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Nutrisystem- Getting Back To It!
Preparing and following a nutritious and balanced diet is not as easy as it sounds. All plans comes with Turbo 13 kit which is the latest addition for You will need to sign up using the email address that I sent it to in order to be eligible. There is a part of me that wants to hold back and not let you all into the struggles that I face, but I know how much I have been encouraged by others that have poured out their lives and I want to do the same. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am waiting on my first order of food to come in and I am so excited to get started. I will have control over the food.


I am a NutriSystem Nation Blogger! #NSNation #spon

If your wanting to learn more about the program visit www. I am a stay at home mom of three adorable girls who keep me busy and on my toes! I love blogging and trying out new products. I also enjoy reading, shopping, playing games of any sort and hanging out with family and friends! I love everything about Summer and wish it was warm all year long. I am a huge fan of food and love to eat, especially Mexican food and salty yummy things! I started on April 7, Honestly, I tend to want to sneak snacks.

So far, so good. I use the NuMi app daily which has been awesome!! I love how it tracks everything for me. My water, my calories, my weight, my measurements, my activity.

Well Congratulations on losing those 6. So it depends on what plan you are on for Instance I am on the calorie plan and in the Numi App it will tell you exactly what to do. The snacks are all of your own picking except for the last snack of the day so here is an example of a typical day for me. The Powerfuel needs to be at least 5g in protein and calories and the Smart Carb is at least 1 gram in Fiber and calories.

You also can have 3 extras under 35 calories. I usually choose the 80 or calorie ones they have tons of Protein! Nutrisystem Entree- then I add some sort of veggies to it. I love zucchini or carrots in the oven sprinkled with a little garlic salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. I also have really grown to love Broccoli and Green Beans. Or you can add a big salad with Fat Free Dressing. Smart Carb- I typically save mine till after dinner but you can have it whenever.

I also really like sweet potato fries that I make myself. You MUST eat all of your calories for the day or this program simply will not work. Also your Powerfuels and Smart Carbs can be added whenever you want throughout the day as long as you eat them! I really hope this helped you! Please feel free to write a response with any and all questions you may have!

Thank you sooooooo much!! This helps a lot. I need to do some grocery shopping: This has helped me so much!! I am on the Calorie plan and will confess, I have not come close to eating that many calories daily. I was too scared to gain: But now I know what I have to do. I use the NuMi app too and will now follow it to the detail. I need to do some grocery shopping!!

We are a group of 5 Moms with 15 kids. We "Brag" about products and companies we think are Fabulous. All the products we review have actually been in our hands and are mom and kid tested. Find out from us what is "Brag worthy! Contact The Owner Heidi. You also can have 3 extras under 35 calories Breakfast: The Bragging Mommy We are a group of 5 Moms with 15 kids. Throughout my young adult life I kept gaining and losing that same 15 pounds.

The day I got married was the last time that I saw myself at a healthy bmi. So that brings me to now. This month marks 9 months since I found out I was pregnant and then a short week later found out that we had lost the baby. On top of the weight gain I have hypothyroidism. I am putting all of these things aside though! I believe that the best thing that I can do for myself is to have a joyful outlook. I want to be as healthy as I can be if God chooses to give us another baby. I want to focus on what I CAN do even with a disease that affects metabolism instead of dwelling in the negative.

I realize that with hypothyroidism I have to be very meticulous with my diet in order to lose weight. I have a good 40 pounds to lose. That is a tough thing to admit, but I need to be honest with myself.

On my own I have not done as well as I think that I could. I also need a support system and something that I can stick to. That is where Nutrisystem comes in. They have a great online community and people willing to help you out.

I am not afraid of hard work. I am waiting on my first order of food to come in and I am so excited to get started. I will be sharing my experience each week and let you all in on all the details about Nutrisystem. My goal is to lose 20 pounds while on the program. I may lose more, but I feel that this is a healthy place to start and a realistic goal based on my past experiences with losing weight within a 4 month time period. If so please share!

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