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Guy Ritchie and wife Jacqui Ainsley attend Annabel's x Dior event
Parents were from Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem. The five lavish homes worth a combined On January, the lower house of the Manx Parliament, the House of Keys, appointed a committee to look for alternatives that could preserve the horse-drawn trams. The crew tries to get them behave, but at times it can be like herding cats. That Was the City That Was".

by Joe Thompson

Larry the Cable Guy

Hampton DeVille is a massive, soulless conglomerate that sinks its rapacious claws into everything from arming clandestine wars to exploiting protesters.

This is a comedy about working there. Best friends and fledgling ad men Sam and Tim may not have the money, connections or talent that the big corporations do, but they have more than enough ambition to build a local advertising empire.

Whatever they do, they do it together. Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history.

Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent. Roast Battle pits two rising comics against each other in an all-out war before a panel of judges including Roastmaster General Jeff Ross. Childhood traumas may be dredged up, and painful divorces might be mocked, but these battles always end in a hug.

The Jim Jefferies Show is here to shake up the humdrum formula of the political late-night show. Nathan Fielder is a business advisor who implements strategies that no traditional consultant would dare attempt. This is Nathan For You. From the fringe-friendly mind of Jordan Klepper, this is The Opposition. The losers dominating late-night are in for a rude awakening when the smartest, handsomest, most winning-est president of all time enters the fray to address the nation.

The President Show brings television back to the people — by putting a plutocratic billionaire behind the desk. Review stars Andy Daly as critic Forrest MacNeil, who does not review boring things like films, food or art.

Instead, Forrest reviews the most intense experiences of life itself -- by living them. From the dangers of drug addiction to the joys of sleeping with a celebrity, Forrest fully commits to showing us what life feels like, sometimes at the expense of his family and humanity in general.

Called "King of Bonds" by Barron's; one of history's most successful fired employees. Grew up "lower middle class" in Buffalo. Briefly enrolled in Yale math Ph. Says he was inspired to try investment banking by "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" episode; after working for 2 insurance companies, started sending cover letters to "investment management" listings in Yellow Pages. Described his analysis as "borderline autistic. Has owned at least 8 works by William Wendt.

Revealed in May he was "trying to put a group together" to buy the Buffalo Bills. Net worth "isn't known. CNBC contributor, prominent value investor, education agitator. Born in New Haven, Conn. Bachelor's in government, Harvard, magna cum laude, Frequent donor to Democratic candidates, including Barack Obama in , and Massive blogger, uses various forums.

Staunch advocate of education reform, harsh critic of Diane Ravitch. Married attorney Susan Blackman Brown, magna cum laude , October ; 3 daughters, lives in Manhattan. Publisher of famed "Gartman Letter" on commodities. Began career in Analyzed cotton supply demand for Cotton Inc. Became chief financial futures analyst for A. Moved to Virginia in to run futures for Virginia National Bank.

Since has published "Letter," which goes out each morning to prominent global money managers. Contributed to Virginia Republican Rep. Randy Forbes; also a contributor to former Sen. Plays golf with friends in a tournament called The Meisters the same weekend as The Masters.

Regular guest, panelist on "Fast Money. Fond of saying "I've been doing this 35 years. Native of South Bronx. Believed for years firm was "making a mistake" by not being in asset-management business; was asked by firm to establish division. Realized "I did not want to build a big business like Goldman Sachs wanted me to.

Says of performance; "I did not do a good job of controlling losses. With wife, Toby, gave largest gift ever to community fund. Joked that he'd have to "maybe consider leaving the country" if Democrats hold White House and win Congress in November Dissatisfied with President Obama, says, "The largest country in the free world chose as its leader a year-old man who was a community organizer and had never worked in the business world.

Called "King of Bonds" by Fortune. Born April 13, , Middletown, Ohio. As senior at Duke, crashed in his Nash Rambler. Times, "I proved a point, that I could beat the system.

Put together entire set of U. Wife, Sue, three children. Lives in Laguna Beach, Calif. Master's, economics, University of Michigan, top honors, MBA, University of Chicago, top honors, Studied economics on a "lark" as a sophomore at Michigan. Father was inventory strategist for GM in Detroit; mother an art teacher. Began career with First Chicago Corp. Was initially treated as a "ditzy blonde. In opted to stay in Chicago and jump to Mesirow Financial, where she is chief economist.

Board member of Joffrey Ballet. Early jobs include working breakfast window at Burger Chef and hostess at Mr. Prominent analyst of banking industry. Attended Stuyvesant High, N. Left Ladenburg Thalmann February under cloud of lawsuit from BankAtlantic, which disputed a research report. Based in Pinellas Park, Fla. Tampa area , says he relies on common sense and macroeconomic trends to forecast markets.

Well known for opinions before Lehman demise that stocks such as Citigroup were still strong in cash flows and represented a "once-in-a-generation" buying opportunity. Recommended getting out of stock market entirely based on U. Post in January he was scaling back TV appearances; apparently changed mind later in year. Grew up on Long Island; father an M.

Writes "everyone on the floor got there through the help of a relative or a friend. Pioneer of leveraged buyouts, master collector of art, partial inspiration for Gordon Gekko. Bought first painting in Moved to Switzerland, ; returned to U. Member of Bard trustees, has endowed Bard professors of art, music. Said, "We are on the verge of another banking crisis," Oct.

Lives in Upper East Side brownstone with wife, Michelle, 4 children. Began writing for Times in high school, assisted advertising columnist Stuart Elliott. Andrew Ross Sorkin Wikipedia. Father holds doctorate in electrical engineering; mother a retired pathologist. Bachelor's and master's degrees in aeronautical engineering, University of Illinois. Told Hank Paulson of interest in government service; sought position after Paulson's appointment as Treasury secretary. Met wife, Minal, at University of Illinois.

Became assistant secretary of Treasury in summer in little-noticed confirmation. Joined Pimco in ; is managing director and head of global equities. Said "I am a free-market Republican. World's most famous person named "Neel. Died April 14, , age Market pundit, CNBC contributor. Son of a sanitation worker, grew up in Queens, only child, first in family to attend college. MBA from Wharton, Former trustee of the Securities Industry Institute. Married , wife Mary Ann. Sons Matthew Dartmouth and Jeff U.

Naval Academy played college football; also has daughter, Christen. Frequent guest of Larry Kudlow, Fox Business. Suffered heart attack in Georgia, where he had gone to speak at investors luncheon. Recalled in memoriam as "gentle giant," "very generous guy. Celebrated forecaster of housing crash, recession, dubbed "Dr.

Born March 29, , Istanbul, Turkey. Adviser in Clinton administration to Timothy Geithner. Longtime guest of Larry Kudlow programs; elevated stature has made less accessible. Chairman of RGE Monitor. Standard-bearer of supply-side economics. Famous for promoting the "Laffer Curve" suggesting governments can reap greater revenues from lower tax rates.

Senate in California in ; lost Republican primary to Ed Zschau. Founded person research firm Laffer Associates in Moved firm from Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.

Owns home in Belle Meade, Tenn. Married to Patricia; six children, four cats. Vice President Joe Biden's chief economic policy adviser. Bernstein in '96 was deputy chief economist at the U. Department of Labor while Reich was Labor secretary. Contributed to John Kerry in Known for taking short positions, has lectured on the topic at Harvard, Yale and Seton Hall. Earned bachelor's Alfred University Alfred, N.

MBA in finance from Wharton, Founder and president of Seabreeze Partners Management, a firm of "conservative short sellers" that "does not employ leverage. Economist, former Senate candidate. President of Encima Global, which he co-founded amid demise of Bear Stearns, where he had been chief global economist succeeding Wayne Angell in Bachelor's in physics from Colorado College.

MBA, University of Denver. Studied international economics at Georgetown. Worked for Arthur Andersen in Portland, Ore. Spent six years in U. Has made many appearances on Larry Kudlow shows. Speaks Spanish, French, Russian. Outspoken economic forecaster, avid debater. Completed freshman year at Yale, ; says he dropped out to pursue business career.

Launched world's first "interactive mutual funds" as founder with Dave Nadig of MetaMarkets. Founded with David Gitlitz in Trend Macrolytics, where he presently advises institutional investors and performs macroeconomic forecasts.

Reported donations to Paul and Club for Growth. A regular guest of "The Kudlow Report" known for his "libertarian capitalism" politics and aggressive challenging of other panelists and economists such as Paul Krugman.

Lives in Silicon Valley. Born June 24, , Scranton, Pa. Attended high school in Cross River, N. A Rhodes scholar, he received M. Co-founder of Economic Policy Institute, Headed Clinton economic transition team, Secretary of Labor, Left department and became professor at Brandeis University Waltham, Mass. Ran for Massachusetts governor in Democratic primary in , finished second.

Currently professor at Cal-Berkeley. Endorsed Barack Obama on April 18, Co-founded the conservative Club for Growth and served as president from before a falling-out among members.

Once advised former Congressman Dick Armey. Has worked for the Heritage Foundation founded , which promotes "conservative public policies" based on free enterprise principles, and Cato Institute founded , which promotes "limited government" and free-market policies.

Author of four books. Appears regularly and is known for civil debate as the conservative half of the "Dynamic Duo" with Robert Reich on Larry Kudlow shows. Is interviewed in Michael Moore film, "Capitalism: General market observer; CNBC contributor.

Graduate of Princeton, Originally spent nine years as vice president of sales at Smith Barney. One political donation reported, to Bill Bradley campaign in Often appears on numerous CNBC shows daily.

Known for Fed analysis. Graduate of Vassar College. Managing director and chief U. Joined Deutsche Bank in Heard on several CNBC shows. Born , New York. Lawrence as analyst in before spending 12 years at Bear Stearns covering retail. You don't know the context in which your quotes are being used. With TV and radio, you're in charge of your own words, essentially.

Economic forecaster known for bearish prediction. Received bachelor's in physics, magna cum laude, from Amherst College Mass. Originally in charge of U. Has written Forbes column since