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However, we are an animal species of the Animal Kingdom, this is our nature. Is human milk totally unsuitable for calves? Not many people would allow someone else to breast feed their baby unless they were unable to do it themselves. Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles with hRecipes Articles with hProducts Articles containing German-language text Articles containing French-language text Articles containing Vietnamese-language text Articles containing Indonesian-language text Articles containing Korean-language text Articles containing Spanish-language text. Glad you like the recipe. Coffee Around The World.

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Working with cows, I can tell you they are no different than people experiencing illnesses, obesity, and digestive problems. Cows stomachs are very delicate and require a nutritionally balanced diet. But that is life, about balancing extremes. Please substantiate your claims Dairy Guy, because you are making little sense. Forgive me, but such claims sound ridiculous. Please quote me something accepted as science to justify what you are saying?

Your opinion is one thing, which you are of course entitled to, but scientific FACT has to be accepted or scientifically challenged. FYI — vegans do not eat meat, fish, or poultry or use other animal products and by-products.

No mention of plants??? Plants and animals are completely different things biologically. If you continue to ignore this FACT you are in denial. Trying to somehow use this twisted and unsubstantiated logic to justify the continued exploitation of animals and the well documented cruelty within the dairy industry is questionable.

Plants and animals evolved separately, from a common ancestor though, but separately. I do not see how we should compare animals and plants. They are different biological entities. I am bringing up plants because it shows an important point — to avoid eating meat does not cause less suffering in the world. Not many people will have the courage to set aside their biases and think logically.

It is because our perspective often get very limited by our beliefs and sense of reality. Let us look at some facts we know about plants- firstly, plants have cells, DNA, even blood.

Also plants breath and respirate. Plants have been shown to exhibit all 5 senses humans have — smell, taste, touch, hear, see. Plants emit chemicals when being attacked. They communicate with other plants when danger is nearby. Must I go on.

It is only how you want to define things. Many people like yourself will want to deny that plants are a living species bcause of the implications. So you sir sound like the person in denial. It was actually Darwin studying plant intelligence in his later years because he recognized plants as being alive.

Everything about your website aims to justify what you do whether it makes sense, is factually correct or morally justifiable. Shifting the debate onto areas where you believe you stand a better chance of success is a well know diversionary tactic and I recognise it. Your attempts to avoid the question are not lost on me. However, the accusations still stand and remain unanswered.

I will gladly restate what I believe goes on in the dairy industry if you like, if it helps. I mean, the government does earn a lot from the dairy industry and to make people buy milk it pays people like you to spread false information about its health benefits.

It makes sense then why you so inexpertly dodge our arguments. This is not about individual beings anymore and persuasion is not a way to go; clearly, people like you would never be persuaded; this planet needs regulations, laws, restrictions on using animal products, if only the government were not so corrupted. And no, people like you would not become jobless. Other products will come to substitute meat and dairy and other job positions will be open. The government makes no money from dairy.

The industry has been attacked by corporations promoting alternatives and substitutes from dairies. If you think about it, veganism actually promotes the corporate agenda because all vegan substitutes have to be manufactured. Many times they are converting foods into eatable substitutes. Take soy for example, its literally poisonous if not manufactured.. It is those products being pushed by corporations. The animal industry is not the number one pollutant on the earth. Animals are a valuable part of this world.

When you say they eat alot, that is true, but they are converting plants that we humans cannot eat. They make use of land and plants that humans cant eat. Humans cannot eat grass, but cows convert it to milk, a product rich in nutrients.

This is not wasteful, but a truly an efficient way to feed people. They do not breed naturally so they rather disrupt the cycles than contribute to the ecological well-being of the planet. We also breed cats or started breeding them in the past by the thousands and now they are listed as number one pests on the planet because they destroy whole species of birds; they have brought 30 species of birds to extinction in the US only.

And look, perhaps we humans cannot eat grass but we eat other plant foods that contain calcium and protein and vitamins and so on. The same way that a cow does not eat nuts or whatever, humans do not eat grass. The fact that you waste like 10 kilos of grass to get one kilo of meat or milk rather suggests that this is a very poor conversion of energy, while you could eat perhaps 2 kilos of plants to supply your body with all the energy it needs. And think about all the people on earth that suffer from lactose intolerance, how on earth do they get all the calcium they need?

Also, how does the lion, the elephant, the dog get their calcium and their protein without milk? How did people get their calcium before they started consuming milk? ANd just think about it, we were herbivores before we learned how to make fire, so how were people getting their calcium when their diets were still plant-based only. And yes, cows do contribute hugely to the problem of climate change cause they fart a lot and emit a lot of methane gases into the atmosphere.

Transportation does not contribute as much as animal industry. Do not tell me about buffalos and other wild animals that breed naturally and in biologically acceptable numbers. I see there is no point arguing with you anymore. Your arguments are awfully twisted and make no sense if you turn on logic. Funny how we both think each other illogical lol.

Indeed, like you mention, the ecological cycle of the earth requires balance. Extremes do cause the ecological systems of the earth to become unbalanced. The nutrient conversion is actually better than you would think because animal products are not just calories, they are nutrient dense foods.

Plants are not wasted by animal consumption, but are bio-converted into higher quality foods. To get all the nutrients in animal products in plants, it would require a very large quantity of vegetables and fruits. Plus you would have to refine many plants to concentrate and manufacture the nutrient equivalent. Transportation is by far a greater contributor to global pollution, the U.

You should know this though since you did some research. It is often much easier to redirect blame to others rather than recognize our own contributions to these global problems. Animal industry is just one of those evils but is also the biggest one. Common sense would be enough. Modern culture lays more and more emphasis on the individual today. The only way you will have a zero impact is to stop breathing.. Veganism does nothing to solve this problem for humanity except give you a false sense of moral superiority.

And how is this not twisting arguments? This is where the vegan belief system leads — to a grim, depressing, nihilistic, view of the world.

The alternative is to view the world as an abundantly diverse ecosystem that is alive and self-correcting. Humanity is part of the ecosystems of the world and do play a role in keeping it healthy. But we can be the solution, not the problem. People need to recognize that they have a choice. Veganism demotivates and disempowers humanity from working towards this goal. Yes, many people do not know the truth, so using animal products does not make them evil or something.

It is people like farmers who know the truth but deny it for profit that are the evil force on this planet. Humans have proved throughout history that they are capable of conceiving and carrying out the most horrific large-scale torture and death and justifying it to themselves. Whether it is war crimes, mass murders, genocides or slavery, man has proved time and again that he can put his caring instincts to the back of his mind while carrying out atrocities and violence against others. This is not about you personally Dairy Guy, but you are part of the lie and deception that torturing and murdering animals on an almost unimaginable scale over 55 BILLION a year!

Apart from the undeniable and completely unnecessary suffering animals endure to become food, there is the well documented impact factory farming has on our environment and the scientifically proven health benefits of eating a balanced vegan diet, to consider. We do not need to harm animals in the name of survival anymore; that reality ended some time ago.

Our need to hunt to eat to survive, to wear animal skins for warms, to use animal sinew to make weapons and tools, no longer exists. It therefore becomes a question of choice. People are of course free to choose to consume animal products if they want to and I would defend their right to, but I strongly object to people like you who make things up, deny the truth of suffering and deliberately try to hide it from others. I believe more people would turn away from consuming animal products if they knew and faced the truth.

People are free to make choices but I am a firm believer that the best way to make lasting social change is through education, so not only are people prepared to change their habits but also teach their children why. If you think about using less petrol or recycling or even smoking, they have all been impacted by people better understanding the consequences of their actions and taking responsibility. I am hopeful there is a wind of change and that more and more people are learning about the consequences and the unsustainability of intensive meat and dairy production.

The other thing which has great impact on consumerism is of course price. This is where governments have a greater part to play. The way you and Kate are talking I can see you have little respect for humanity and that you are the only one who knows what is right or wrong. You want to exert and control other people because you are right. This is the very trap of veganism.

It appeals to our egos. I however see no substantial reason behind your argument except for perhaps defending your personal worldview or advertising dairy products for your own gain.

See you did not learn the whole story because you are openly rejecting the other perspective that I am sharing. You have taken a viewpoint that has affected you at an emotional level and have become consumed by it, fully convinced that it is truth.

The reality is that you have left no room for learning what reality really is…. This was many months ago. I hope you are feeling better now. You really should see this: I thought you did not allow links Dairy Guy? I have loads of links I would love to post here to prove the cruelty and suffering which routinely goes on in the dairy industry, but you would not allow it.

Dearest Badger, I wanted not only you but anyone and everyone else to see and consider for themselves the Lierre Keith video. I have no problem with dairy guy removing this link now as long as a reference to the video is allowed.

I also have no problem with you posting either references or links to any videos about mistreatment of animals — I want that abuse stopped as much as you do. What do you think — is that fair? I will follow her work.

Purposely inflicting pain to animals for our stomach is not human, it has nothing to do with egos. Sentient beings with instincts and urges who recognise pain and fear? You talk about humanity like it only involves the welfare of humans.

That is incorrect by definition which I think is where you are going so wrong. Of course it involves the welfare of humans but it means much more. Either way, you are wrong about the use of the word. It is also interesting you think veganism is driven by ego. Veganism is mainly driven by ego. Veganism appeals to our pride and gives us a feeling of moral superiority to others.

Yes, it does make more sense; education is the most efficient way to create change. Perhaps it is late to reeducate grown-ups though but there is hope for the younger generation. Environmental science should be part of the school curriculum. On a blog about drinking milk… Well, You brought it up, Nick.

Ok Alvin, I made a fairly simple point about how humans have proved throughout history that they are more than capable of conceiving and carrying out the most horrific large-scale torture and death and justifying it to themselves. Are you seriously incapable of thinking of any examples of war crimes, mass murders, genocides or slavery throughout history?? You may have heard of some of these or you may need to look them up.

These are all examples where thousands of people were complicit in committing horrific acts of cruelty and slaughter, somehow believing what they were doing was justified. Get it now Alvin? That people have done violent things under mistaken beliefs? Get it now Badger? I also wore a uniform under Reagan, Bush senior and a smidge into the Clinton era, first as enlisted and then as an officer.

I merely pointed this out regarding what Nick wrote last July. What do you think? Or — they mistakenly believe they do…. I make a pretty simple point that humans have proved time and again they are capable of collective organised oppression and brutality on a vast scale while morally justifying it to themselves.

I assume you are you aware that, for example, the slave trade somehow managed to exist for years! Animal exploitation is a very real thing, regardless of what those who are carrying it out tell you. I suspected he was referring in part to Hitler. Not my calling him out for it. Notice no mention of Hitler by me. But I suspected Nick was bringing Hitler into a debate about milk drinking. So I posted a challenge to him: He has so far declined to do so. In my following post I still did not mention Hitler.

No matter, because here in your latest comment above you spelled it out. But you Badger, you brought Hitler here by name. Are you being deliberately obtuse?

Jeez Alvin, you need to get out more. I am going to have one last attempt at making what seems like a fairly straightforward point. Humankind has consistently proved throughout history, that they are capable of cruel violent oppression. There are, in fact, a number of violent oppressive regimes around today. I see a clear and obvious comparison with the way humankind violently oppresses animals on farms and morally justifies it. In fact, I had it right the first time back in April: And Nicky done that.

Later, you yourself did it by name as well. I also want to say that a life-long vegan diet is good for you. Also, cholesterol control is important and you would certainly be better off with a timely visit to your doctor.

I love how ignorant people are, they clearly only ever read biased reports and have probably never stepped foot on a good farm and witnessed what happens I accept there are many undesirable places and disgusting people. I think there is a big divide between those that are educated and choose not to consume dairy for whatever reason and those who just want the moral high ground.

I would proudly teach young children where milk comes from and teach them to milk myself! The truth that it can never be natural to consume the food that nature designed for the infant of another species. The World Health Organisation has plenty of info on this and I think I would trust them over this guy who is clearly pushing his own agenda. Things like oxalates, phytates, etc in plants block nutrient absorption in the body.

Perhaps that is the plants defense mechanism trying to get you to stop killing them. It is hard to get enough nutrient absorption from plants. Milk on the other hand was designed for nutrient absorption.

I think that myth was debunked a long time ago. Anyone who cares to can do their own research can find out the truth for themselves. They have less disease and overall tend to be fitter and healthier. Obviously, those with their own agenda money will continue to do their best to refute the evidence. Once past weaning age, you cannot live on milk alone, thrive and be healthy. That is utter nonsense. Kind of like a fast.

Most vegans quite the lifestyle eventually when they start having severe health problems. Most vegan foods are made by refining certain plants. Pea protein is protein but when is nature would you get such a concentrated amount. It takes a scientific laboratory and dare i say food factory to put some of these concoctions together. Not to mention is is not nearly as absorbable as compared to animal proteins.

If the human body has not had any exposure to some of these factory vegan foods how can your body properly digest. Drinking milk is part of being a mammal. Check out the milk diet, before people went on the ant-fat crusade, people were researching how milk can actually cleanse the body.

You can live on milk, there are a few books on it. Would you drink milk from a pregnant dog if that was deemed acceptable to society?? You are literally clutching at straws with your answers. Milk is for mammals so yes for humans as we are mammals. Rome was founded by 2 boys drinking dog milk and they turned out all right.

I guess you never listened to it properly or watched the visuals that go with the lyrics. Pink is Vegan, an advocate for animals, and does not consume dairy products. I did get that she was pushing veganism. I find it strange that media pushes veganism so hard-they push it to seem mainstream but it is the most unnatural disconnected lifestyle. If you define veganism as unnatural, how do you define the artificial insemination of cows in the dairy industry — a practice that I doubt even you will try to deny — in order to ensure that the cow gives birth to a calf once a year and therefore continues to produce milk.

Is this what you call natural? How do you define the practice of removing calves from their mothers at a few weeks old calves do not wean naturally until 9 months — 12 months of age so that humans can have the milk instead.

The consumer is duped by clever marketing from the dairy industry, but many consumers are now realising the fact that they have been lied to.

Sales of plant-based alternatives are booming. Not the pretty picture that you are painting here, but the real picture. It is pushed to be mainstream, but I think it is a fad. There are no cultures in the history of civilization that adopted such a lifestyle.

Dairy is part of a healthy diet. There are so many bio-active components that help our bodies and contribute positively to our gut, brain, and overall health. Plant juices do not compare.

The emerging research about dairy is fascinating and I will share more. Breeding a cow to a bull with better genetics is a way to improve the health and longevity of a cow. Through artificial insemination the actual lifespan of dairy cows has been tremendously improved over the past 50 years. A cow with better genetic traits lives healthier and happier. Removing the calf, is to put her in a more clean environment and reduce her exposure to disease and to make sure she gets the right amount of nutrition.

No different than you would care for a newborn. More calves live when given special care than when left with their mom, who can at times be careless. They still do get to drink milk. I think saving lives is better than leaving them to fate.

Many of the practices on farms have been mis-framed. You forget that most of society used to be farmers, some of these practices have evolved from hundreds of years of experience. Buttermilk Pancakes 12 buttermilk pancakes, blueberries, acadian maple syrup. Tomato Avocado Toast 14 two poached eggs, grilled tomato, guacamole, sour dough toast, hash browns. Classic 14 canadian bacon, poached eggs, english muffin, citrus hollandaise, hash browns.

Vegetarian 13 poached eggs, english muffin, spinach, tomato, basil hollandaise, hash browns. Smoked Salmon 15 poached eggs, english muffin, citrus hollandaise, hash browns. Blueberry Pancakes served with choice of side - bacon or sausage. Mini Tempo one egg, bacon or sausage, toast, hash browns. Starters Fruit Smoothie 5 changes daily. Fruit Salad 6 selection of melons, tropical fruit, orange juice marinade.

Parfait 9 blueberry greek yogurt, berry compote, tempo granola, fresh blueberries, shaved almonds. Steel-Cut Oatmeal 7 garnished with strawberry rhubarb compote, maple crème fraiche, smoked sea salt. House Greens 10 hand cut greens, pickled beet, goat cheese, pickled apples, pecan brittle, red pepper vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad 10 parmesan, smoked bacon, crouton, housemade caesar dressing. The Brunch Bowl 15 forbidden rice, brava sauce, blistered tomatoes, spring onions, peppers, jalapeño sour cream, two sunnyside eggs. Buttermilk Pancakes 12 buttermilk pancakes, blueberries, acadian maple syrup add bacon or sausage 4. Lobster 17 atlantic lobster, poached eggs, english muffin, citrus hollandaise, hash browns.

Vegetarian 13 spinach, tomato, poached eggs, english muffin, basil hollandaise, hash browns. Fish N' Chips 15 beer battered haddock, malt vinegar spiced, house made sriracha tartar. Soup Today 7 bowl 5 cup always vegan and gluten free. To celebrate the egg cream and the many handmade drinks of the soda fountain, a group of independent soda fountain operators have declared March 15 as National Egg Cream Day.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Egg cream Type Fountain beverage Country of origin United States Ingredients Flavored syrup , milk , soda water An egg cream is a beverage consisting of milk , carbonated water , and flavored syrup typically chocolate or vanilla.

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