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No different than the same discusions you would hear around a coffee pot at a local FBO. The weight and size of the nacelle would be reduced by a short duct inlet, imposing higher aerodynamic turning loads on the blades and leaving less space for soundproofing, but a lower-pressure-ratio fan is slower. Dear "Yesterday I had a long chat", all performance calqulations are predicated on loosing one engine on takeoff. I don't care how many buzzwords the FAA can come up with. This comment speaks volumes about the ignorance of the people who post here. Fatal Crash at Tupelo on 16 May.

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Bucknell design would have ISP. Is the rocket reusable? Is it intended for reuse? What happens if the rocket explodes in flight? Any numbers for a single stage to Mars surface mission profile? How long to get 20, kg to a gravitational lens location? Exploding is not a thing with a monopropellant rocket how often do aircraft explode? It would put a large dent in anything it landed on, but that is a risk with any rocket ie why launches are over water.

The radiation shielding included in the rocket is probably overkill — it keeps exposure to both payloads and launch site below terrestrial background radiation 0. Gamma shielding is fully surrounding the reactor tungsten carbide , and lithium hydride for neutron fore for payload protection.

Details in the paper. Have to work on gravitational lens mission. Plus Ultra Technologies closed up shop a few years ago. How is exhaust radioactivity prevented or dealt with? There are no fission fragments with this fuel arrangement as core temperature is kept low for effectively zero material loss.

Hydrogen spends milliseconds in the core, so mass of tritium generated is negligible. This Catalina is already his 46th airplane for the collection! The Catalina was restored merely to be ferried and will not be brought to a more permanent flying status wile at the museum in Southern California. One-time 9J-RDR is seen preserved like this,protruding from the Phoebus Apollo building, a nice touch but I don't think I could persuade my wife to do something similar It was deployed to India in It may have been registered to Rhodesian's CAA during And in its state of affairs was as such that it was destined to be preserved, being no longer airworthy.

During July it was reported lying derelict in Lusaka. And in Nov99 it was reported at Rand, merely a fuselage without a cockpit. I think they did a nice thing with it at Phoebus Apollo. Gil White Rip wrote an excellent history on this aircraft. Douglas bought it back on 14Nov45 and converted it to a DC-4 conversion no.

Then came the identity change N became its tailnumber when James A Cunningham bought it in Mar Pacific Aero Lift was noted as a new operator even naming it "Ruth 2" but never took effect. Instead it was stored at Hamilton,NZ! Next year, during Sep93, Roberts Hawaii Inc became the new owner. Only to store it at Wonderboom arriving 13Nov96 near Pretoria! But again standing idle was its main activity and it was put up for sale during for USD I hope a buyer will come along!

This Carvair Video on YouTube. Gil White wrote an excellent history on this aircraft. Previous identies of 9J-PAA, click on the thumbnail for a larger image: It has been undergoing a slow but thorough rebuild since arriving at Rand from Mozambique in , but is only worked when personnel can be spared from keeping the company's other aircraft in the air that explains the procrastination!

Mr Delport's long-term plan is to equip the Dak with a luxurious seat interior. Maybe the oldest DC-3 around if they ever get it back in the air!! With construction number this DC-3A is truly a vintage transport! After years of service as a mainliner it was bought by Leeward Aeronautical Service on 10Aug Continental Airlines leased it for a while and the Lesavoy Foundation saw use for it Sep The next step we know was it being registered as N to U.

Date of this event would be 05Jul Caprivi Airways leased it during and the next operator would be African Air Charters. It was apparently damaged on 29Aug82 at Lanseria. It had been used for famine relief and had acquired bullet holes in the rear fuselage!! Meanwhile, registration N was cancelled in Apr It has been owned and operated by Phoebus Apollo Aviation since Nov97, but when this restoration commenced and what caused it is unknown to me.

N has a brief appearance in a YouTube video I was allowed until Through email I was informed about the identity of some of the planes and hope to do better on a next visit. It was transferred as to the SAAF and served with no. Restored by SAA to static display in Brendan Odell and John Austin-Williams. Cassel wrote me in Mar. Back in I flew out to S.

Africa to start my flying career, it did not materialize as planned , but I did not want to return to the UK and I managed to get a job as trainee camera operator. It took a month to complete the job. As a junior I was tasked with looking after the aircraft grubby jobs , which included frequent topping up of oil to the port engine if we had flown. A very nice guy to have known. I only worked for A. A wonderful experience for a young man: I feel very very lucky and privileged to have those memories.

Withheld for official use by the South African Railways Administration. Returned to SAA and withdrawn from service in Sold to Commercial Airways Ltd. She carries no markings, but gives her name to the adjacent "Lodestar Tea Room". To 17 Sqn postwar, converted to transport.

To Ysterplaat Station Flight. Restored in circa Maritime grey paint scheme. Interestingly enough the bombdoors she was then fitted with as well as the nose-wheel doors were marked "" - before she was even built - so apparently she was repaired from a pre-production parts stockpile. She was to become one of the last 3 flying Shackleton MR3's in the world. The spareparts situation had become so tricky that after only a few hours of general flying major component changes were needed.

It was patched up, but a static display is all that this Shackleton can hope for. I found the state of historic aviation rather confusing but Mr. Brendan Odell kindly clearified matters for me: To clear up any confusion about organisations, it works as follows- 1.

They are an enthusiasts club, the chairman is John Austin Williams. We are owned by the government see below and are part of the Heritage branch of the government transport company, Transnet. This is called the Transnet Heritage Foundation. I am the Manager of the Technical section Aircraft and Maintenance of this little airline. ZS-BXF is under repair after an unfortunate take-off accident last year, but should be flying by early September again. ZS-BXJ is still under restoration.

We are unfortunately not connected to SAA anymore. There are also many other aircraft flying with them, and some being restored to fly, this includes a Sikorsky S and an Airspeed Oxford. The SAA Museum has a website at www. This coincided with the news that the South African Historic Flight returned once again to the loving embrace of South African Airlines, from previous ownership by the government and at its base at Johannesburg-Rand, its aircraft were available for flightseeing- and safari trips.

On 29jun08 John Austin-Williams wrote the following interesting update: The aircraft involved being: Just purchased and will be ferried from her old home in Nelspruit to Rand Airport before end of July I have just started a website www. The site will list all DC-3s that have been registered in SA by construction number I am attempting to revive the Dakota Association of South Africa, which has been dormant since Brendan Odell wrote me the following in Sep.

The test flight was on the 6th of September and was very successful, everyone was very happy! Total working time - 10 months Average work force - 4 men. Springbok Classic Air and flown from Port Elizabeth where it had ended up after an in flight engine problem, in on 02Sep By this time, in june, the registration had not been altered, but previous information noticed registration D-CUNP had been reserved for it.

No mention of the new owner. I was allowed to wander around their aircraft and was glad to see ZS-OJL being a candidate for turbo conversion. Some records show it had already been converted.

To start at the beginning: It probably operated or was registered to Island Associates, but its registration was cancelled on 10Dec At some point it was reported in Singapore. It was reported at Denel for turbo conversion in Oct96 and saw it reregistered as N for Dodson Aviation. Apparently it is now in some kind of overhaul, seeing both engines plus wheels have been removed. Since it never actually was reported completed on a turbo conversion, I assume this has been postponed for whatever reasons.

It seems that Dodson moved away from DC-3 turbo conversions, as the following was shared in Feb. That year its career also started in South Africa: From the military to "civvies" street: It returned to the S. It probably returned to its military career, under serial At what time it was converted to a turbo-Dak I do not know.

I do know that Dodson Aviation took ownership on 14Jul98 and registered it as NQ, though it was reported on 30Aug98 at Wonderboom as Maybe they converted it? I'd welcome more details. In it again joined forces with the SAAF again, with serial it flew with 44 squadron.

The ferry flight to South Africa was done in Jan In fact, it served a very long career on governmental duties, being registered as ZS-CAI to the Department of Transport on 21Aug58 being used for a variety of duties including navaid calibration. Quite amazing that this vintage transport is still around in such excellent condition! It was phased out SOC on 30Nov46 and it led a varied, corporate life: And NZ was cancelled in Sep The move to S.

Two years later it was owned or operated by Avia Air Charter, Wonderboom. It probably never left the African continent despite US ownership. On 27Dec01 it was seen with "Spirit of Adventure"-titles and was reported 18Oct02 to have a acquired a deluxe interior with Airbus seats, operating nostalgia scenic flights for Naturelink.

It got as far as the UK, as the deal went sour. It was again put up for sale while parked at Dunsfold. Finishing an excellent stay at Timbavati Private Game Reserve, camera-hunting wildlife instead of vintage transports, a detour via Nelspruit was in order.

Since international flights no longer operate here, access is quite easy and besides some Gulfstream 1's I knew I would see this beauty: ZS-LVR is getting some tender, loving care with a hose The funny nose is not uncommon on DC-3s, probably had some kind of weatherradar installed at some time. It moved away from mainstream passenger transport, to the Colorado Interstate Gas Company and at some unknown date was registered as N for the Electric Autolite Company.

Some of these names bewilder me: It was back to Starflite Corp. Time to move abroad! Later during the s it was operated by National Airways and may have acquired its "Memphis Belle"-titles, which still adorn the aircraft, slightly aft of the cockpit. She had a narrow escape when damaged by fire some fool tried to steal fuel at Lanseria at night on 10Mar00 while using an open flame as a light source!!

There is more to this bird, read all about it The day before our flight home I returned to Lanseria, where this time I was allowed proper access under security guard escort on the ramp and on the storage side of the airport. At some point it was stored at Lanseria for use of spares, but who would benefit I do not know what operator used V.

Viscounts in South Africa? And again Keith Gaskell to the rescue! Registration was cancelled Sep Other Viscounts in SA since lates are: Peter Upton wrote me in Feb.

The scrap merchant's truck already arrived this afternoon Sad to see yet another old aircraft coming to an end! Withdrawn from use and stored at Cambridge Teversham 10Apr69 - 07Jan Last service for BA was on 26Mar81, withdrawn form use with ttl Leased to Air Algerie 12MayMar Began a major overhaul during Jan91 into 'Freightmaster' configuration.

It was rolled out at Southend on 25Mar94 in full red Parcelforce colours. Was allocated the registration 3D-PBH, but doubtful if this registration was ever carried. Parts were used for repairs on other Viscounts. Breaking up started at Lanseria on 20Apr06, with the nose section reported at Lanseria's dump by Sep In the spring of the nose section was bought by a film company and removed from the airport.

This link shows a photo with damage to the rear while serving as NZ Aerial Applicators bought it in May72 and quite possibly they converted N80MA to aerial firefighter, adding code "20".

No doubt the air tanker equipment had been taken out by that time. But that sale may have fallen through, as it was reported at Lanseria ever since and after flying on 4 continents it has now reached the end of its flying career. It had been given a new lick of paint and a fancy paint scheme. I cannot imagine that this aircraft will ever fly again, so I can only assume it is now serving the rest of its life as a bill board.

The name "Delaney" is clearly written on the fuselage and reported as early as Karl Jensen told me the story behind this: The colour scheme was red and blue stripes on a white top with the rest of the aircraft in polished metal and silver control surfaces that were fabric covered. During a scheduled flight between Sishen and Johannesburg for United, a baby girl was born on board at 17h55 on October15, and named Delaney. The aircraft sports this name to the present day.

Next it operated for T. African registration was unacceptable. In late she was overhauled and painted. During she was based at the short-lived airport of Freeway near Pretoria until the closure of Avia Air Charter in On 23Dec95 she was sold to Debon-Air of Lanseria. On 14Jun02 it was bought by Ro han Vos of Rovos Air and it sure looks in excellent shape, its interior equipped with 18 Airbus seats.

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