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The plan itself has been spectacularly successful in helping both of us lose weight. Have not received refund and it has been two weeks, Customer service people have not been any help in solving this matter,. On top of her and her brothers being trained in Karate under Chuck Norris it sounds like the biggest BS story ever. The agent also recommended checking your billing statement for unusual charges and contacting the customer service department for a refund of charges after cancellation. I just hope that I will not receive any more than that.

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NutriSystem Phone Number

When you sign up for the Auto-Delivery Program, Nutrisystem rewards you with free FedEx shipping and some other discounts depending on their current promotions.

If you decide to cancel your Auto-Delivery after the first month on the program you will have to pay a fee for canceling early. The easiest way that I have found to do this is to switch your meal delivery order, to a TurboShake order. I have had an awful time trying to cancel, this is my third call. Was yelled at by a rep for wanting to cancel due to not liking their product, only when I started raising my voice back did he put me on hold for another 20 minutes and I hung up from what was a 50 minute call.

I am now on there again to what the computer is saying will be another 10 minutes. I would never use this company again. The dinner are awful, breakfast and lunch are good, snacks are hit and miss, but none of it is worth the money.

Sorry to hear that that was your experience. The reps have been nothing but helpful anytime I have called. Hope you were able to get in touch with the right person, though. I want to cancel this order I have moved and there will not be anyone there to accept the food. For now I would like to cancel the order.

Could I get a more in detail way to add the shakes? I received the email that I will be charged for next months in several days, however we have decided the plan is not for us- but shakes would be nice. I clicked change my order through the email the the shakes were not an option? Does this switch need to be made through customer service? They were super helpful when I called. Is there a waiting period between when you can cancel and re-start as a new customer?

Most coupon codes are for new customers which I am not. If I cancel, how long do I need to wait to sign up as new customer and receive those discounts? Top 5 Dislikes about Nutrisystem Poor customer service, Cancellation policy, Price, Deceptive marketing and subsitutions, Unable to cancel plan easily without penalty. Summary NutriSystem , Inc. Compare Nutrisystem to i Nutrimost Has verified representatives.

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Today I called to cancel my auto delivery and the counselor told me My Nutrisystem - Am I going to be a very old man by the time I get my refund? May 10 by nelsone I've called Nutrisystem a couple of times over the past few weeks regarding Nutrisystem - Ends up costing you more than you expect Aug 23 by RuralBalinese

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