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I saw someone mentioned using vodka- what is the benefit using that instead of distilled water or denatured alcohol? Wondering if fragrance oils will also work? Thanks so much for your recipe.

I change the essential oil to 25 drops each of lemon and lime essential oil. I followed your recipe and made this but the oil keeps rising to the top. I am going to make this this week but have been looking everywhere for the blue glass bottle in your picture. Where did you find it? One drop of pure essential oil works just as well as or better than any spray you might use. If you want to make a blend, again, all you really need to dilute it in is water.

The denaturing is just to keep people from drinking it to get drunk off of. Hey can you use witch hazel and fragrance oils instead of essential oils? I await your response. I have not tried those Dolores. I would think if they are oils, they should work the same way. I would say give it a try! I have a room and linen spray recipe that uses a blend of distilled water and vodka and I think that would work too instead of the denatured alcohol and you might already have it.

Could one substitute just plain old glycerine in place of the vegetable glycerine? I have a huge bottle of it.

I love your recipe and am going to try it out as soon as you let me kinow about the glycerine. I would think glycerine, no matter the type, would still do the same job. I would try it!

I put the sock in a jar, opened the top over the rim, and filled with cheap baking soda. Then I put in like 5 drops of essential oil, mixed it up with a wooden popsicle stick anything not metal should do, metal can change the makeup of essential oils , and tied the sock at the ankle.

Place them in the shoes and give them a few days, or however long it takes! We actually have a post about this shoe tip! We call it shoe-pourri! Check it out here: Hi, just an FYI, I tried the recipe using the denatured alcohol and it does still require you to shake the bottle. The oils still float to the top. I can buy small quantities of it at Lowes or Home Depot. Can you please tell me how much you used or would have used?

Not perfume, fragrance oils used to scent soap and such. Where do you find glycerine vegetable? Also I read somewhere that the essential oils need to be in a dark bottle so the light does not break it down.

I found black hair spray bottles at Dollar Tree and am dumping the hair spray for use later and reusing the bottles for this…another cheap alternative for dark spray bottles. Oh man… I ordered mine on Amazon and it shipped quickly.

I need to make your recipe right away for our bathroom, thank you! I do not have any vegetable glycerin but I do have a liquid hand soap by Clearly Natural Essentials that contains vegetable glycerin.

Do you think that would work…. Do you think that would work …it should help to clean the toilet too! Do you see any problem substituting that for the glycerine? Who knows, it may help clean the toilet too! Is the Glycerine help hold the oil and water together or does it still need to be shaken before use? It was the cost and the fact that it was not real easy to find caused my decision on that one.

I was glad that I found something else that worked. Thanks for posting this recipe! I have seen Poopouri on QVC. I do have a question. Is it safe for the plumbing? I would think that it would stick there first if it was a problem. I have more that goes down my kitchen sink from dinner! I have a question. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I really want to try this stuff! I have some FCO fractionated coconut oil …. I have a question concerning the poopoo spray. Because there is oil in it does it leave any kind ring in your toilet?

I want to make some of this stuff for my Mom and I know if it does she wont use it.

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