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What is the outlook for the Spurs this season? Saquon Barkley and Nick Chubb ran similar times 4. Go for the scooter! LG or swing tackle is probably his position moving forward. Leger Douzable lays out expectations for the new-look Rams secondary. I guess half of us commuting is still better than both. The Angelus Temple received letters and calls claiming knowledge of McPherson, including demands for ransom.

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Missing breakfast can have a domino effect of making unhealthy choices or overeating later on in the day. Diabetes is a global health crisis — reaching far and wide, and impacting nearly every country around the world. In fact, in more than million people had diabetes.

Today, July 18th is National Hot Dog Day and as a registered dietitian nutritionist, I understand fully the health implications from consuming these overly processed products on a regular basis.

Plan s, Each For Week s. Plan s , Recurring Each Week. Find pricing and locations in your area: Support Contact Locate a Store Sitemap. Paul November 25, , Hey guys… I live 25 kms from my office. I am 55 and live in Ottawa. My employer has a bike room, lockers and showers. Bullseye January 21, , 9: Seen a few other guys out there in the morning who are obviously commuters, maybe you are one of them!

Fig Newton January 21, , 9: I start at 7-ish in the morning and start home at 3pm. Bullseye January 22, , Actually, your route overlaps mine from Burloak and Sutton, and times are the same-ish, I work , usually.

Was that you I saw this morning on Burloak at 7: I ride 4 different bikes depending on certain things, but always wearing a white helmet and a beige windbreaker. I bike year round in MPLS to work 8 miles round trip.

Best part of my day…I love the snow days. Inspiring stories on this blog. Marcia Frugal Healthy Simple October 6, , 9: It used to be longer, but I got a job 2 miles closer to home. In the old days, I would bike days a week. Thomas October 8, , 3: My ride to work just about each day during teaching semesters, and that is Also, and sometimes more importantly, I had to leave hours early, just to take into consideration that the mornings queues might be especially bad or that an accident made the whole traffic stop for an hour or two.

Now, I still leave early, about 30min. I push myself a bit but try to avoid making it unpleasant. Anyway, go for it! MMM October 8, , 7: Wow, Excellent story Thomas!

I would have thought Doing that much cycling would be Awesome for you health. JB May 10, , 9: So out of curiosity, I have rode my bike to work several times. I have to go to my gym first to take a shower, then walk a mile to my office since I lock my bike at the gym.

I am going to experiment with the body wipes and just wipe down once I go directly to the office and see if anyone notices or cares.

Roger February 19, , 3: Marianna October 10, , 5: Ingrid October 13, , 5: Hi and you may have already tried your first ride to work by now. If not, I would suggest trying it on a Sunday or Saturday when there is significantly less traffic and it doesn;t matter how long it takes or how sweaty you are when you get there. We often ride around Sydney on Sunday mornings when we are able to go most of the roads without fear of traffic.

Nat Pearre June 4, , 1: As a fellow Maldiner Maldite? It looks like you could bike to Malden station in just a couple of minutes, fold up your bike, sit through the 24 minute ride, jump off at Ruggles and bike the remaining mile or so in another few minutes. Craig From Az November 19, , 1: You get used to the mileage very quickly.

I started bicycle commuting in already an experienced road cyclist at the time — certainly made it easier with a 14 mile each way commute. My employer moved me all over the east side of the Phoenix metro area, and my commute ranged from 14 to 21 miles each way.

Note that the 21 miles only took me about 15 minutes longer on a bike than by car, for which I received 1. People at work thought I was insane for commuting during the summer hottest day I rode — degrees.

Heath November 20, , 1: The standard advice appears to be: Do people actually stop, take off layers and then stow them in the middle of a commute? Seems like a pain. Liz June 4, , 9: I Absolutely love this post because I have been gearing up to tackle my morning commute to work.

I, like jforest, live a little over 7 miles from work. Luckily for me, it is nothing but bike routes the entire ride. The only problem I see are the dramatic changes in elevation along the route. I should just pack the stuff needed to freshen up and just do it! Marieta May 3, , 4: Bike, got to the bathroom to wipe yourself down, re-deodorize, and go to work! Miami Al November 13, , 3: I liked City living for a bit.

Moved to Miami Suburbs. Did that for 10 years and enjoying it. Not sure where the future will take me. I do miss being able to just walk around to stuff. Kids have lots of activities everywhere. We're pretty happy with our life, but reading your site got us to whack our expenses dramatically, and focused on FI instead of just getting through the month has been a big life change. Joe Average February 13, , 8: I did the city living thing and the military version of the same barracks for several years but found that I was spending alot of money to get away from the congested city to more rural settings — fishing, camping, hiking, etc.

I guess it just depends on what your personal method for unwinding is. We visit a trendy part of the next city down the highway that has alot of amenities and yes it would be nice to walk down the neighborhood street and take a left — and have dozens of places to eat and drink and buy books.

Was like this when I lived in Italy. Fortunately I eventually moved to the fringes of the city there and had a yard, driveway, etc. Some folks relax mingling with others in bars and cafes. I like that but what really makes me the happiest is knocking around my shop, my yard or my house.

The side effects of being an introvert. Also there are the problems with kids and dogs — both of which we have. Great neighborhood schools, easy to run around town to soccer, Scouts, and school events. Nice affordable homes too. David March 16, , 8: Val October 6, , 9: MMM… what if you have kids you need to take to daycare near work? Kids change things a bit for me too. I am much more selective about the roads I tow my son along with the bike trailer — it has to be either the dead-quiet streets of my immediate neighborhood, or the off-street bike paths that cover the rest of town.

On the positive side, however, a 7-mile commute with no extra daycare driving is far below the average.. Rachel April 25, , I figured out a creative way to cut back on the commute with biking and drop my son off at his bus stop.

He gets on the bus at 6: The bus stop is downtown, a few blocks from my office. Our house is 2 miles away. So, how to get my son to the bus stop, and still be able to bike to work? The solution was pretty simple once I thought it through — in the morning, I drive my son to the bus stop, with my bike attached to the back of the car 2 miles. I then park my car at my office and bike home. Get ready for work, etc. So I cut a commuting routine that would have been 8 miles of ridiculous back-and-forth driving to 4 miles driving, 4 miles biking.

Chris November 3, , 5: No reason to leave the kids carrier at the day care. Phil October 11, , 3: Val, I took my kids to daycare in a bicycle trailer for years. On the safety side, I did a spot of research before I bought the trailer a Chariot Cougar and the only tests I could find were done by a German road safety lab who determined that kids were actually safer in a trailer than on the back of a bike or tag-a-long.

Dancedancekj October 6, , What if you have two work locations that you spend an equal number of days at? I had the same dilemma when I started my new job last month. Since I had to move for the job anyway, I ultimately decided to live 3 km away from the first work site, then car commute via back roads to the other.

Soon I will look into finding a safe route to cyclocommute the 20 km to my second work site. Chris October 6, , Honestly, I used to think that people who ride bikes are geeks. I currently commute 23 miles each way and have a gas guzzler that gets 16 mpg. MMM October 6, , 2: You should definitely get a real car.. Think 35 as a bare minimum. My car has 5 comfortable seats and gets 42MPG on average. My construction van carries a table saw, miter saw, large compressor, and about other smaller tools plus lumber.

Sometimes just adding a cheap MPG scooter or a motorbike is a money-saver. Chris October 6, , 2: I wish I flew around in a LazyBoy recliner in a comfy climate controlled cockpit. My last flying gig had me in me in a full pressure suit much like Astronauts wear , in a metal ejection seat no recline btw and terrible climate control, considering the outside temp was routinely C at 70,ft.

My own breath exhaling out of a valve consistently caused ice to form on the insides of my windows-sound comfy? Also, my back felt money after doing this for ten hours straight with little ability to stretch and move. MMM October 6, , 3: I fixed my comment to make it a bit more clear. Slash April 30, , 9: I am in a commuting quandry myself.

I may just rent an apartment for 6 months which is 22 miles from work, which would take 32 minutes with traffic each way. However, for the long term, I would like to work closer to work so I can bike. I have a touring bike road bikes irritate the bulging disk in my neck which I love riding.

And I drive a car that has a 3. So you can imagine my need to shorten the commute or dump the Acura…. What would you suggest? Liz October 6, , I see some commenters have brought up the public transport commute. What is your take on this MMM?

I work in central London, England, and those who drive to work are rare. I think the average commute is around an hour door to door, and travelling 50 miles to work by train is not unusual.

MMM October 6, , 1: Not everyone has the same options available to them, but I am writing this article to suggest to most that there IS a better world for workers if you make the choice for yourself. A minute walk or bike ride, to get to a job that is fun and lets you have free time outside of work. If anyone wants this lifestyle, they should continue to fight for it.

You are batshit crazy. Move out of the city, dude. It was my worst commute, ever, 1. I got to hate my fellow man so bad, changing from surface rail to tibe to tube. Liz October 7, , 3: I moved back into the city, about 5 miles from work, so now I cycle or sometimes run — best thing ever.

I was just wondering what others have put more eloquently — if you make use of the time, is it so bad? I agree, there are some crazy commutes out there, your old one sounds pretty bad. London is expensive to operate a car and they have a higher population density than most American cities. It is a mindset to walk minutes to a train or bus to get to work. It would be more of a health benefit than a time benefit for me since it takes 45 minutes to ride a bike vs 25 minutes by car.

There are times I have meetings after work and I need to drive my car to work. I am going to try and do it more. B October 6, , We moved to south Longmont earlier this year. The commute is wonderful. A short ride is a wonderful way to start a day.

Plus I get the benefit of smelling Oskar Blues in the morning. My wife on the other hand still commutes 12miles to Lafayette. I guess half of us commuting is still better than both. On the same note as Brave New World. I work in a company of 11 people. We are right off of Ken Pratt kind of by Safeway. About Half of the people decided they were going to work here and then bought a house in Boulder or Johnstown. Wow, that is a happy story!

Bullseye October 6, , MMM, you have to be the best blogger out there right now, and I read a lot of blogs. Every article is quality, keep up the excellent writing! My commute is exactly 10 miles, and I bike it occasionally, but usually drive. Would a road bike make a big difference? Or do I just need to suck it up and stop complaining? Trying to talk wife into moving to cheaper area, becoming instantly mortgage free, and implementing this plan sooner! Regardless of the physics, I am happy, because biking fast is fun.

Archon October 12, , 2: I believe that rolling resistance comes into play here, especially if the mountain bike has low pressures to allow for rougher terrain.

Googling led me to the following site which apparently does bike tire comparison testing, including rolling resistance:. The top graph on each page shows data for the 15 best performers, and road tires which take higher pressure by design have about 5 watts less of rolling resistance compared to mountain bike tires. This is just me fudging an approximate average based on those charts.

So going from Mountain bike to road bike will save you powering a refrigerator with your legs in addition to moving you from A to B. It may be an interesting experiment for you to increase the pressure in the tires you have now, and see if it becomes easier to ride, as the graphs show rolling resistance decreasing with pressure. Rolling resistance should also be a consideration with road tires!

Tracy October 8, , 9: I used to ride a hybrid bike for a mile commute uphill , then decided to splurge on a road bike… and it makes a huge difference! John October 10, , 1: I just bought my first mountain bike in years after having a road bike for a while.

I spent the last year walking 2 mile every day to work. I rode the bike occasionally but honestly it was too quick for my taste. I would love to be about 10 miles out for a good bike commute. Nat Pearre June 4, , 2: Daniel October 31, , 5: I would also say get some clip in pedals or SPDs as Shimano calls them and some mountain bike style shoes with recessed clips.

They take some practice but they are much more power efficient and make cycle commuting a doddle. Erin October 6, , It seems like the best option for me, but the time and money lost is still frustrating.

Move close to work, and I mean now, like this weekend! Send us pictures of your new pad and your lovely walk or bike ride to work. Erin October 6, , 5: Thanks for the reply, MMM! The soul-crushing commuting will come to an end!

Thanks for the as always sound advice! Marcia Frugal Healthy Simple October 7, , 8: One of my engineers drives 70 miles each way, 4 days per week. He fills his gas tank every 2 days, I fill mine every 2 weeks. Physics girl October 6, , 1: I commute about 2 miles on a bike in West Chester, PA.

It is fairly hilly, but a pleasant ride. I have had many many comments about safety — do you feel safe? I generally answer that I feel comfortable that I have taken precautions such as lights and reflectors and that I bike safely. Dee October 6, , 5: The bus is pretty much my favourite reading location. There are some people who are totally batshit insane about commuting.

They drive to the train station, take the train into NYC, take the subway to near the office, and then walk into the office. Some of them take a ferry, which is even more expensive. So they are away from home for about 15 hours per day. So their kids can go to a nice school! It was a total nightmare. I was away from home for about 13 hours every weekday and it left me exhausted. I guess I could do better but I like having some separation from work.

MMM October 6, , 6: They like to go to the private and charter schools further away from home. While you can never fully separate nature vs. Adrienne October 7, , 8: They learn a lot at home from me and their dad both part-timers.

What they get at school is more socialization and learning to work together. We left a 10 out of 10 public school for a 2 out of 10 public school test scores because we wanted a closer school in our new community we just moved to. The school is diverse and has been a positive influence on our kids. Ah commuting sucks for sure.

Our town is very expensive. So, people who work here…many come from the towns nearby. Then a long stretch of highway. To the south is Carpinteria mins , then Ventura, Oxnard, and Camarillo 45 mins to an hour. These other towns are cheaper, but you will have at least a minute commute each way. The expectation is to have a bigger house, I think. Now we both work in the same area, so it would be nice to be closer. I leave work early every day to pick up my son from school.

All so I can work longer hours!! Bullseye October 7, , 6: He drives 15 minutes, takes a ferry across the river, then the MTA train into the city, 1 hr 45 mins each way 48 miles.

When I do my quarterly visit to that office, I sometimes park at his house and do the commute with him…holy crap! Joe Average February 13, , 1: And the kids are the most fun when they are young. Not as much as these mega-commuters though.

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