Modere Review – Is Modere A Modern Scam?

What is Modere M3 Body System?
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If you are interested in the Modere comp plan I recommend contacting someone who can accurately talk about the como plan. You can contact me anytime you want and I can show you proof.

Plus — all he wrote about the compensation plan is a bunch of crap. There is not one bad thing I can say about Modere. I spoke to someone who sells Modere.

I was told i can only earn free products.. No compensation unless i recruit someone.. The others who got me in the group are ones that make income off my sales..

I started using Modere July 23, I am down a couple of pounds but I also watch what I eat and am a very active person. I have a sister who is taking it also with no results. Your email address will not be published. Understanding Modere… Modere officially open their doors in the United States in early , basically they are very new to the network marketing space.

Here are some of the product lines they have: They seem to be honestly dedicated to their values: Modere has its own manufacturing facility that operates solely on wind power, and they sell their products primarily through social networking websites.

The company is off to a promising start and has a chance to establish itself as a strong and trustworthy company. What does Modere sell? Modere sells health and wellness, personal care, and household care products that give you safe, effective, clean label options on the products you use every day.

Their goal is to help you reduce or eliminate your exposure to controversial chemicals, so your family can be safe and healthy in the home environment. Modere has a unique line of anti-aging products: Collagen Sciences products are relatively new — they support joint, muscle and connective tissue health; counteract skin photoaging; restore youthful skin; and support healthy hair, nails, gums, and eyes. The Lean Body Sculpting System includes products that burn fat and promote lean body composition.

How much does it cost to join Modere? Step 2 is choosing your standing monthly order. Is Modere a scam? No, Modere is a legitimate business. Anyone may visit their website and purchase their products. To ensure the quality of their products, Modere has a Scientific Board of scientists, medical doctors, and industry experts who offer insight into the latest nutrition science trends and holistic well-being.

How long has Modere been in business? How many Modere distributors are there? What lawsuits have been filed? Click here for my 1 recommendation. Modere has a rather large collection of products, most of which fall into one of three categories:. Buying this package increases the number of ways that marketers can earn income from the company.

The full compensation plan offered by Modere is quite extensive and rather complicated. Part of the reason for this is because there is no shortage of bonus and incentive programs set up by the company, including the following:. Marketers also take part in a points system in which they can earn gifts, free shipping, product samples, and other incentives.

One part of Modere that stands out above most other multi-level marketing companies is its transparency. Modere also floods its website with information about its products, as well as advice for customers who use them or are considering using them. This is definitely a rarity in the multi-level marketing industry, and this kind of transparency by Modere is a great effort by such a young company to build trust with potential consumers.

Modere also stands out in the stance it takes on important issues that companies often overlook. The company is strict about not placing any potentially harmful ingredients in its products, which is not something that can be said about all multi-level marketing firms, especially those that sell health and wellness products.

Finally, the bonus and incentive programs Modere offers its independent marketers beyond profits from retail sales is quite impressive. For instance, each month the company chooses one marketer to win a Lifetime Experience. This can include premium access to concerts or sporting events, a skydiving trip, six months worth of massages, access to a personal stylist, and among other options that are equally amazing.

This is on top of the vast array of bonuses and other perks the company offers to its top-performing marketers. Commissions on retail sales are modest at best and will force marketers to grow a large customer base to make money. There are also auto-ship requirements for those marketers unable to reach a certain volume of sales, which is difficult for MLM newcomers to afford. And because of these reviews, the Better Business Bureau has only given it a rating of B.

The fact that so little information is available from the Better Business Bureau and elsewhere online is a bit puzzling, especially when you consider that Modere conducts so much of its business through social media sites. However, those that do such skills might have a decent opportunity to advance in a company that offers plenty of bonus opportunities and unique incentives.

Modere M3 System: The Company Behind the Product