Is Your Protein Shake Safe?

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Carb Cycling: The Turbo Cycle
How disappointing to find that I have been guzzling this sugar-like substance! No one really cares about my particular taste buds anyway. But, both focus on improving your health and weight loss. Monday, low Tuesday, high Wednesday, low Thursday, high Friday, low Saturday, low Sunday, reward Can you please look at my workout and my carb cycle and tell me if that looks sufficient as compared to my calorie intake above. Easy, Classic, Fit, and Turbo Cycles:

What is Omnitrition?

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What about the Arbonne nutrition line? More specifically, the protein powders. Thanks for all the great info above, really gives you something to think about. Food Babe, I would love to know about the safety in the ingredients in Isagenix. More than anything I would like to know where you would rank it and if its something you would take yourself? Thank you in advance! I have been drinking Phood shakes for a few months now.

I am by no means an expert on this stuff, I just compared some products at my local Clarks Nutritional. I was curious about a product i recently purchased. I just discovered that it does contain Carrageenan though… Is this still considered safe to continue using?

Thank you so much for your time. I am reading your book and am awestruck! I have a question I hope you can address. I am a year-old female, who has lost a lot of weight to get into generally good shape, but I still have another 15 pounds to go and want to burn extra flab. I do cardio daily and began doing weight training using dumbbells and other equipment at the gym. I have wanted to add muscle after a diagnosis two years ago of a beginning stage of osteoporosis. I was told by my trainer to eat approximately grams of protein a day, so I have been using protein shakes.

Your book and your website have been a real eye opener about this topic. I will investigate other protein powders, but what is your opinion on the need to eat a great deal of protein? Any changes I should be making? What is your recommendation for someone who wants to add muscle and burn fat like me?

Thanks for the great information, Vani — you have been an inspiration! I thaught i was safe because they had DR, recommended on there sight and sold me on that , and the fact theyre hunger supressant was A NATURAL one just under the potato skin, i figured i could hurry and stay in ketosis if they shipped asap.. Have a ton of it left. I wonder if I can get my money back? Hi, what are your thoughts on Arbonne shakes? I love them, and now I sell them.

Would love to know your thoughts. The ingredients list is: I hope that the various products were studied through an unbiased lens, as earning any proceeds from one of the products would be HIGHLY unethical. Just want everyone to be well informed. I have heard and read excellent things about these products and would love your unbiased opinion.

They are both Non-Gmo, Organic, vegan. I really love your blog! I love that you compare things that real people are wanting to know about without bashing!! I am a distributor for Visi. I have tried several different shakes and programs and imo Visi is the only one that is truly all natural, no GMO, Kosher.

I would love to talk to anyone that that has joint pain, stiffness, acne, or just wants to put a little zip in their step. There is no miracle pill out there, it took you a long time to get unhealthy, it will take a while to get your body healthy and get you your best you! There is just no comparison to Isagenix protein. It is pure, organic and derived from cows in new zealand eating non treated grass, no hormones or chemicals.

There are shake replacement, bars, soups and amazing supplements. I would love to send you more info!!! We also have a great support group that makes all of the difference! You are absolutely right! However, I feel that no matter how good the protein shake is, it can never replace natural juices! For more information you can read more on my site http: Hey I just recently purchased ideal shape replacement shakes and it had a little warning label that said that it contained lead.

If you could give me your feed back on it I would truly appreciate it. What do you know about Isagenix or Isalean? I am looking for a meal replacement shake.

I would really appreciate your input, thanks, Kelly. As a competitive powerlifter for several decades and RKC kettlebell instructor, I have searched far and wide for a quality whey protein and have tried dozens. Plant based proteins do not provide me with the recovery from my workouts after much experimentation. I recently found the Isagenix product Isapro with undenatured whey protein concentrate from grass fed cows in New Zealand.

Michael Colgan, PhD is a recent proponent and his recommendation for this product caught my attention. I decided to try it and started 3 weeks ago. You can watch Dr. Hello, I recently started drinking slim and sassy trim Shake from doTerra essential oils. Replacing my breakfast meal. Appreciate any input you may have. Meal Plans, Grocery Lists and More. Join Our Free Newsletter. Join our free Weekly Newsletter! This is the most common form of artificial sweetener available in protein drinks and tons of other processed foods today and according the Center for Science in the Public Interest CSPI it is anything but safe.

In addition it is mentioned that large doses of acetoacetamide a breakdown product of this sugar have been shown to affect the thyroid in rats, rabbits, and dogs. You might also like: Thanks for sharing — it helped me see the light. Kristina, I am going throught the same thing right now. Best whey protein on the Market. I am doing the Turbo Cycle, and was wondering if on the reward day is that whole day okay to kinda slack off or just one meal of that day? I know not to go crazy. I have noticed I have more energy since eating steelcut oats in addition to my eggs in the morning, so I think I can do this.

I got at least 30lbs. Do you think with what I have told you Iam on the right track so far? But I may have a stupid question. All the pages keep recommending calories per day regardless of which carb cycle plan you do. But no where can I find the number carbs that should be consumed each day.

How many carbs per day is considered a low-carb day and how many carbs per day is considered a high carb day? Thank you so much! Here are the recommended macro percentages for all of the carb cycles: Easy, Classic, Fit, and Turbo Cycles: You can to this! Wanted to leave my thanks here and let you guys know of my gratitude. In reading this blog and several other pages on the different cycles. Is this for everyone no matter how much weight they have to lose?

Just wondering for I have around lbs to lose to get to my goal weight and I currently workout 5 days a week burning between calories depending on if it is lifting or cardio. We wish you the best — you can do this! I just read this blog. From what I understand low carb days are meant for rest days or cardio days only.

Please let me know!! I am a Crossfitter and I have tried numerous plans to try and cut weight and keep my strength paleo, macros, etc. I am just not sure which cycle would be best for me. I crossfit days a week. Any insight would be great!! You might want to try the Extreme Cycle http: We wish you the best! Thanks for So Much motivation. I think I could way better on my fat loss if I found it before. Thank you team Powell. Day 1- Chest and back Back- 5 exercises 3 sets each, Chest- 4 exercises 3 to 4 sets each Day 2- Arms Biceps- 4 exercises 3 to 4 sets each and triceps- 4 exercises 3 to 4 sets each and minutes cardio Day 3- 30 minutes Cardio Day 4- Legs 7 exercises 3 to 4 sets each day 5- Shoulders 5 exercises 3 to 4 sets each.

Day 6- 30 minutes Cardio day 7- rest and cheat day. It looks like the strength training part of your program is awesome! If you can work up to 60 minutes on your cardio-only days, and add in more cardio on your strength days, that would definitely help move you closer to your goal. What to do on low carb days? Do I do cardio and how many days to cardio following extream carb cycle. How much fat I can expect to loose in a week? How many hours to work out.

Get links to both of these in this post: Chris and Heidi recommend up to an hour of cardio each of those days. And your rate of fat loss depends on your current body composition and how well you stick to your nutrition and exercise program. Hope that helps — you can do this! Would carb cycling be something I should try? Ive talked to a few nutritionist, all of whom suggest eating more. I get around 20kk steps a day and I tend to workout at least once a day.

If eating steel cut oats and grains, even though they make me feel bloated and disgusting are the answer.. I just want to lose this last bit of weight. Carb cycling could work for you, and everything you need to know and do is outlined for you in the program, and there are many food options.

We have no doubt you can achieve your goal! Hi, Sorry to bug you again, is there any reason you suggest me to do the extreme over turbo? Just curious the major differences. As with many things, the more you do something, the better you get at doing it, hence, the Extreme Cycle.

But you can have success with any of the cycles! Can I do my 5 days intense heavy weight training while following this turbo cycle. If it does than which cycle is best for me. Since your body fat percentage is already in the healthy range, you might want to change things up a bit. Many people in your situation have had great luck using the Extreme Cycle http: There is some great info in this post that could help too: However I noticed that when I cut out all carbs I gain a few pounds or dont lose but when I eat a balanced meal of protein carbs veggies I lose 5 pounds a week and that includes a not all that crazy of a cheat day.

I believe carb cycling might work for me. Im just lost as to which plan to follow. Chris and Heidi have had several clients with PCOS who have had success with carb cycling, but only after working with their healthcare teams. Do I need to eat 2 fist sized portions of fibrous green veggies every single meal on both high carb and low carb days?

Juicing keep the fiber! Hello, I am starting carb cycling today and going with the Turbo. My question is calorie intake. Currently on my high carb day I am at As well as breastfeeding.. I am breast feeding, but I want to try and incorporate cycling to help with losing my baby weight. For women, we recommend calories on low carb days and calories on high carb days for the Easy, Classic, Turbo, and Fit Cycles.

I have been trying to read and research about carb cycling. My macros are currently C. These are very general recommendations, so a macro coach can be very helpful in putting together a program that fits your body composition and goals. We wish you the best in losing those last 5 pounds! Would a snack like a banana and peanut butter be off limits since it is a combo of carbs and fat instead of carbs and protein?

I drink a protein powder after workouts 3 days a week. Would this be considered a morning snack and one of my meals? For cottage cheese, low fat is a great protein option. My name in Kelly, I have had a difficult time for about 10 years now to lose weight and keep it off.

I have spent money at weight loss clinics just to come out losing the weight but putting it back on. This past Monday I decided to start using the Turbo Cycle of this program. I just wanted to write to say that and to say I cannot wait for EWL to start again…the show is so motivational and I miss it a lot. I am a huge fan of you guys! I, of course, watch the show. But I work in a public library where your books pass by my desk regularly.

I finally decided to give this plan a try. As soon as I leave work, I get home to two small kiddos so my night is usually consumed when I unlock my front door. You know the feeling, ha! Thank you so much for the amazing blog and inspiration you give on a daily basis!

Do you make sure you are working out on your reward day and high carb days? I drink shakeology in the morning. I know it counts as a carb and a protein but only has calories. All together you are suppose to have of carbs and protein.

Can I add a fruit to add the 80 calories? On low carb days I have Vega which is a very low carb protein shake but I am a big shakeology drinker. Also I noticed that on low carb days woman are suppose to have calories all together but if you add up the calories per meal from the chart it equals Last but not least should we include calories from veggies and marinara sauce and deduct from somewhere else?

My name is Ali. I am a wife, and a mother to the most amazing 5 littles some not so little anymore there has ever been! I would make my video, see myself, and in pure disgust I would delete the video, shred the application and found comfort in more food. I never did find the courage to send one in. About 6-ish years ago I bought Choose to Lose. I read it in one day and started my carb cyling journey with Chris. I struggled to stay relaxed and not stressed about what I was eating and everything I put in my mouth.

I then began the awful habit of weighing every. This was and still is pure torture! I recently bought Choose More, Lose More read it again in just under a day.

Since that fateful day we have been plugging along for the last 6 months trying to adjust to our new way of life. What I have quickly come to realize is we have no one to rely on with his new medical needs. Both of our families have stated multiple times that they want nothing to do with it.

Not only for our son, but the other 4 as well. I want to LIVE my life with my family! I sure was hoping you both could help a sister and brother out! Thanks for these posts, it helps me try and put it all together. I just bought your book Extreme Transformation, should be here tomorrow!

I was just curious as to which plan you think would be better for me. I Crossfit x per week. Exercise is built into each day Monday-Saturday, so you should be good to go!

I am interested in doing the Turbo plan to lose these last, very stubborn 10 pounds. I work out heavily with weights every time I to the gym, which is x per week. The Turbo plan consists of 2 low carb days to 1 high carb day. Do you think I will still lose fat, while increasing muscle mass on this plan?

Or you might want to try the Extreme Cycle, which has 4 high carb days in a row: Thank you for this! I have done low-carb regiments in the past but they have left with me with not enough energy for my daily physical demands i work full-time in an office during the day and dance 5 times a week, 1. I have two questions: I wake up at 7am and eat fairly immediately.

And then eat every 3 hours from there 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm. My dance classes are 8pm What would you recommend I do? I am still in the process of reading choose more, lose more. In the first place I would like to thank you for bringing and explaining us this awesome way of how to loose unwanted fat, without starving or cutting off any significant food.

Hence why I have perhaps a dumb question …. And please congratulate your mom on her weight loss! I track all of my food on MyFitnessPal. That really depends on your goals, since those numbers can be different for each person. This will give you the correct number of grams of each macro to aim for for the day. I was wondering if Keto Diet and Turbo cycle is pretty much the same? Which burns fat the fastest? We do know that many, many people have had great results following the Turbo Cycle, so give it a try!

I have been doing the Turbo Cycle for a while now and lost 36kgs but it has stopped.. I have stopped at kg I think. What should I do? Have you been doing the Slingshot Week every 4th week? If so, try a different cycle for a few weeks to get your body out of its routine. And congratulations on losing 36 kgs!

I was just wondering if carb cycling is suggested for prediabetics or people that have issues with blood sugar. I am not quite a diabetic but I have been looking for a new lifestyle that would help me lose weight and prevent diabetes and potentially reverse my prediabetics. I was thinking about doing the turbo program but I wanted to make sure it was something that would still be recommended for someone with my condition.

I am 51 years old and have been working out with a trainer for about a year. I have lost 40 over the course of a year and a half. I have seemed to hit a plateau, the last few months. I was wondering if you think the carb cycling would work for me?

I was looking at the turbo. As you probably know after 50 it becomes really hard to lose weight. I am very frustrated and am at the point of giving up, I would like to get down to at least I would love to know your thoughts. Carb cycling could definitely work for you, so go for it!

Can you do turbo carb cycling while lifting heavy at the gym 4 days a week? The day off should I go completely low? Also should we leave the macro calculator and following the portion guideline set out in the book? I tried to change my work out and vary the meals , but can not get over the plateau effect. I used immediately the turbo , for all three cycles ; what do you think the best course for a change? Are you doing the Slingshot Week every 4th week? And you can change cycles at any time, so that might be an option for you too for a few weeks.

If we are counting macros on this program why then do we go by the portion size guide? And according to the macro calculator Heid posted says I should be in taking more calories than the recommended I hear amazing things about cycling and want to try but have a question.

I occasionally go out after work with coworkers and we will have wine or margaritas. There are some vegatarian options, and you can always substitute vegetarian options for many of the meat-based options in the recipes.

And you can also put your own meals together — check out the chart in this post: Hello — I bought the book Choose to Loose and have been following the turbo cycle.

I am getting into my groove in week 2… I realize you promote portion sizing with general guidelines to stay around calories for LC days and for HC days for women. Being a numbers person, I am pretty tied to the numbers and also the macros to try to maximize my results. So sorry to hear about this! We hope you recover quickly!

I usually fast before these 5am workouts, is this okay to eat my first meal after I workout at 6am…. Learn more about maintenance in this post: This is a praise report and a big thank you to team Powell and support team! Gather all the turbo cycle information and what I needed to do to make that big change. Original weight , now and and not stopping! The best part of sticking with it and accomplishing your goals is the way you feel mentally I think.

We are on this journey at the same time. Continued blessings to your health journey. I have been doing turbo cycle for about months and the results are amazing.

However, since you dont mention it, I will ask. Is this the best cycle for losing overall body fat, or is the Extreme Cycle better? Tell me if Turbo Cycle is the optimal way to lose the stubborn fat on my body and will shed the extra pounds on my lower portion of stomach and obliques.

I am doing this 3 weeks and then pause 1 week then continue again. The goal is 85kg currently down from And I am doing intervals after training AND circuit training, so this is something I take very seriously. My question is on the meal prep. With that I got an attached PDF file with all the different acceptable foods broken out into calorie portions. However, if i use the Hand Measurements vs. Which one should I go off of, the hand portions or cooking measurements?

Also, on the Turbo cycle, can i just stick to the 2 fist fulls of veggies on the 3rd lunch meal and 5th dinner meal? Follow those portion guides, and you should be good to go! Had a few questions regarding the turbo cycle. Also can you spread your extra calories though out the day as well? Should there be a certain amount of carbs I should stay in between too?

On your reward day, you can eat anything you want up to an extra calories for a total of calories. I have a question can you switch every week or every 2 weeks your carb cycling plan? Turbo Cycle Week two: Extreme Cycle Week three: Classic Cycle Week four: Easy Cycle Week five: For example, on today low carb , I ate oatmeal and turkey bacon, and for my second meal, I ate a kale salad with tomato, grilled chicken, and red pepper, with olive oil and pepper.

Here are some healthy fat options for carb cycling: Any advise you can give would be appreciated. It might be a good idea to discuss this program with your healthcare team and then follow their recommendations as far as serving sizes are concerned. Does the calorie for HC day is higher and low calorie during LC day?

Lastly, how many calorie can i consumed during reward day so that it will not sabotage my whole week diet?? On the Turbo Cycle, women eat calories on low-carb days and calories on high-carb days, and men eat calories on low-carb days and calories on high-carb days.

For your reward day you can eat an extra calories over your high-carb day allotment. Hi team , I would like to know how a vegan and vegetarian can follow your weight loss program. I really wanna buy your book and follow but always stop my self only because I am vegerterian so m not sure if I will find meal suggestions for my self or not. Yes, there are some vegetarian options on the program, and you can usually substitute vegetarian protein options for meat-based options in the recipes.

Hi…I have just bought and finished reading the book and I plan to begin the Turbo Cycle on Sunday this is because I want Saturday to be my free day. I work night shift 2 days per week, from 7pm to 7am. A typical schedule looks like this for me:.

So, you see, I am having a hard time figuring out how to space my meals and when to eat…on Mondays my day is broken up into 2 different sections: On Tuesdays I am okay I think because I sleep for just one period during the day and then I am awake for about hours at night, so I can spread my meals out over that time. Also, I have no idea when to switch from the low carb to high carb days…do I switch at midnight during an awake cycle?

Or do I switch when I wake up after my longest sleep? There are tons of nurses and other shift workers out there that need to lose weight and that are confused by this…thanks so much for helping my create a routine that will work with my schedule. I hope this helps — just do your best! Hi team Powell, thank you for the response. This morning Tuesday I finally dropped another 3 lbs, that would be 15 lbs in 5 weeks.

My question is, should I reset my schedule starting Thursday back to low carb for 2 days then continue the week of as normal turbo cycle or, should continue the rest of this week doing high carb and reward day and start fresh on Monday? I really want fast results but in a healthy responsible way, I really want to see results. My family just booked a cruise in September and is really important to me to do my best, But I have no clue what is unrealistic.

This is so exciting! Whether or not you begin the Turbo Cycle now or on Monday depends on when you want your Reward Day to be. Hi team Powell, I have been on the turbo plan for about a month now, at first the weight was flying off and lost 10 lbs really fast.

I am pretty active, I go to the gym every morning hours then stay busy with activities with my kids. Could I be making a mistake or is metabolism slowing down? Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you! Your rate of weight loss can be different based on how many pounds you have to lose.

The less weight you have to lose, the slower your rate of weight loss will be. Did you do the Slingshot Week? Are you doing the weekly Reward Day? For veggies, they are optional with high-carb meals. I only have the latest book by Chris and Heidi. Can I use the recipes for breakfast, high carb and low carb meals in that book to apply to this cycle? Or do adjustments need to be made? If so what are the adjustments? Do I still weigh myself on the reset day or the morning of the last low carb day of the week aka Saturday?

Also should I do the slingshot every four weeks still? High carb day slingshot or slingshot with double the carb portions as in the latest book? One last question, is the last meal of my day always low carb when doing the turbo cycle?

Or do high carb days end with a high carb meal with the turbo cycle? Just thought of another question. In the Extreme Transformation book, there is a list of the allotted calories for breakfast, high carb and low carb meals. Can I use those allotments for the meals while doing the turbo cycle? Sorry for all the questions.

The calorie recommendations are a bit different for the Turbo Cycle, so aim for these macro percentages: Are you able to tell me the calorie amount for protein, carbs and fat for breakfast, low and high carb for the turbo cycle meals? I just found the chart with the calorie amounts to make your own meals in the extreme transformation book easier to follow.

Really confused with the differences in all the books. I assumed when I finished the first 21 days from the Extreme cycle that I could drop into Turbo cycle by just swapping out two high carb for low carb days as it says in the extreme book. Hope that helps, and please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks for answering my questions, sorry for the confusion. I like to make sure I am doing things right. Been enjoying the recipes and have found this plan great so far! Meant to say Saturday is the morning after my last low carb day of the week.

Thank you in advance!! This Turbo Cycle does follow a two low-carb days in a row plan, so that might be a good place to start. I am doing the turbo cycle looking to lose 30 pounds then tone and lose the last 10 pounds using a different carb cycle. I have a question about the macros, I use a food tracking app and it shows that I am always going over 35g of carbs on my low days, which is the amount I read in another article I should eat.

I have been doing the plan strickt and I am still getting about grams on my low days. Or is the other article I read way underestimating the amount I should be eating? Sounds like you have some great goals! Here are some percentages you can shoot for when planning your meals: I apologize if this has been asked already, but I was wondering if you have a plan for vegans? I really want to do the Turbo cycle, but most vegan proteins are also fats or carbs. Do you have any suggestions? There are some vegan options in carb cycling for proteins: Soy protein sources such as tofu and tempeh, and other vegetarian protein options such as hemp, bean, and pea protein.

You can find it here: And Chris and Heidi are working on a new app that will be announced in the next few months. On the Turbo Cycle, women eat calories on low-carb days and calories on high-carb days. Starting day 1 of low carb day..

I typically dont count calories, however when i do I aim for the calories. I have preplanned my meals and have already tracked them and before adding in my dinner for the day, I only have 93 calories remaining to hit obviously after dinner, I will for sure be over calories; should I be concerned over this-i have portioned everything out? Here are some macro percentages you can aim for that can be a double check for your calorie counts: Desperately needing to lose weight. You can choose any of the cycles, but I would start with the Extreme Cycle http: And you can change cycles at any time also.

Hello, I have 2 questions. Say I cheat on a not cheat day, and am over in calories and my macros are all messed up. I am wondering if you say eat every 3 hours, but if I do that I will be over on calories. When you have a rough day, just do the best you can to stick to the plan and begin again tomorrow.

My husband told me I was not going to buy your book Choose to lose. Boy was he wrong not only did I buy it, I read it and tried it. I lost 35 lbs and 4 year later I am still down the 35 lbx. I go to the gym 2 x a week and walk 4 days. I also work out at home with videos and in the garden. I am going to try the next step to lose the other 20 lbs. Congratulations on not only losing 35 pounds, but on keeping it off for 4 years!

I am so excited. I had a question about breakfast. Can I have a hard boiled egg with a carb as opposed to just egg whites? Yes, you can have a whole egg as your protein serving with a carb and a fat for breakfast. Yesterday was my first day on the Turbo Cycle, so just to confirm, I can have a whole egg with my breakfast right? Thank you so much!! There are a few differences between the Extreme Cycle and the other cycles. Learn about these in this post: I work out 6 days a week, weight lifting and cardio.

I track everything and eat calories a day. I am not sure what else to do or change. Still the very basics. Does that sound right or should I adjust? Good luck — you can do this!

I am just getting ready to try carb cycling. I got down to After a crazy few weeks with the kids, lack of sleep , I had some issues with sticking with my diet and gained a few pounds back. I am still working with the trainer and feel like I can get back on track with the Turbo plan. I wake up at 5 am, and work out at 6am.

I usually do a small protein snack pre-workout but do not eat breakfast until after I workout. Since you suggest eating within an hour of waking, is this going to effect my results at all? I recently just bought your book, Extreme Weightloss. I have lbs to lose so I thought this was best cycle to use, but after skimming through the book I just got it today , I noticed it said the turbo cycle shows the fastest results.

Would you recommend me doing the turbo cycle since I have so much to lose? I am just over pounds and 5 ft 4 inches. How many calories should I shoot for to start out with. I have been doing the carb cycling and it is working for me but I am only pounds, my finacee is 6 ft 5 in and pounds. He is a very solid man just needs to eat better and tone up.

Do you suggest he eats only calories a day also? He is a miner and I think at this calorie level he would be very weak and hungry? The daily calorie recommendations for men on the Turbo Cycle are on low-carb days and on high-carb days.

I have a question regarding fat in the morning. Is this not allowed considering it is a fat? Also I am very new to carb cycling and am nervous regarding energy for my workouts. Additional side effects include connected to the keto flu include constipation, mild low blood sugar, or indigestion.

There is a return policy mentioned on the official website. A contact link with an email address is provided on the site, should you need to get in touch with this company. The official website provides the address and phone number. To return a product or obtain a refund, you will need to contact KetoLogic via telephone or email, returns ketologic.

The Advocare 24 Day Challenge is a supplement and nutrition program intended to help you lose weight, improve health and detoxify your body in 24 days. The Keto 30 works in a similar manner, but is followed for 30 days.

Also, there are only two different supplements involved, which means you do not need to worry about taking as many products. Unlike The Keto 30, Shakeology is more of a meal replacement drink instead of a specific dieting plan.

But, both focus on improving your health and weight loss. Slim in 30 functions more like a one-month cleanse. This method involves taking an herbal supplement daily, drinking at least 12 cups of water per day, eating an apple and banana each morning, and consuming two cups of lemon water with breakfast. While both diets can assist with weight-loss, The Keto 30 is more of a diet and less of a cleanse. The Bottom Line — Even though some alternative diet plans and systems seem similar to The Keto 30 in approach, they appear to offer less of a long-term solution to weight management and improving your health.

The shakes taste great and blend well. Highly recommend if interested in trying keto diet! I was totally shocked by the artificial sweetness flavor and just how intense it was so am really surprised by someone else saying the flavor profile is not intense. I bought the Apple-Pear. All in all, the company behind The Keto 30 promises solid weight loss and higher energy levels in no time.

You might want to think about a product containing clinically-tested ingredients; backed by positive user comments.

Choosing the right weight-loss system can be confusing and often times frustrating. Let us know a little more about you and your goals.

The Keto 30 is a diet program. It instructs dieters to follow the steps of the program for 30 days. The goal of The Keto 30 is to restrict the number of carbohydrates a dieter eats to keep the body in a ketosis state, or a state that is always burning fat.

The Keto 30 diet also offers a meal replacement shake to help follow the diet carefully and boost ketone production. The side effects reported by users of The Keto 30 are constipation, the keto flu, leg cramps, and low blood sugar. These are caused by a drastic change in sugar and carb consumption.

Choosing the right product is the 1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn TS, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Customers have raved that the system works excellent. The Keto 30 can be purchased using their Official Site or through Amazon. Customer service for The Keto 30 can be reached by email at customerservice ketologic. The most common complaints about the Keto 30 is that the side effects prevent the dieter from finishing the diet to see results.

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