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Some of the items on the menu are gluten-free, many of them are shellfish-free, and for individuals allergic to wheat, the service can create a wheat-free menu. Also, the language barrier can be a problem. Updated 4 Mar Snacks can be added at an additional charge. In comparison to the Silver plan, the Gold plan allows you to enjoy greater menu variety and comes with snacks included. If you eat satiating, delicious whole foods, you won't be hungry throughout the day - think good fats and protein sources instead of low calorie junk food.

How South Beach Diet Works

Lee Holmes discusses pros and cons of the eight hour diet

Signing up to South Beach Diet is fairly simple. You can expect your meals within business days of placing your order. Most of the prepared food will arrive flash frozen and ready to be heated up and enjoyed.

Snacks, and some other foods come ready to eat. The first 2 weeks of the diet, known as Phase 1, are gluten-free. After that, many of the meals do contain gluten. None of the phases are suitable for vegetarian, vegan, paleo or kosher diets.

South Beach can cater to customers with specific allergies such as shellfish. Speak to customer service if you are unsure whether your dietary requirements restrict you from using this diet plan. The plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks can be added at an additional charge. There are about 30 options for breakfast, 50 for lunch and dinner, and 11 snack options.

Meal choices vary from shakes and protein bars, to full meals such as fiery chilli or garlic ginger beef with broccoli.

Snacks include brownie bars, ice cream shakes and protein rich options such as nuts or meat jerky. With auto-delivery, the plan automatically renews itself every 4 weeks. The South Beach Diet will continue to ship orders and bill you every 4 weeks unless you cancel by phone.

You can pause or cancel the plan any time. If you cancel any time after your second shipment, there is no charge. The principles of the Mediterranean diet include eating lots of fruits, vegetables, cutting out processed foods and salt and limiting red meat intake. In essence, eating real food in sensible portions. The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest there is, as proven by dozens of scientific studies.

At its very heart, the diet is based on eating lots of fruit, vegetables, fresh fish and cutting out processed foods and red meat. But, while it is straightforward, it is healthier if you avoid eating out. Contains a good balance of carbs, whilst being low in processed foods and high in healthy fats like olive oil, as well as nuts and fish which means great things for our omega 3 levels.

The only minor downside to the Mediterranean Diet is that it generally means you need to cook meals yourself — eating out, or buying ready meals can be trickier as they will generally include high salt, fats and processed food. However, cooking for the Mediterranean Diet is quite straightforward, and most restaurants should provide some healthier options that adhere to the principles of the Mediterranean Diet.

Eradicating fat from your diet is one of the most common diets traditionally. But, the scientific tide is changing with evidence proving the right fats actually aid weight loss.

Traditionally one of the most common diets in the industry — most of us will have tried a low fat diet at some point. The low fat diet is pretty much what it says on the tin — removing most or all fats from your diet. The rest of your diet tends to remain the same, with fats replaced with more carbs and sugar. The mass of food choices available in most supermarkets make it an easy option for many. While the low-fat diet has been recommended to us for years, it is actually based on flawed science as fat is essential for healthy brain and body development.

The low-fat food choices available on the market tend to be highly processed, and are often high in sugar and additives. Has this medical advice actually made things worse? Low carb diets include the Atkins diet, Dukan diet and Banting diet. These diets have become very popular in recent years as a backlash to the low-fat diet. While this diet is okay in principle — cutting out certain carbs can mean cutting out the sugars and processed grains that many carb-rich foods are comprised of — carbs are also one of our major sources of energy.

In fact, it is recommended that 50 per cent of our energy comes from carbs. The problem is that most people just think of white bread, pasta, biscuits and cakes instead of good carbs such as vegetables and whole-grains. There are reams of diets that promote the low-carb message, from Aitkens to Dukan and Banting. Cutting out carbs can be good because it means people avoid high-sugar foods, but it is vital to remember good carbs, such as wholegrains, help you feel full and add fibre.

Cutting out carbs can be good for weight loss because for most people that means cutting out the high-sugar, high-fat processed products that go hand in hand with certain carbs — the butter and jam that goes with the bread, the creamy sauces that go with pasta and the sugar and processed fat that goes with the cakes and biscuits. Difficult to maintain as many of the foods we eat contain carbs. Good carbs are fine and help keep you full, and they also add fibre, which is essential to help keep us healthy.

Originally designed for people with diabetes, Low GI diets aim to encourage low glycemic index foods. Many of the Low GI foods have better health benefits. Low GI foods have also been found to help you metabolise fat more efficiently. May cause you to make unhealthy food choices as, for example, fat lowers the GI of food so crisps have lower GI than normal potatoes.

Women cannot ride a bicycle for transportation either, so walking and drivers are their primary means of getting around. Women get more exercise walking here, and depending on your view, you can be comfortable in pajamas all day as the abaya covers everything and is worn over your clothes.

If you like stretch pants or yoga pants, you may never wear jeans again and no one knows. There is no pork or alcohol in the country, which can be a disadvantage for some Westerners. There are alternatives; non-alcoholic beverages and beef bacon, which can offer a substitute. An advantage of this is that your diet can become much healthier with less fat and cholesterol. Saudi Arabia is a safe country. You do need to use common sense, but in general the safety here is high.

Occasionally you hear of a break in, but in general, compared to the Western world, crime is minimal. Punishments are harsh, which helps to control the crime. The driving here is not safe. Because women are unable to drive, it is not unusual to see a child as young as eight driving a large SUV. The city is working to clean up some of the traffic violations and has been installing more and more cameras and patrols to check for licensed drivers driving age here is18 for males ; however, violations continue and accidents, when they occur, are usually quite severe.

In general, the benefits and salary packages for expats in Saudi Arabia are some of the highest in the Middle East. Due to the location and growth of the city, the packages here are more lucrative for many expats compared to Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh or even Jeddah. If you negotiate your contract correctly, you and your family can live very comfortably, with some companies offering up to two home leaves a year rather than one.

The cost of living can be a bit higher here for Western products. However, there are local alternatives that are reasonably priced and certainly more readily available. Culture shock is certainly a factor here.

Saudi Arabia is very unique, standing out from even other Middle Eastern countries. The culture loves children. If you have children, the locals here are very open and accepting of children. There is always something to do with your children here. For women, the culture is very restrictive. The openness of Western culture is not the case here. Restaurants are separated into single and family sections, and some will not allow women to enter to order. The culture is, in general, very accepting of and friendly toeveryone.

Many are well educated and spent much time abroad, so communication is easy in English and they are happy to share and explain their culture and beliefs.

This is important, as it can be overwhelming to understand your new lifestyle here. Healthcare in the Kingdom, in general, is good, with modern facilities and equipment. Medical professionals from all cultures can be found throughout Yanbu, with an International Hospital located in Jeddah. The cost of healthcare here is minimal compared to what is paid in the USA.

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