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Hi Troy — Sorry to hear that that was your experience. The price will go up the day after the book goes live, so if you want to save money you should get it on pre-order. I have tested negative for diabetes, thyroid problems, and other weight-gaining problems. Inspirations by Felice Stevens. Stimulating amino acid that boosts metabolism. In short, the testimonials showed some very happy customers that have gotten the results that they wanted — and results that they were not getting from anything else that they had tried. I am looking for a diet to try just after the new year, and this might be the one.

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How many calories are in YOUR favourite drink?

But the support and your post will definitely help her obtain her goals for healthier lifestyle. We will keep you informed on her progress. Thank you so much. Hi Shirley — What an inspirational story — really hoping she has success! Thanks for keeping us posted, and wishing your daughter all the best.

I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!! I have been on Nutrisystem for about 5 weeks now. I lost 15 pounds the first month and have been following it to a T. The food tastes fine and it is very easy to just grab something pop it in the microwave if necessary and go. I have been using My Fitness Pal to track my food and am eating about calories a day. The first week was really tough and I had a hard time, but I stuck to it.

Now I m satisfied and use to it. Planning on finishing up the second month and then on the 3rd month working in more home cooked meals and tracking to stay at the same calorie level. Then will switch over to the auto ship of Turbo shakes for my 4th month. I have about 40 pounds to lose and feel like I am making some good headway with the Nutrisystem plan. Good job on the review, very well written.

Wow, nice job Carolyn! Thanks for sharing your story, and best of luck with the rest of your diet. I was very happy to find this website. Just wanted to thank for your time for this wonderful read, and inspirational review!! Hi Kelly — sorry to hear that! Have you tried connecting with the Nutrisystem counseling service? We had to take Nutrisystem program for 8 weeks because we got it at a discount thru our insurance company.

My goal was to loose 30 lbs. At the end of the 8 weeks I had lost only 3 lbs. We did not care for the cardboard like food and did not get anywhere close to our goals. This program obviously works for lots of folks, but not for us.

We did go to the Naturally Slim program and in 8 weeks I lost Naturally Slim is based on not what you eat but when and how you eat and you eat your own real food and got real results. We will stay with our new habits learned with Naturally Slim and will not have any good words from our Nutrisystem experience. Hi John — thanks for sharing your experience. Thanks so much for sharing your story. It was encouraging and helpful. I am only on my second day of Lean 13 and after comparing the Turbo Shakes with the protein powder I was using before, I noticed that mine was lower in calories, fat, sugar, and carbs and higher in protein by quite a lot.

Thanks again for your review! Hi Peggy — I think you should be fine using your own protein shake. Just to be safe you may want to talk to a Nutrisystem counselor, and they can let you know for sure.

The biggest issue would probably be the calorie count of your shake vs. Best of luck with your two weeks. I made some raspberry coffee and chilled it. Thought that might be a nice tip for someone else. Just finished day 1 of the Turbo Takeoff… I was down 2 lbs this morning!!!

Yay… only 58 more lbs to go!!! I am so determined and my mind is in the right place to really do this, this time.. I am very excited for the results.. I know i will be on the program for a few months but, I really feel like I need the structure of this program right now. I have been feeling a lot of emotions from having gone through breast cancer and several surgeries the last 3 years… I just kinda let myself go… but, I am so ready for this change!!!

Thanks for sharing, Lynn! Best of luck with reaching your goals! Very thorough review…thanks for making the decision easier! I just signed up for my first order. Went with the Core, and really hoping to least a good 20 pounds. Just finished month 1. Does this stuff really work? Thanks for the comment, Heather…It definitely works when you follow the program correctly. Best of luck if you decide to try it! First, take the time to put the food on a plate like you would normally eat.

Focus on the journey. Take the time to praise yourself for the positive change. I started on Nutrisystem exactly 2 months ago with a week lapse. I only wish I had started months before. Question first great info as I really need something kind of no Brainerd and ready. How long in your experience would you say orders take to turn around? I am currently out of town but want to have the product arrive day if or day after returning so I can hit the ground running.

Thanks ahead for any info. Hi Deb — Thanks for visiting. If I remember correctly, the last time I ordered it only took 3 or 4 days to get my shipment. Thanks for the review! This was helpful in determining which program to start! I also appreciate your thoroughness and videos. I hope to get fit during my weight loss journey and obtain my goal by next year. Hi Rose — Glad you liked it, and best of luck with your weight loss journey! Is it possible to melt away one to two pounds of stubborn body fat every single day?

It sounds insane, but according to the scientific proof — and the thousands who have already done it themselves using this secret — the answer is YES. I have tried every diet on the market. This was my last resort. In fact, I have to remind myself to get everything in. My doctor is on the program, her husband and son!

Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty. How I Lost 30 Pounds 1. Trust the Process, Nutrisystem Works. A Journey to Better Health 1. Enjoying the Oregon Coast pre-weight loss. One of my favorite lunches: Three Cheese Chicken soup. Nutrisystem Turbo 13 Review. Summary Nutrisystem Turbo 13 is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, and is a great fit for anyone who wants an easy plan to follow. Thanks, glad it helped!

Great share too — appreciate your input and feedback. I really like and appreciate your blog post. Hi John — Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it! I loved your post — thanks for the well-written review! Happy to hear you liked it — really appreciate the feedback. Well written and inspiring! Thanks, Olivia — appreciate the feedback!

Harland B Salz Reply. Plenty of helpful information here. Thanks for the effort! Thanks Harland, appreciate you spreading the word and glad you found the information useful. Thanks for the post. You bet, thanks Jack! Thanks for visiting, Carlos.

Hope the info helped! Appreciate the nice feedback. Appreciate the positive feedback. Thanks Pat — appreciate the nice feedback. Hope it goes well! Hi Pat… I think I read somewhere that you can do up to 4 servings of vegetables per day. Keep up the great work! Very detailed review, thanks. Best of luck if you decide to try the program. Happy to hear you liked it. Hi Norman, Thanks so much for sharing your story. Simply wanna state that this is extremely helpful. Nine out of 10 had no idea what a pint of lager contained.

This is despite the fact that adults who drink get approximately 10 per cent of their calories from alcohol. As a result, two out of three people said they want calorie labels on alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are currently not recognised as food and are therefore exempted, under existing European legislation, from normal food labelling. Around 56 calories are contained in a unit of alcohol, which is a small glass of low-strength wine.

The recommended daily calorie intake for adults is approximately 2, calories for men and 2, for women. However, as the new report points out, extra calories aren't just consumed at the time of drinking - there's the effect the day after, too, with 'carb cravings' and weaker willpower.

A large ml glass of white wine is the same as four fish fingers, while an alcopop equates to a slice of pizza. A pina colada, on the other hand, packs away the same number of calories as a Big Mac. The RPSH gives exercise comparisons, too. To burn off two pints of lager would take 30 minutes of running, while two double Baileys would need an hour of cycling to whittle away.

Two thirds of people polled for the survey agreed they wanted calorie labels on alcohol. As part of the poll, the RSPH also conducted an experiment in a pub - to find out if displaying calories on drinks menus changed drinking behaviour. Over 80 per cent of the public did not know - or incorrectly estimated - the calorie content of a large glass of wine, which is around calories.

Almost 60 per cent did not know - and a further 30 per cent incorrectly estimated - the calories in a pint of lager, which is as much as calories. The European Commission says it will make a decision by December on extending nutrition labelling including calories on alcoholic products. There isn't anything low calorie about alcohol at all. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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How many calories are in YOUR favourite drink? No one time is ever right. But this weekend, I'm meeting with my Boozy Brunch crew for our Rocco's get together where we talk about books, and drink margaritas and try to figure out publishing and what the hell is Amazon doing NOW. Horses, Bulls and Cowboys I'm so thrilled to be able to go back out west. It always lifts my spirits and makes me happy. And I have to give special props to my friend BA Tortuga.

She helped me so much on the rodeo parts of this story. Its always so amazing to get to work with her. She is so very special to me. Don't Let Go is a bit of a romp with secrets, hidden identities, hot cowbo. What was your favorite part of summer vacation? What was your best favorite summer song and or movie? What do you have planned the rest of this summer Kiernan Every year for summer vacation, my parents would take me to Atlantic City, New Jersey for two weeks.

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I also changed the name to Redemption. It was fun revisiting these two characters who had meant so much to me. I loved the id. Most people know that this week, yet again, our genre exploded with drama. This rant from a certain element comes around every few months; the horror of women writing gay romance.

It's usually the same players too. Every time it simply shows again that these angry authors just don't get what it is that makes books sell. They don't want to write to the readers market, they want to tell the readers what they're allowed to read. That's not how the market works. Why it's okay to unfriend, or it's another day ending in "Y" by Felice Stevens. Social media is an odd animal.

Someone connects with you through a computer and not really knowing you, still feels the need to tell you what to say, how to say it and why. They believe being a friend on FB gives them the right to say whatever they want to you. We are told that to have a lot of "friends" on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a sign you've "hit the big time. Today we each bring you three ways to help with the summer heat.

A refreshing dish A tip for staying cool on a hot day Favourite hot day drink? I stay cool by hiding in the house with the fans on and the lights off. And iced coffee or iced tea. Iced caffeine is good for me.

Julia My fave hot weather dish is tomato and cuke salad Stay cool tip? Go to the movies! Rejection is a weird thing. Even when you're ready for it or assume rejection is on it's way, it's still hard to swallow. Authors deal with a lot of rejection. Even if you self publish, you get rejected by readers. Who knows why one person loves your book and another hates it? That puts it in perspective for me. We are all too hot to think this week so instead we present to you the following pics.

Yeah, neither are we After a little tug of war with ACX, the audio version of Discipline is available for purchase. As Noah helps Tobias through the loss of someone dear, he finds Tobias helping him, too, leading him. Just FYI, this post actually has nothing to do with book covers! He has long hair and he looked like he was probably self-absorbed and kind of a Fabio type of guy. But now we feel really guilty because he is the nicest guy and very thoughtful and kind hearted.

I doubt she'll pick him and he will no doubt get. Find Your Tribe by Felice Stevens.

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