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I have your button on my blog!! I personally have lost over 23 pounds so far and have no intentions of stopping. By Mizpah Matus B. I like you on facebook too-Susan Chester smchester at gmail dot com. All shops with "B". I took all of my left over food to my place of employment to share with my co-workers.

Healthy has never been easier.

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Everyone probably need to get in shape anyway! I love how they have the new fresh frozen foods!! I really need to loose this baby fat!!! I did not know this. I sure could use this to help me to really get on-board with my weight loss efforts. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway and helpful one too! And, if the pictures above with all the new menu items is anything to go by, oh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I follow on gfc as Becca. I follow you, Meredith, and Nutrisystem on twitter and I tweeted at http: I have your button up on the right at http: But the food looks great.

I shared on my Face Book. I followed you on google friend connect. I LOVE that nutrisystem has foods that i actually want to eat. No other diet programs that i have tried do. This would be an awesome win! I subscribed to Nutrisystem on youtube http: I follow via google Friends as Jaci Lapointe From the website, I really like the sound of the womens 28day plan.

Shared on Facebook http: Stacie savingmama at live dot com https: I visited the Nutri-System website and really enjoyed reading the Success Stories.

I also follow your blog via Google Friend Connect. I follow you via GFC mrsking I learned they have a plan for people with diabetes-it includes icecream! I forgot to tell you I follow on GFC as sweetsue. I like you on facebook too-Susan Chester smchester at gmail dot com. I would love to try this! Comments Claudia Smigel says: Smith Thanks rickpeggysmith at aol dot com. Thanks rickpeggysmith at aol dot com Entry 1.

Thanks rickpeggysmith at aol dot com Entry 2. But I can still get tips on how to lose weight and read what other people who are on the system are going through follow as aprilstastytreats.

Follow via Google Friends Connect. Dominique S couponcookie at gmail dot com. I like you on FB: Nikki Marie couponcookie at gmail dot com. I like Nutrisystem on FB: I subscribe via email. I subscribe via Google Reader. Black Swan couponcookie at gmail dot com. Hoodwinked Too couponcookie at gmail dot com. O-Cedar ProMist couponcookie at gmail dot com. The Little Engine That Could couponcookie at gmail dot com. Gear For First year couponcookie at gmail dot com.

Mega Blocks couponcookie at gmail dot com. Angelina Ballerina couponcookie at gmail dot com. Preschool 3 DVD Set couponcookie at gmail dot com.

I follow you all on Twitter, and I tweeted: I like OKM on facebook Corinne. I liked Nutrisystem on facebook Corinne. I subscribed to nutrisystem on youtube Corinne. I subscribe to OKM via email 1 Corinne. I subscribe to OKM via email 2 Corinne. I learned that they have diabetic plans.

I like you on Facebook: Heather Schonrock Lyons hschonrock at yahoo dot com. I entered Apothica giveaway. I entered Tangled giveaway. I entered Scentsy giveaway. I entered Gatorade giveaway. I entered Angelina Ballerina giveaway. I entered Hookwinked 2 giveaway. I entered Black Swan giveaway. I entered Mega Bloks giveaway. I learned that Nutrisystem will deliver right to your home.

I like the 3 free week jumpstart! GFC Follower and I love that you get to choose your favorite foods and still lose weight! I follow all three on twitter and tweeted http: I entered Wubbzy giveaway. I entered Coppertone giveaway. I entered Pillow Pets giveaway. Entered Angelina Ballerina underpants giveaway. Entered Little Animal Pop Book giveaway. Entered Chronicles of Narnia giveaway. The food is affordable. I would suggest trying the one week free food first before committing to this diet.

I tried this diet. It did work and it was convenient and I was not hungry. The bad part is that it gave me the worst stomach cramps and gas pains so I had to stop eating the food.

I took all of my left over food to my place of employment to share with my co-workers. I was disappointed that the food caused the cramping and gas pains. I love Nutrisystem and recommend it all the time!!!! I used it in the past when I was in undergrad, and I lost 30 pounds.

I kept it off for 3 years, and I actually lost a bit more on my own using the tools I had learned. Being a single female, I found the program to be very convenient, and it fit well into my hectic schedule. I am currently in medical school and have decided to start the program back up currently in week 2 and 5 pounds down due to the poor eating habits that developed during my first two years late night studying is a KILLER—I was also out of the country which made things a bit more difficult for me.

I found some items that I was not a huge fan of and opted to just not order them the second time around. However, even with adding in fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy products as suggested, my monthly finances for food are really NOT that much different than before when I sat down and really calculated it out.

Different programs work better for some people more than others. I think the real key to success here is making the decision that you really are ready for a LIFE change and sticking to it!

Good luck to those of you who do decide Nutrisystem is the prgram for you. I had bad gas for the first week. That went away the second week. I would NOT recommend this diet food to anyone. Way too expensive, food is bad, causes bad gas and cramps and too much fine print.

I was on this diet along with my mom, my dad, and later my brother before he moved out. All 4 of us lost weight on it. We followed the meal plans for daily intake and ate out every saturday night just making better decisions then we did before. For the first 2 weeks i actually had to force myself to finish my meals, not because they tasted bad but because i was full.

After the first 2 weeks I was great with the amount of food, eating more then normal and losing weight. Since i have been off the nutrisystem for about 4 years i have gained the 15lbs back but now that i have been given the tools to succeed i know now that i can do it on my own when i want too without nutrisystem.

I hated this diet. If you want the portion control that Nutrisystem offers, save yourself the trouble and buy some LeanCuisines at the grocery store. Some things are better than others. I personally like the egg fritatta for breakfast, but the wedge potatoes and beef steak is basically bland crockpot food. And the hamburger patty was practically inedible but the nutrichocolates are yummy. I did Weight Watchers before and had much better luck with preparing my own meals and deciding what I wanted to eat each day.

The food is just gross. The NS diet does work. Anyone who says they are gaining weight are NOT following the diet. If you do some research, you will see that the sodium levels are less than the daily recommended levels. I have been on the diet for 2 weeks and lost 4 each week. You have to exercise with the program, just like any other diet. I have been on Nutrisystem for 3 months and have lost 26lbs, i like the food and it is very convenient to take to work, the diet does not work without the excerise along with it.

I have been on Ntrisystem now for 11 days. The first week I was hungry but I expected that. If you expect to lose weight you will have to cut down the number of calories you consume. I know I was consuming way to many. As you get older you need to consume even less and also increase your exercise. The food quality varies but I have not had prolems eating anything.

It is very convenient. I follow the program exactly and add in all of the foods they recommend. I have even eaten out 2 times! So far so good for me and I will continue as I have over 50 to lose..