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The diet program has assisted millions of individuals in losing and controlling their weight; in addition, it has even improved their health and fitness too. You can have your Powerfuels as snacks — or you can add them to different meals if you are pressed for time during the day. After the class he will pretty much take care of everything. I was skeptical too, until I tried it. The food contains no trans fats, and it's low in sodium. Yes, it does work.

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Nutrisystem Review & Latest Coupons

Tasted like granola with a hint of graham cracker. I was still so full from the shake that I did not eat this until almost 1: I tried to eat the two servings of vegetables and got about half done before I called it quits. Value wise, would not have ordered this and will not order it again. PM Snack — Nutricurb bar. Dinner — Beef Stew. I did not eat this until 7 30 pm because again, I was so full all day!

Not going to lie, opening it up, it looked like straight up dog food. I already was not looking forward to it so I was concerned. But I gave it a try and it actually was pretty good. I have tried every kind of diet pill, drink, and plan with little to no success. I stumbled across the Nutrisystem 5 day weight loss kit at my local Wal-Mart.

I was really excited after doing my research and seeing others results. The Nutrisystem does not have all your daily meals you will need. It comes with your breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. You must supply your snacks and extras. These would included your Vegetables 4 daily , Smartcarbs 2 daily , Powerfuel 2 daily and Extras not over 3 daily. So if you buy these kits and want to start them right away, you will need to pick up some extra things as well.

For me, I picked up some of my favorites: So lets do some grade school math problems to see if it's worth it. Sounds like a good deal to me. Once I got everything home, I sorted each days meal out into one bag.

This took the thinking out of what I was going to eat each day and for a busy single mother, it made everything so much easier to grab and go. I use My Fitness Pal to track my food intake and exercise. Above is what my first day looked like. I had issues drinking enough water, just because I got busy at work and forgot. The food wasn't bad and I ate more than I normally do. The high sugar does make me wonder a little.

I found that I wanted to eat something before I went to the gym and again about 8pm. I may try to hold my afternoon snack off until later in the night.

I worked out at the gym at lunch and was able to gain an extra calories back. After using the kit for five days I have lost a total of 2. Overall, I liked the program and look forward to repeating the next five days with the second box I have and maybe dropping another 2 pounds.

I also found a few coupons and went back to Wal-Mart and was able to purchase two more kits for Diabetes. I will test them out as well and write another detailed blog like this one. I would love to continue with this program as long as I can purchase the kits at my local store. From what I understand these are just tester boxes but I hope they develop this further. I would love to see these products sold separate in the stores so I could create my own meals, leaving out the pot pie.

Posted by Shannon Graley at 3: RKalaw June 30, at 6: Shannon Graley July 1, at 8: I will def not be doing that again. Their are quite a few items I probably will not like. But it made it easy while I figure the program out. I chose the mid program, so I could customize, talk to people and get some health specific advice. I was a bit confused with all this talk about extras, free foods, vegetables, starchy food vs non starchy foods, smartcarbs, powerfuels, etc.

These carbs are packed with fiber so they are digested more slowly, helping you feel fuller longer. Plus, they deliver vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients your body needs.

Foods like whole grain rice, pasta and cereals, fresh or frozen fruit, and starchy veggies like beans, peas, corn and sweet potatoes all fall into the SmartCarb category.

PowerFuels are a great addition to your diet because it takes longer for your body to digest them, so they help keep you feeling full as you go about your day. Starchy vegetables like corn, potatoes and peas fall under the SmartCarb category.

So those are limited. The non-starchy vegetable group includes familiar staples like leafy greens, broccoli and tomatoes. You should be eating at least four non-starchy vegetable servings along with your Nutrisystem meals.

Many of these veggies you can eat as much as you want! These optional extras are unlimited when they are less than 10 calories. Extras, however, contain between 11 and 35 calories per serving. To avoid loading up on too many added calories, we recommend limiting your Extras to three servings per day. They recommend at least 64 ounces day.

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