Janet Jackson unveils dramatically slimmed down figure in Nutrisystem ad

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Janet Jackson Shows Off New Nutrisystem Body
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Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson and Nutrisystem Slim: Singer Debuts Weight Loss (VIDEO)

Janet Jackson appeared slim in a Nutrisystem ad released Monday. The video shows the celebrated music artist, who has lost a considerable amount of weight since last year. Janet Jackson's Nutrisystem slim ad showcases the year-old singer in a form-fitting tangerine dress and in a blouse tied with a black belt, calling attention to her newly-defined waist. Although Jackson didn't say exactly how much she'd lost since using Nutrisystem, it's a clear drop from what she weighed in December, when she joined the program.

A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself. Even at my thinnest, when my body was being praised, I wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror or how I felt about myself.

She also revealed that the source of her torment was sometimes none other than her own brother, the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The last time I wrote about Janet Jackson, it was a little bit less than a year ago. Janet was doing several fashion events in Paris in May and June of last year. I noted at the time that Janet looked like she had gained a little weight — nothing drastic or anything, maybe about 20 pounds, tops.

I even said it looked good on her — it made her look younger. Then, last December, Janet signed on to become the newest Nutrisystem spokeswoman.

Nutrisystem is the trashier, more budget weight loss system. I think Janet was slumming with this endorsement. The year-old singer and Nutrisystem spokeswoman is famous for yo-yo dieting throughout her career. This is where I want to be.

I feel healthy, I feel strong, and this is where I want to be. I mean… I get that. I like her more for talking about her weight fluctuations.

When Janet endorses a budget weight loss program, loses a extreme amount of weight, and JACKS the crap out of her face. Are we supposed to think that what happened to her face is the product of weight loss?

Nothing above her upper lip moves at all. Now, Janet has gotten tweaked before — for sure. But this is a really drastic and noticeable change, and she simply did NOT need it. Ads courtesy of Nutrisystem. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Report this comment as spam or abuse. Is that what it is? I thought she looked a bit odd.. They turned Janet into Bethenney Frankel aggh. I also thought she looked good before. Maybe somewhere in the middle would be nice?

Just this week I read somewhere that Janet had a few ribs removed a few years back to give her that small waist. I also think Kim KockRoach had a few ribs removed as well. This is what happens when the centipede gets hot. Thank you for that comment. She looks worse than Kim Kardashian in that commercial. Very alien-like Report this comment as spam or abuse.

She looks like the Cheshire Cat. Jackson looks better like a fuller face Report this comment as spam or abuse. I liked her better before. She looked healthy and hot. Count me in too for the pre-loss look. Much more real and vibrant. I was thinking what happened to her face and why does it appears as though they put vaseline on the lens. It looks like a cut out of a body and not a real one. I gained a lot of weight in college and decided to try it. It also made my entire dorm room stink, just by storing the food in there!

I can still remember that smell…. She can afford the best or a private diet chef, no way did she eat freeze-dried or whatever. Seems weird to me. I kinda want to believe Mariah ate Jenny for a while, but this? Hmmmh…… Report this comment as spam or abuse. Its too bad that she feels she has to do this to herself, she is so beautiful Report this comment as spam or abuse. High heels and platforms are all well and good, but those things in the red dress photo are stilts.

Also, the food looks bad. They really do like someone just slapped a couple of hockey pucks on the soles, huh? Converse For The Crown Report this comment as spam or abuse. They always look like hooves to me. These women here saying she looks better before are lying to themselves. Because I genuinely do think she looked better before.

I thought she looked too too thin, and I saw her before, and was like, what the heck. It looks so much better. I agree, waaaay, better before. I really think our perception of what a normal weight is is so screwed up. Seen here in a still from a preview of the ad. While she was once revered for her incredibly toned abs, Janet's weight has yo-yoed over the years. Back in she tipped the scales at lbs before slimming down.

However following the death of her brother Michael in , Janet started to pile on the pounds. What a difference a year makes: A chunky Janet tipped the scales at lbs, seen left in January and right, slimmed down by December the same year.

She is the latest celeb to use Nutrisystem to fight the flab, with Marie Osmond having previously shed 50lbs on the programme. Janet documented her weight struggle in her tell-all book True You: The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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