becoming accustomed to something and only jump to suppress it. It takes some thinking to figure out what to do yourself instead of suppress the oncoming change.

Ingesting salt as NaCl, wich is a mineral salt, has very diferente effects than ingestin sodium as organic salt like sodium citrate or acetate sodium wich is abundant in a lot of plants, like the fruit of Lemon, Orange, the leafs of most plants we eat.

Nevertheless NaCl like the one it exists in the ocean water at aprox. Chloride is also very importante to mamals, humans included, because it is the ion wich is used to manufacture the chloridric acid wich permits to make digestion of food it is a mineral acid by chemical convention. The sodium wich is mainly in the stomach walls then reacts with the acid and protects the stomach walls from being corroded by this very strong mineral acid wich corrodes food and gives bad smell to vomit.

Organic sodium is better to health and has not the danger if hardening the arteries and veins. But nevertheless we should consume Chloride, wheter in plants or in NaCl, so the animals, like cattle or humans, or any mamal pets, be normal healthy animals.

Cattle is full of NaCl in fodder, wich is not good, it should have a lot less NaCl, and a lot more sodium and chloride in fertilizer to plants, so they can manufacture organic molecules and then the cattle like pigs or chichens ingest it and humans also.

No, we should definitely not consume chloride from NaCl, when it is in abundance in plant based food, or animals that ate the plants. The best source of chloride is not NaCl. I am reading through these comments and some people are very misinformed.

Perhaps they are being paid by big pharma to spew this nonsense. Salt is not the primary reason behind hypertension its too much sugar and water.. Hyponatremia is when too much water in the body flushes the sodium needed to function.. You cells swells because the salt that regulates the in and out fluids in cells decreased.. Salt is eliminated though sweat and urine but sugar stays in until it is burned it up in either exercise or some physical work.. Sugar can cause glycation in the body which hardens tissues and sticks to cells like a magnet….

Now, I use to eat jars of pickles with salt , saltine crackers, and other salty foods sauce meats with no problems…. There is no proof that sodium causes high blood pressure and any health issues unless you are not drinking enough fluids especially water.. FYI, Too much water is not good for you either its biblical 1 timothy 5: The kidneys will hold that water in your tissues and body and now your bloated with water weight gain and other issues will follow….

I was never given a blood sodium test for HBP just the meds and guess what!.. My body was like balloon with water that needed to be eliminated.. Low salt helped kill my mother-in-law and it almost killed my sister-in-law a couple of years ago.

I have been helped so much by my salt and water. Sometimes I take it about 30 minutes before bedtime. I have been doing this over a month now. It has completely stopped my foot cramps and leg pain. I have lost 15 pounds. I think of those has over 80 trace minerals that our bodies need. A person cannot survive without salt, period. Try some of the healthier ones. You can find it typing in Water Cures and Sea Salt.

Sodium should come from plants or the animals that ate the plants. Chloride should come from plants or the animals that ate the plants. These terms are not interchangeable. No, you really, really really need salt in your diet, it is a macro-nutrient and is not that easy to find in diet without occasional supplementation, which is why it seems to make ordinary food more attractive, and dampens down bitter tastes, usually a danger sign for inedible food. It even has a tranquillising effect in prey animals because it is so valuable that that it is worth the extra risk of being preyed upon to get that salt into the system.

Salt has never been an essential compound for human metabolism to function correctly. You are totally fooled by a myth. Sodium is essential as is chloride. NaCl is not essential and never has been. Sodium from plants or the animals that ate the plants and chloride from plants or the animals that ate the plants is where humans derived their sodium and chloride for tens of thousands of years.

I have experiential proof that NaCl is not essential. As for suggesting that sodium and chloride are hard to find in a diet shows a massive ignorance regarding the sodium and chloride content of fruits and vegetable. Andrew and Janice, thank you. Natural salts from whole foods is all you need, so eat enough of them. Go ahead, keep eating it….. This has something to do with it. Many people have been rescued from looming death by astute doctors wise enough to make immediate prescriptions for more salt intake.

Salt deficiency is a term, not a word, therefore it is an expression used by doctors, quacks, so called health care professionals and a host of sundry members of the public. The fact that the average diet is devoid of sodium rich foods from plants or the animals that ate them, is the primary reason for electrolyte imbalance. The quick fix sodium chloride infusion is merely a pharmaceutical stop gap for an inherent sodium deficiency, which will have started shortly after birth when toxic NaCl would have been used on a massive scale by the toxic food industry as a preservative, allowing junk convenience food to remain on the shelves for months.

Laced with toxins and devoid of nutrients, this product is well known in stomach cancer circles, after decades of its use instead of ingesting sodium rich foods as the norm. Therefore it is not surprising that some may be deficient of the electrolytes the body rquires. No one is salt deficient, because the compound NaCl is not part of plasma or blood. The fact that a doctor who is taught to use drugs gives someone a sodium chloride infusion, may assist in the short term, but as usual with pharmaceuticals, they never see the cause, only a symptom.

It is a temporary pharmacy fix. An infusion of any sodium rich plant juice would have the same effect.. There are countless numbers of people who have suffered at the hands of drug salesmen.

Side effects associated with use of intravenous sodium chloride include: For as many that are helped by this stop gap, quick fix, countless are suddenly rushed to intensive care. I workout 6 days a week, Times a day. My heart rate is beats per minute depending on how sick I am, and I consume roughly calories a day from healthy whole foods and little to no processed foods cheese, luncheon meat, some whole grain pasta and whole wheat bread.

I drink 16 8 oz glasses of water daily, more if training for a large event. I have no sign of hypertension as of right now. I did a study for a specialist a couple of years ago.

I ran, swam, biked, weight lifted, ate, drank, whatever was asked for the study. I performed like a man in my prime, and still do, as I get older I am getting better, weird?! The secret is to listen to your body to establish what you need, indulge a little, moderation is key with most diets, stay active, be positive. The minute you go to fad diets for any reason other than health concerns, than you are messing with the natural order of things.

Organic or budget is the only real choice, and even that is relative. Different things work for different people. Find an organization, federation, association, group or whatever of like-minded individuals and hope what they do works for you if that is your cup of tea. I hope everyone finds what works for them, good luck and good health wishes to you. This article is seriously irresponsible. Full of pseudo science and selective statistics.

All professional medical authorities confirm sodium as the prime factor behind hypertension. To suggest otherwise is pure bunk. Ignore this article and get your advice from a qualified medical specialist. Phil, a man after my own heart! I have to say though, that I am definitely a fan of sodium! Sodium from plant sources rich in Na, celery beetroot to name two, are to me, a life blood.

Its ubiquitous use of adulterated and subsequently therefore, unnaturally toxic sodium chloride is the real concern. Its process and horribly excessive use as a preservative and seasoning, is our undoing, not the sodium. We just need to make sure we are drinking enough water to flush out the excess salt. A distinction must always be made between science and advertising. This flimsy assault on salt elimination was paid for by the International Salt Miners Association.

After consuming 10 glasses of water on Wednesday, I noticed today that I had symptoms of low blood sodium.

What made you drink ten glasses of water? You say you have been on a sodium restricted diet. Do you actually mean salt ie sodium chloride? If not, why would you want to restrict sodium, it is an essential electrolyte? You also say you now want to raise your salt consumption, why? If you are on a restricted sodium diet, how will you maintain that by increasing salt? What you absolutely have to be clear about is what are you trying to restrict and why, and what are you trying to increase and why?

You also have to be clear on the difference of processed toxic salt ie sodium chloride in packaged junk food, and sodium from plant material, or from animals who have eaten the plants. One is junk salt. What is a garden burger? This sounds horribly like American packaged food and therefore full of sodium chloride.

I need information on this where are the most reasonable places to per chase this food. The link still works on our end: I am of the opinion every one is mineral deficient. I suffered chronic fatigue for 4 years potassium showed 3. She put me on microK 8 ME twice a day. I am no longer exhausted or weak! Worked within a few days. Drinking gallons of orange juice for any reason is an incredibly foolish thing to do as is the statement foolish. High levels of fructose or fruit sugar are contained in every type of orange juice.

All fructose is metabolised by the liver, so an excess of it contributes to visceral fat. As a result heavy fructose consumption can lead to cirrhosis of the liver. The damage caused by excess fructose is very hard to spot, because those suffering from it tend not to look fat. When you eat a whole piece of fruit, the fructose in it comes equipped with fibre, giving your liver far more time to metabolise it, than with fruit juice.

Smoothies are not any better, when the fruit is blended the insoluble fibre is torn to smithereens. No one in their right mind would suggest removing sodium, an essential electrolyte, from a diet. Industrialised sodium chloride, yes, but not sodium. So the hypothesis is irrelevant. The removal of toxic polluted sodium chloride would be beneficial, whilst maintaining intake of plant based sodium, or eating the animals that have consumed plants.

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