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How to Cancel Nutrisystem
Free, Plus, Enterprise Write a private message to the poster. To close on a positive note: Helped make my decision a lot easier. Thank you for your time in helping me learn about all the costs involved. Anonymous Thomas Feb 07 How to eat healthier I've just started my second month and have already lost 13 lbs. I would call customer service — or use the Nutrisystem contact page to open up a live chat with a representative — you can do that here:

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That's something anyone should be proud of. This program works great people. The food is very good for diet food and ready for you when it's time to eat. It is so simple and most of the food is very good. If you don't like something then you can change your order for the next month and choose another item and there are tons of different items to choose from. You can't expect to eat the same food you ate before that made you fat to begin with. Of course it's not going to be as good as the real food you had been eating before.

If you were charged for auto-delivery and canceled your auto-delivery, that receives a discount, then it makes sense that you don't get the discount and you should have to pay for it. Why would you want sympathy from customer service for your mistake and unreal expectations?

It sounds like you just tried to "play dumb" to get money back. Why should a company be expected to sympathize with you and lose money because you changed your mind? A couple of months ago I called to cancel my automatic delivery Nutristem order. They cancelled it and then delivered it anyway. After I returned the entire order they refused to submit a full refund of what they charged me.

I see the Nutrisystem food in Big Lots stores all the time. They are basically "tv dinners" without being frozenlike some of the Dinty Moore stews and the like in these kind of packages. I tried one from Big Lots last year and found it to be pretty bad. I do not understand why anyone wouldn't just buy a diet book for far cheaper and go from there on your own. Why have tv dinners shipped to you at a high cost when, if you want tv dinners, you can get them for a dollar on sale at Meijer?

Anyway, in your case, lesson learned. My wife had great luck with keeping calories less than 1k per day and then after two month, on Atkins. She lost 67 pounds that way and now looks fabulous. That is not a high cost. That is a deal. What you got at Big Lots is not even close to most of the food you get from Nutrisystem. Most of it is really good and if you don't like something then you can pick another item for the next delivery.

So your wife had to count calories and did real well? Good for her but that's a lot to keep up with plus going out and buying the food, finding good recipes, etc. I didn't have to count anything. I just had to go into the kitchen and pick out what meal I wanted, each one labeled for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. It's good and it works.

If you haven't tried the program, don't put it down. Comment the review as Nutrisystem verified representative. You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. Nutrisystem cancellation fees - fine print.

Albany , New York. Yes 11 No 6. Your Name or Login. I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer Terms of Service. Post Comment Post Comment Cancel. You will be able to edit the text before publishing. Convert into review Leave as comment. I agree to TOS Cancel. Just do Nutrisystem one time. Yes 0 No 0. Yes 1 No 7. I had a great experience with Nutrisystem. Yes 2 No 1. Anonymous Janel Nov 12, This food is also nasty and overpriced! I will go to Weight Watchers!!!

Yes 5 No 1. At least your wife tried. Now, on to something else. Yes 4 No 2. How can you say it's expensive? Was yelled at by a rep for wanting to cancel due to not liking their product, only when I started raising my voice back did he put me on hold for another 20 minutes and I hung up from what was a 50 minute call. I am now on there again to what the computer is saying will be another 10 minutes. I would never use this company again.

The dinner are awful, breakfast and lunch are good, snacks are hit and miss, but none of it is worth the money. Sorry to hear that that was your experience.

The reps have been nothing but helpful anytime I have called. Hope you were able to get in touch with the right person, though. I want to cancel this order I have moved and there will not be anyone there to accept the food. For now I would like to cancel the order.

Could I get a more in detail way to add the shakes? I received the email that I will be charged for next months in several days, however we have decided the plan is not for us- but shakes would be nice. I clicked change my order through the email the the shakes were not an option? Does this switch need to be made through customer service? They were super helpful when I called. Is there a waiting period between when you can cancel and re-start as a new customer?

Most coupon codes are for new customers which I am not. If I cancel, how long do I need to wait to sign up as new customer and receive those discounts? I would call customer service — or use the Nutrisystem contact page to open up a live chat with a representative — you can do that here: I cancelled my account on 8;17 a. It is the 16th of April and their still not here. I did not get an answer the other times.

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