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The Best Muscle-Building Supplements for Ectomorphs

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Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry. Airport planning, operations and management Ground operations Quality, audit and operations Security. Oct 01 - Oct 05, Category see our pricing page. Dec 10 - Dec 14, Jan 21 - Jan 25, Apr 08 - Apr 12, This is effectively accomplished by providing extra protein and carbohydrate calories in an easy-to-use and convenient protein shake.

Weight gainer products are frequently used by young athletes who are more likely to find it difficult to put on weight as compared to older individuals. Having said that, there are many older adults and even seniors who regularly use weight gain supplements. While a protein shake provides a good deal of protein and not much else, nutritionally speaking, weight gainers are supercharged protein powders, with significant helpings of carbohydrates, fat and frequently modest amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Unlike protein powders that are typically based on one type of protein, weight gainers are usually formulated from a blend of proteins. This is often a combination of whey and casein protein dairy-based , and some manufacturers will also add egg protein and amino acids. Other ingredients will vary in their amounts, flavors and combinations, depending on the brand. Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. Thanks for the kind words Juan!

Comments like yours are why I love writing blog articles so much. Gold Standard is sweet. ON is a good company. Bananas are sweet too, and a great source of vitamins and minerals as well as being a good source of carbs. I think Gatorade is made out of sucrose, which contains fructose.

Fructose is absorbed very differently from glucose and not necessarily in a beneficial way. Not the best thing to be taking in high doses while training. I mean bananas have so many amazing things going for them. If you like the flavour of Gatorade, you could try adding a scoop of Xtend to your drink. You can buy flavouring like citric acid separately too. Yep, you can develop an intolerance from eating too much of anything, really!

If your body can only absorb 25g of protein in an hour then drinking more than 25g of whey in an hour will just mean that it takes longer than an hour to digest all of the protein!

If we just peed calories out if we ate them too fast that would be the best news ever for chubby guys and gals, who, presumably, could eat entire cakes just fine so long as they ate them quickly enough.

I use a protein shaker 20oz. You could drink 1 in the change room beforehand, 1 in the gym and 1 after. Thanks Shane for all the help and advice. Can i make this with milk or is the taste not gonna be as good? Also how much milk would you use if you use 28 oz of water? You could probably make it with milk so long as you feel good while drinking it. Could be that fat soluble vitamins, like vitamin D, work better in whole fat milk. Shane im sure you answered this somehwere but since carbo gain doesnt have a scoop how do you measure out a serving size?

Or how many scoops would i use if i used the scooper from the gold whey box. The tub should have nutrition information on the side … but who weighs their food? Right now Jared and I are trying waximaize maltodextrin is way more enjoyable — waximaize seems to be the twin of corn starch and it came with a scoop.

And can you help me choose the best creatine brand? Dextrose tastes like milk sugar, and waximaize tastes like cornstarch — up to your taste buds! Might be better for the teeth, too?

Have it right after you finish your workout. That will double the dose and give you some extra calories and extra protein to play around with. No need to double the creatine, although you could! I am 17 years of age. I know eating more and being beastlier in the kitchen is easier said than done, so just take it day by day and try to build up progressively better and better habits! After all your gains, do you still take supplements?

I mean, when people reach their goals in terms of bodyweight, do they stop taking supps easily? I ask because in my country supps are overtaxed, so I see it as an investment, instead of a cheaper alternative to food. I stress constantly about it, and I just been thinking about anything that could help me with building muscle drug-free is a go, so supplements are my first choice.

Buuut… people become hostage to this shit. I wonder if it would be possible to drop naturally, with ease, them once I packed those 20 lb. Would you guys mind telling me a little about your thoughts and experiences? I used to wonder that all the time myself.

Ergogenic supplements SuperPump, NO xplode, jack3d, etc: I felt like I went from being superman to a weak old man when I stopped training with them. The homemade ones are very cheap, and, for MOST people, cheaper than their whole food equivalents.

You can accomplish your gains and then use very minimal dosages or stop using them entirely. Gainers QuickMass, Serious Mass, etc: Kind of useless to begin with and massively overpriced. Food replacements, like whey protein: Stuff like fish oil you might want to take forever. Stuff like vitamin D is tricky to get naturally, as you need to be outside a lot to encourage your body to synthesize enough of it. Most people need to supplement with it or drink milk, which is fortified with it.

Anyway, the short answer to your question is no: If nutritious whole food is cheaper and more accessible for you and you have the appetite to eat it then you could forget about supplements altogether!

Good luck gaining your final 20!! Supplements are still cheaper than most whole foods, but not as cheap as you might think. It is still cheaper taking malto than buying whole food price per calorie , but in the specific case of whey and pre-wo, they are way off the range.

Yeah, that helped a lot! So, did you stop taking supps entirely now that you reached your final weight? I really like it, and I like having goals to work towards. I still take supplements. It sounds like things are different where you live — I do know that food in Canada is expensive relative to other countries — but whey here in Toronto is muuuch cheaper than, say, chicken breasts, steak or ground meat.

If you call it a supplement I also absolutely adore coffee! I have a nice hot mug before pretty much every workout and love it pretty heartily. As for your creatine questions: Not everyone gets water retention from creatine. All the extra muscle you built while on it … that will stay. How much lean mass can you expect to gain?

I went in an added a bunch of studies to the creatine section today. Well, that was the original plan. To be completely honest, I did take around g of malto after workout days for a few weeks and gained some weight. Not that much, though, never passed on my max weight. Maybe 1 or 2 lbs. VERY slowly, way slower than I would see elsewhere. One thing is the scale moving slowly, other thing is the scale not moving at all!

Had problems with whey concentrate, might try isolate. Focus on moving up your weight on the scale each week instead i.

Now that you have my info, my questions: Do you recommend otherwise, and how many servings per day and when is the best time? Please mention the creatine servings too. I noticed last year, although not sure, that briefly taking Whey with milk induced mildish stomach pains. Also, how much cardio should I do? Is a minute session good enough?

I usually go start with 1 set wide pull-ups, 1 set push-ups, then 1 set dumb-bell chest-press, 1 set crunches. REST, repeat 3 times. I substitute the chest-press with the lat pulldown on alternate days, and also include bicep curls, and traps sometimes, and holding a dumbbell while squatting. What do you suggest overall, and how is my plan looking?

Where would I be in 3 months? You live in a place where you pretty much only have access to fish, green vegetables and eggs? Sounds like some sort of super-health haven!

As for creatine, you want around 6g a day. Your body needs about 3g per day, but we lose a few grams when we take it. We do some dynamic stretches, a few mobility drills and practice our lifting technique at the beginning of every training session. Different programs are constructed in different ways.

As for a specific workout program for you, I would follow one made by an expert! You could use our program which I obviously think is the best one out there ever , or any other number of great programs out there. Definitely thinking about joining the program but have some questions about what I can expect in your program.

Nevermind — the email bounced from the account you have attached to your comment. Shoot us an email at us bonytobeastly.

Hey shane i was wondering how many scoops of the carbo gain using the scooper from the gold standard whey is equivalent to 1 serving? If i am trying to put on a good amount of weight do you sugesst using the 3x dose?

A whey scoop holds about 30g 24 of which is protein. For every nice full scoop of whey you put in the drink, put 2 kind of wimpy scoops of maltodextrin in.

As for how much you should take, I would let your abs decide. I handle them well, as do most naturally lean super skinny dudes, so a triple dose works well for me. Start with a single, scale it up. Thanks a lot man that def helps…Il be putting in 4 wimpy scoops of cargo gain then for a double dose! Are you drinking this concoction only on workout days? If so, does this mean your daily caloric intake swings quite a bit between workout days vs. Yes and often yes!

We seem to respond pretty well to cycling carbs and calories. You could skip a snack or shrink the serving sizes of some meals, etc. Excellent article with studies. I read most of them and went out to buy the 8 lbs of Maltodextrin. I went to research more into Maltodextrin and came across this study http: Our diets DO affect our gut flora, and the healthier and more balanced our diet tends to be the healthier and more resilient that flora tends to be. WebMD is telling me that these foods commonly cause symptoms to flare up:.

Currently, it is unclear how environmental factors contribute to the development of disease. Dietary studies in both mouse models and humans demonstrate large shifts in the composition of the microbiota dependent on diet [16], [25], [26], [27]. Likewise, human studies comparing obese and lean twin pairs demonstrated changes in Bacteroidetes prevalence and a decrease in microbial diversity in obese individuals [47].

The last line says: If these individuals carry other risk factors for CD genetic variants of anti-bacterial response genes such as ATG16L1 or NOD2, for example , this may result in the development of disease in these susceptible individuals.

These findings describe a potential disease mechanism linking the ubiquitous dietary additive MDX to microbial changes in the intestine of CD patients and suggest a novel therapeutic area for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.

You are also, of course, perfectly welcome to play it safe and get your carbs from somewhere else! What changes did you make in the October update?

I might have a bad memory, but could it be that you had glutamin in there before? If so, why did you drop it? Hey LJ, the changes are prrretty small. We added in a little excerpt from Alan Aragon, explained the methods behind our madness a little more clearly, and we added in a couple more reference studies. Last month we made a slightly more significant change though — we added a TON of new studies, we switched over to recommending Amazon.

Amazon is one of the few sites that stocks it. Consume lots of easily digested proteins, carbs and calories surrounding your training and in general … but still get the majority of your calories from minimally processed nutritious whole foods. Creatine is the most powerful legal muscle-building supplement out there, and it also happens to be cheap, healthy and very very well researched for decades now.

Fish oil helps you get a more balanced fat intake and it has a bunch of promising effects on your health and body composition. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, so taking it alongside a fat like fish oil allows it to be properly absorbed. Vitamin D fortified whole milk is another effective way to get your vitamin D in. Anyway for now i was really hoping if you could help me anyway with some tips, having just bought some malto and whey i made my first post workout drink of double dose, and for 30 mins afterwards i felt pretty sick lol.

I train 3 times a week doing all the major compound lifts, I eat around calories a day but it seems nothing is paying off right now, being stuck at this size is becoming really disheartening, really knocking my confidence man. I was wondering if maybe you had any tips for me, tired of being this skinny where i can see my hip bones lol. Being in the UK is great.

One of the strongest and most helpful guys in the community, Steve, is British. Yeah some people handle the drink better than others. The best thing though is to get a really firm grasp on the fundamentals of lifting and eating to build muscle.

Shane I think you saved my life… I started bodybuilding a few times, never really bulk any weight… So this time I was determined to use steroids… Gladly I found your website. Now I would have a question… In my country gainers are much more cheaper than protein, so I will use Serious Mass. The serving size is gr. Could you tell me please how much sould I take during a day, and if I must take-it in non-workout days too?

I have some financiar issues, but when I will overcome those, definitely I will sign up for your program. Gainers are usually cheaper than protein but more expensive than maltodextrin. Buying protein and maltodextrin and mixing it up yourself is often cheaper. Definitely the same idea — the ingredients in Serious Mass are first maltodextrin and second protein albeit a blend. Whole foods will be markedly better.

I just noticed the new pictures that u put up of yourself.. I wud also like to share that i gained 5 more kgs since i last messaged you so i weigh in at My aim is muscle gain especially in the arms. Can i mix whey or a protein blend and mix it up with milk, bananas and peanut butter to achieve the same effect as Serious Mass?

Have you used Serious Mass or Combat before? Musclepharm Combat 4lbs blend or Serious Mass 12 lbs? Keeping in mind my aim of muscle gain and of-course cost effectiveness. Eagerly waiting for your reply. No, the effect would be different. Weight gainers do work for ectomorphs — they provide carbs, protein and calories, after all. Man, I felt like such crap after taking them. Bananas are badass at building muscle. Same deal with peanuts and milk — totally badass in all kinds of subtle ways in addition to being great sources of macronutrients and calories.

As for gaining in your arms, stay tuned! A lot of us skinny guys have long lanky arms and struggle with catching them up myself included , even after gaining a bunch of proportional weight. Thanx a lot man! Is it really needed or is it available in a sufficient quantity in the protein drinks or gainers?

Also do u guys use them? Also i would like to make some requests.. Can you please also make a page where you review various supplements in a video form and discuss about its effectiveness, cost effectiveness and profile? Please upload some videos showing the proper form and movements with which exercises should be done..

Please upload some pictures of your own transformation over the years and last few months.. No need to worry about them. I bought a little tub today to give it a try. The other is caffeine. It makes a pretty potent pre-workout supplement.

No need to get fancy — a cup or two of coffee is fine. We downplay vitamin D a bit here too. You really do want to get your vitamin D levels in order. Hi Shane, I Have been drinking the shake for about a month now and still cant seem to gain any weight. I use 2 scoops of the whey and 3 scoops of the carbo gain using the whey scooper.

Any recommendation of what I can do to increase my weight gain? Nothing worse than pouring money into all kinds of supplements and not getting anything out of them at all. Did you read the beginning of the article? Taking supplements without first mastering the fundamentals is like upgrading the engine of a car that has no fuel in it.

Shane I want to buy the program. Can you tell me how many days a week are you at the gym for the program? We train three times per week, each workout lasts about an hour, and we hit each major muscle group each time. As you know already my budget is very tight me and my dad are building a bench , and I also found a very cheap maltodextrin in my country more than half of the price of NOW Carbo Gain — the one that you recomended. BUT here is the description:. You always want to buy from respected brands — ideally big companies that are getting tested by independent consumer labs.

We need enough protein, not as much protein as possible. Check this article out:. With that said their numbers seems a little off. It also very much depends on your goals. That article seems to be trying to be controversial. I mean, you can get your protein from chicken or protein powders. Thanks for taking the time to read this, you guys rock! I will see you guys on the beastly side next month after my payday LOL!

It takes many hours for things to pass through your intestines, so absolutely no worries of it coming out the other end that quickly after you ingest it! I have at least 5 meals per day with at least 3 being lots of white rice as it opens up my appetite too.

Coupled with mg of vitamin daily, I gained about 20 pounds of lean muscle mass. As Shane mentioned before, things will really change. People are taking me much more seriously now not that they are shallow but in a natural human reaction kinda way. Our pyshique and confident attitude plus aura we exude really tells alot about us. Being is no biggie to me yet but it made all the difference when everyone who knew you WILL notice and the compliment they give only serve as further motivation. Thanks for sharing man.

Either dextrose or maltodextrin would be fine, although this one certainly tastes much better! Hey Shane, good blog! Now I have this question:. I use dextrose instead of maltodextrine. Whats the difference between using dextrose in the shake instead of fine powder oats?

Is it better to use dextrose in the training shake and fine oats after training or vice versa? A friend of mine also uses amino acid tablets instead of amio acid powder. Which one do you recommend for an ectomorph? Whats your thought on this ZMA supplement?

Dextrose and maltodextrin are both fine. Both are rather quickly digested sources of glucose. Both are easy on the appetite, too, since their fibre content is, well, non-existent. Powdered oats are cool too, and a lot of our Australian members go that route, for some reason. Less easy on your appetite perhaps? You could definitely go for powdered oats. I would recommend protein powder for an ectomorph, not BCAAs.

See the beginning of the article. Coffee is great pre-workout! Creatine you can take whenever, so I usually just mix it into my workout drink or have it with breakfast. Tier One Pre-Workout Supplement. Ideal dose of caffeine, ideal dose of the best brand of creatine and the ideal dose of beta-alanine which is promising but not very well studied. How many calories do you estimate you were eating when you gained your first 20 pounds? And did you use supplements then?

I really have no idea how many calories I was eating. I could have saved myself some time, money and trouble had a I bought supplements, but back then I was eating tons and tons of whole foods — lots of chicken, fish, whole grain bread, cheese, milk, potatoes, etc. In retrospect, even just whey would have helped a ton. Preparing all that meat was expensive and a huge hassle, and the chicken and fish leftovers I was warming up in the microwave tasted pretty awful ….

When is the proper time to take this shake? Is it hours before going to the gym or during your workout? Also, should i be taking another shake after my workout? With 30 grams of protein and 5 grams of creatine? I have taken this shake once before with 30 grams of protein, 60 grams of Cyto Carb and 5 grams of creatine and the shake seemed kind of thin, should i be increasing my dosage? So yep, that would take care of the nutrient timing benefits. As for the dosage, that depends.

So I have it during. I will defiantly start taking my shakes while at the gym. Just before bedtime i have some plain yogurt with a sprinkle of Protein powder. These two studies summarize that well: This website is freaking amazing!!!

I have always been skinny, not only skinny but the skinniest amongst every group I have ever been a part of: A couple of years back I joined a gym and initially had some small gains but they slowed down and eventually to my disdain I gave up!

I am seriously contemplating joining!!! Do you know of anywhere I can get them from? Or any equivalents that an Australian ectomorph could get his hands on? I have also recently become a vegetarian and was wondering whether your program is ok for my lifestyle? Ahh yeah that was me back in the day too. Lots of our raddest members are Australian! Marcel , for one. As far as supplements in Australia goes, he recommends bulkpowders and bulknutrients. No problem there either. Thanks for the quick reply!!

The bulkpowders website looks great!! Hi Adam — This is an awesome site — thank you for creating it. Hey Shane — Hoping for any insight you can provide. Some supplements, like creatine, may have non-responders. We leave no bony behind! I think 5 grams of creatine per day is a pretty solid bet. If you struggle to reach you calorie, protein or carb goals you might want to try incorporating the workout drink that we recommend. I have a 28 oz shaker, and to get rid of the chunks I just shake harder and longer.

Further shaking tends to get rid of them. Some of our members mix the shake up earlier in the day and let it sit in the fridge, which apparently lets things dissolve pretty nicely. I think the easiest way to solve the problem is just to get a shaker that comes with one of those whisk balls.

You say that protein intake should be grs. According to another system, my intake depending on heigh, age, etc should be grs workout days. If you were a lean-ish pounds then g of protein per day might be helpful 1.

That would be at the very high end of what would be considered maximally effective, but there is indeed reason to believe that a protein intake that high may result in albeit very slight improvements in the rate that you can build muscle.

Most research points to 1 gram of protein per pound day or even 0. Hard to say though. We have a much better understanding of protein requirements in deficits than in calorie surpluses right now. I suspect they will! Eating up to 1. And the difference 90 grs , take it during the day meals, etc.

First of all, fantastic stuff here! What you guys are doing is great. I will join the program soon! I will be able to get alternative products that are nearly as good — except maltodextrin or dextrose, so that has to come from some other sources.

The cheapest and readily available would be oats. As far as the effectiveness of the drink goes though ground oats is great. HI, very interesting reading, considering signing up, can you send me the deets on the payment plan.

On a serious note. Do you recommend supplements, healthy eating and a home workout routine like the Insanity program or T25 as a route to take. If your goal is general health and fitness then I think something like p90x or T25 would be great.

Have you seen our post on building a badass home gym? That explains the basics of how to go about building the simplest possible muscle-building setup, why it works and what to do with it. Do you have studies that prove that they are safe or anything…? Anyway, most studies find the opposite — no problems: But this is a question you may want to ask your doctor, and hey if in doubt just opt for an unflavoured whey protein!

But reading your suggestions I looked at the ON Natural. I love the unflavoured supplements. I use unflavoured IsoNatural or the ON one — either one.

All will have it to some degree or another! Some have extra added in though. Hey Shane, I just wanna say that I really do appreciate you sharing all this vital information for all of us. But thanks to you, now we have. Just have a quick question for ya. I just started doing a routine which requires you to workout 6x a week. Would you recomend using your workout drink 6x a week, especially if your double or triple dosing it? Or would you recommend using single doses and doubling it or tripling it every other day so to say?

I ask because I have seen that your program is only 3 to 4x a week compared to the 6x that I am currently doing. Legs, pushes, presses, legs, pushes, presses? Hit each muscle groups twice per week with a short minute workout, unlike the three times that we hit each muscle group with our hour-long workouts?

Similar idea to ours, just a different way of structuring it for people who like training much more frequently. You might not get all the vitamins, minerals and fibre that you need for your body to work optimally.

You could use smaller doses, yep! I wanted to ask you if there are any differences, maybe advantages or disadvantages between On Whey and Nitro Tech? I am trying to afford one of those, but I am not sure which one. Thanks for the kind words man, glad you liked it!

Only problem was I had a gut so people were shocked about my arms muscles but when they go tuh touch my stomach haha! That was not so good LMAO!

Taking a weight loss program that does cardio and light weight lifts. Has me making veggie meals and having a High carb meal as post and pre workouts meals. Do I want this in my Ibs. I just thought that with the fat and all, maybe ide want fat loss foods and such? Not sure, maybe you know which I should do. I hear a lot say do Complex Movements and Cardio every other day.

I also hear do fat loss but im worried that too much cardio and veggies might make me skinnier actually!? BUT i have a gut so im confused as to what i should do. Im also worried that Complex Movements with my gut might not work and so i was thinking i should continue with a weight loss program? What do you guys think and would Complex Movements help me gain abs with my gut at Ibs.

If i do Cardio every other day. Which between these too seems more beneficial in my case? Ill post it where you want me to if i must. Gaining 22 pounds in four months is no joke — congratulations! You actually want to continue doing a muscle-building weightlifting program. The problem is, then you get in this cycle of bulking up and gaining fat, cutting down and losing muscle, etc.

Build a bibliography or works cited page the easy way