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Osteoporosis Prevention: What You Need to Know
Best Beans for Weight Loss. The key factors that determine how well your cell walls or membranes function are positive and negative ion concentrations. It helped plenty of people improve their bone density. Improvement in a year is fast. The Edwards is highly heterogenic.

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Reverse Osteoporosis & Increase Your Bone Density

You may decide to have an operation to get rid of this malfunctioning gland. First though, try a supplement that can digest the tumor over a period of about 4 months. You would need to take 2 or more containers of PapayaPro per month for about 4 months. It contains mature green papaya powder supplying an enzyme which, when taken on an empty stomach, goes into your body and dissolves tumorous tissue, wherever it happens to be.

These are not going to reverse any osteoporosis, but they can help prevent it, and may slow down its progression. Soft drinks are high in phosphoric acid and sugar, making these drinks highly acidic.

Calcium is the main mineral the body uses to neutralize that acid. So drinking soft drinks and eating an acidic diet high in meat and grains requires the use of blood calcium to neutralize the acids.

Calcium used for this is pulled out of the body with the acid it neutralizes. This lowers blood calcium levels. If the levels get too low, the parathyroid gland restores calcium balance in the blood by pulling calcium from your bones. Soft drinks aren't the only culprits, either. A diet high in meat and carbohydrates, with few greens or fruits will be highly acidic also, causing the body to utilize calcium to neutralize the acids.

Most grains are acid-forming, except millet and buckwheat, which are slightly alkaline. Sprouted seeds and grains become more alkaline in the process of sprouting.

Vegetable and fruit juices are highly alkaline. The most alkaline producing foods are: Reduce consumption of dairy products. Or increase magnesium intake. For over 50 years milk was pitched as a wonder food whose calcium was the only protection we needed against weak bones.

African women in the United States eat at least four times more calcium than African women in Africa, and have nine times more osteoporosis.

As Western diets became more widespread, calcium consumption in Hong Kong and Greece doubled in the last 30 years, and the rate of osteoporosis tripled in Hong Kong, and more than doubled in Greece.

Post-menopausal women in America who consume calcium rich dairy products have over three times more osteoporosis than those who do not.

The Harvard Nurses Study, and a similar study done by the dairy industry found that the more dairy products we consume, the more bone we lose. Another study concluded that women who drank two or more glasses of milk per day increased their risk of fractures compared with women who drank less than one glass per week, and that consumption of yogurt, cheese and other dairy products also increased the risk of fractures.

This is because dairy products have about many times more calcium than magnesium. As we have said several times, the Western diet is low in magnesium and high in calcium. This results in an imbalance of magnesium and calcium in your body that for most people is the single most important cause of bone loss.

Remember, magnesium suppresses parathyroid osteoclast production, and stimulates calcitonin which reduces osteoclast activity -- so magnesium works to keep calcium in our bones.

Magnesium deficiency will prevent this chemical action from taking place, and no amount of calcium can correct it.

Magnesium is necessary for calcium absorption. On the other hand, too much calcium prevents magnesium from being absorbed. So taking large amounts of calcium without adequate magnesium creates calcium malabsorption and a magnesium deficiency.

Only magnesium can break the cycle. Only it, when taken in proper doses, can get calcium into the bones. Low magnesium intake causes the calcium you get in your diet or take as a supplement to be unusable.

It must have magnesium to get into your bones. Low magnesium intake causes calcium to be deposited in arteries, joints, and leads to bone spurs or kidney stones. Rates of osteoporosis are lowest in cultures where the ratio of calcium to magnesium is between 2 parts calcium to 3 parts magnesium, down to as much as 3 parts calcium to 2 parts magnesium.

The ratio of calcium to magnesium in dairy products is In nations with high rates of osteoporosis, the ratio of total calcium to magnesium intake is at least 2: Lack of magnesium causes calcium to be pulled from the bones.

This calcium, and the calcium from supplements and your diet, is when there is magnesium deficiency, all too often deposited in soft tissue, where it can cause arthritis and arteriosclerosis. Some health professionals who have dealt with magnesium levels for years say that the fastest way to reverse this process is to take an absorbable magnesium supplement for three to four months with no dairy, and no addition calcium from supplements or calcium fortified foods. Greens and vegetables that provide calcium are fine to consume.

It will also most rapidly pull out unwanted calcium deposits from arteries and joints, and help to put it back in your bones where it belongs. Contrary to what you might expect, research shows that consuming magnesium may actually increase usable calcium levels in your body.

In experiments reported in "International Clinical Nutrition Review," volunteers on a low-magnesium diet were given both calcium and vitamin D supplements. All of them were low in magnesium. What is interesting is this. Even though they had been given calcium supplements, all but one became deficient in calcium. And when they were given calcium intravenously, the level of calcium in their blood rose, but only for the duration of the intravenous feeding.

As soon as the intravenous calcium was stopped, the levels of calcium in the blood dropped. However, when magnesium was given, their magnesium levels rose and stabilized rapidly, and calcium levels also rose within a few days - although no additional calcium had been taken. This is because you must have adequate magnesium to utilize calcium.

When magnesium levels are low, you won't be able to utilize the calcium you consume. So if your intake of calcium is too high compared to the amount of magnesium you consume, as is typical with a Western diet, you will end up with both low magnesium levels in your body reducing production of calcitonin among other things, and result in low levels of usable calcium because calcium must have magnesium to work.

A magnesium-rich diet consists of nuts, whole grains, not refined as you loose the magnesium in the refining, such as brown rice, whole wheat, and rye, and legumes including lentils, split peas, and a varieties of beans.

A whole grain cereal or bread in the morning, a cup of bean soup at lunch, a snack of a few nuts, and serving of brown rice, millet, or buckwheat with dinner should help increase magnesium when a deficiency is suspected.

On the average, a vegan diet no meat or milk provides about mg. Studies show that vegans have stronger bones then meat and milk product eaters, especially after the age of Studies also show that magnesium supplements, even when used without calcium, increase bone density. Another study, by renowned gynecologist Guy Abraham, provided a supplement that included mg. Abraham has found strong evidence to suggest that women with osteoporosis have a deficiency of a chemical that is made when they take twice as much magnesium as calcium.

And he has found that, as you might now suspect, when calcium intake is decreased, the calcium in your body is utilized better than when intake is high. As you have read in this report, this is virtually impossible to happen if your magnesium levels are low. Even if a supplement contains good amounts of magnesium also, you still need to be dealing with hormones and perhaps even poor a low thyroid. Doctors who tell you to take Fosamax and mg of calcium a day are clueless about the consequences of taking a lot of calcium with little to no magnesium.

In this report we recommend the most effective supplements we can find. The calcium - magnesium supplement we recommend is as good as any out there, and certainly better than most. But even so, it is not enough to only use it if you are trying to reverse osteoporosis. And certainly just taking any old calcium supplement without improving your magnesium levels will not work.

Using a variety of supplements or elixirs that correct the various causes of osteoporosis is the only way to reverse or prevent osteoporosis and increase bone density. Cortisol is a hormone produced when your body is under stress. Excess cortisol causes calcium to be pulled from the bones. Increasing levels of vitamin D in your body can be as simple as getting a lot more sun, if you live in the south. However, to be on the safe side, as it is indeed inexpensive, supplementing with vitamin D is a must.

Not only are leafy greens a source of magnesium and calcium, but they also supply vitamin K. Eat more of them. When you are trying to greatly increase bone density, adding vitamin K as a supplement makes sense. Weight-bearing exercise, whether it is walking, doing squats or push-ups, or working out with weights, will help to increase the density of the bones. And gives you lots of other health benefits too.

The long term results makes exercise well worth doing. Studies even show it increases mental ability and function. Increasing bone density is not a fast process. Osteoporosis takes a long time to develop. It will take a long time to reverse. It is not easy to reverse as its causes are varied and complex.

Most health providers do not deal with the underlying causes of it. It is not your fault if you have osteoporosis. There just has not been much good advice to follow. To effectively increase bone density, you need to use a comprehensive program that covers all the major issues that may have caused your osteoporosis in the first place.

It won't be fast. Improvement in a year is fast. Two years is more likely to see improvement, and it may take several more years to reverse osteoporosis completely, depending on what you do and how bad it is. Besides correcting the causes that decrease bone density, you can speed up the process of improving your bone density by improving two things. Improve overall absorption of nutrients into your cells. As we age our cells become toxic and do not uptake nutrients efficiently. This leads to cancer.

Our recommendations for increasing bone density will also help prevent cancer because they will detoxify your cells and increase nutrient uptake into them.

Turn on the repair process in your body. You can start giving your body the nutrients it needs, yet little happens because an aging body does not have enough growth hormone and other factors to repair itself. The healing process does not turn itself on easily and does not work rapidly when we age.

A comprehensive osteoporosis reversal program will address these two issues in addition to correcting the underlying causes of your decrease in bone density. So let's take a look at a complete and effective osteoporosis fighting regime. What sets this program apart from other programs you may read about are unique and effective supplements that address all the major causes of osteoporosis, the many ways included in the full protocol to enhance the production and activity of bone building osteoblasts by turning on the repair process in your body, and the increase in nutrient absorption OCMP and CSE will provide.

I've divided up these recommendations into two stages. Of course, at that point, while you could stop many of the supplements, you would still need to be supplementing with calcium and magnesium. The first stage lasts the first 4 months where magnesium, but no calcium, is taken - along with supplements that deal with other issues discussed in this report.

The rest of the time you take both calcium and magnesium in the right ratio. You also need to reduce your dairy consumption to no more than one serving per day. Researchers that have been specializing in magnesium supplementation for decades found out years ago that if you do not stop all calcium supplementation for 3 to 4 months while taking magnesium, then the magnesium levels in your body do not adjust nearly as fast as they would otherwise.

Increasing magnesium levels rapidly will more quickly reduce production of osteoclasts that dissolve bone. It will, however, take longer to adjust those ratios, and will not do as good a job of cleaning calcium deposits from arteries and joints, as does completely stopping calcium intake. So for best results, do not take any calcium supplements a small amount around 50 mg.

Taking magnesium without calcium in this way provide additional benefits to your overall health. Because magnesium needs to bind with calcium, for both to work properly, when you are not consuming large amounts of calcium in your diet or supplements, but you are consuming a lot of magnesium, that magnesium will pull free calcium from wherever excess calcium has been deposited in your body.

This will be calcium in your arteries, your joints, kidney stones, etc. It will not be pulling calcium from your bones as magnesium consumption signals your body to put calcium into your bones. It grabs hold of free calcium. This gives your bones a source of calcium. In addition you will still be getting calcium from greens and other non dairy food sources.

And the higher magnesium levels will improve absorption of calcium. If you have already been taking high dose magnesium with much lower dose calcium for eight months to longer, you can skip the Stage 1 magnesium only step, and go right on to Stage 2 where you use both calcium and magnesium. We have spent years researching the best supplements for increasing bone density.

Our suggestions as to what the most important supplements are changes as we find new ones -- and as our understanding of the fundamental causes of osteoporosis improves. This is based on the feedback we get from users of the supplement protocols we suggest.

Our goal is to be able to get everyone improving bone density and over time, reversing their osteoporosis. The recommendations below will first focus on the three main basics that deal with the fundamental causes of osteoporosis.

Remember to check and see if you have candida overgrowth by doing the free and easy to do at home "spit" test described at. Candida overgrowth throws both your hormones and your thyroid out of whack.

Depending on how bad your candida overgrowth is, compared to how bad your osteoporosis is, you may decide to focus on one or the other. Both can be done, of course. At the very least if you have osteoporosis and candida overgrowth, but using CandElim in addition to the osteoporosis supplements. The first set of suggestions will focus on the magnesium only stage.

The basic protocol focuses on the three basics that are the underlying causes of most cases of osteoporosis. Not osteoporosis caused by drugs. If you are losing bone density because of prednisone or another steroid, try using Nymsar, several bottles a month, to calm down the over-responding immune system and reduce inflammation.

This is what the steroids are doing. Nymsar is described on the candida site. You may also need the CandElim to knock out the pathogens that are most likely triggering the inflammatory response.

The full osteoporosis protocol provides elixirs that will speed up the healing process either by turning on the healing process in your body or by increasing nutrient absorption so that more minerals can get into your bones. After that, we will also give some suggestions of other very good supplements that can be used. They are valuable to use, but not quite good enough to make our top list of suggestions.

There are a few absorbable magnesium supplements that we could have suggested, and have done so in the past. We selected OCMP as the best magnesium supplement to use because it does so much more than just supplying magnesium. It is one of the best long term use supplements you can take for keeping yourself healthy, detoxified, and even cancer free.

OCMP stands for Optimize Cellular Membrane Potential as the combination of nutrients in it optimizes the ionic charge on the cell walls. This improves cellular chemistry and increases overall cell efficiency. OCMP enables more toxins to be eliminated from cells, and increases the uptake into cells of oxygen and other nutrients. One of the key reasons it is a better magnesium supplement to use is that optimization of the ionic charge on cell walls will enable more calcium and other needed minerals to get into bone cells.

Speeding up the increase in bone density. Even better, it prevents toxins and pathogens from entering cells while at the same time helping eliminate toxins from cells. Plus it enhances the repair and recovery of all your cells by increasing the amount of nutrients that can easily enter them. The key factors that determine how well your cell walls or membranes function are positive and negative ion concentrations. You need to have a specific ionic charge inside the cell and a different charge outside the cell membrane so that your membrane will efficiently transfer nutrients into cells and allow toxins to leave the cells.

Optimal ionic charges inside and outside the cell wall keeps cell membranes strong. It enables them to reject toxins while improving absorption of nutrients into the cell. This action is fundamental for determining how well our cells and nerves function -- and how healthy your body is. It is also fundamental to the optimal functioning of your bone cells. The key ions involved are found in abundance in almost every diet, but are often severely imbalanced at a cellular level. Increasing their intake does not automatically improve the function of the cellular membrane.

In many cases, that function can get worse when these minerals are taken because the ionic charges become more out of balance. OCMP is a proprietary formulation, doctor designed, that provides therapeutic levels of all ionic gatekeeper nutrients - in the right ratios. Among these, high levels of bio-available magnesium is key - while zinc, chromium, manganese, lithium and germanium also contribute. These elements help spark the production and release of the calcium and chloride ions that are essential to optimizing the ionic charge on your cellular membranes.

Almost as important, OCMP also enhances the methylation capacity of cells. Methylation is an important part of cellular regulation. Estimates are that the body performs this indispensable methylation process billions of times each second just to maintain life.

Methylation is the attachment of a methyl group CH3 to a biomolecule like a hormone or neurotransmitter to make them work properly. Optimizing this methylation process can help offset the decline in physical and mental capacities that typically accompany aging.

It is vital for life, for the proper functioning of your cells. In addition, OCMP will improve mood elevation, enhance cellular detoxification, and help protect the cells and brain from mercury and other neurotoxins.

It even augments the body's natural pain-relief and stress recovery processes. All these benefits make OMCP one of the most important supplements you can use. It is a top cellular detoxifier, blood sugar regulator, and nutrient uptake enhancer. As a consequence, it is our suggestion for use as the best magnesium supplement you can use. It does so much more than just supply magnesium. It will help improve your health in many ways. The next basic issue that needs to be addressed in optimizing your female hormones.

The safest and best way to do so is to turn on hormone production in your body. Even if you have had a hysterectomy, you can do this as other organs in your body can produce hormones if they need to.

FemBalance frequency enhanced water elixir that signals your body to balance and optimize female hormone production. Increasing production of hormones that are too low while decreasing production of hormones are too high. Proprietary technology is used to make FemBalance that enables instructions to your cells to be stored in the water as specific vibrational frequencies. The water in your body picks up these instructional frequencies when small amounts of the water are held in the mouth for a minute before swallowing.

The technologies used to make FemBalance and our other elixirs are much stronger because they enable specific instructions to be given to your body.

Homeopathy just stimulates a response from the body. Previously, in this report we had recommended using Custom Elixir FHB to balance the female hormones. There was plenty of good feedback from users. However, for optimal benefit, 4 to 6 bottles a month would have been required. Using a bottle a month, it typically takes about four months to normalize production and levels of the various female hormones.

It will even increase testosterone levels to what would be optimal levels in a female. FemBalance is very good to be using even f you are using bio-identical hormones. Taking hormones gets your body to be lazy and not make its own hormones.

FemBalance is telling your body to make more hormones. To determine which hormones are low and increase production of them. It will be that as you ramp up your hormonal production with FemBalance, that you will need to start reducing dosages of any hormones you are taking. Get tested every couple of months to see what of the bio-identical hormones, or hormone drugs can be reduced.

The goal is to get off them entirely at some point. FemBalance should be used at least until bone density is normalized. You may decide to continue using FemBalance on an ongoing basis as an anti-aging measure, and to prevent your bone density from decreasing again. Testogen is a supercharged version of Custom Elixir T made with the same technology that makes FemBalance.

It is equivalent to using 6 bottles a month of Custom Elixir T. There are more energies in it, and a more powerful technology was used to concentrate these energies in Testogen.

The energies instruct your body to greatly increase -- to the highest optimal levels -- your testosterone. As men also need beta estrogen produced by the adrenals, Testogen contains instructions to optimize beta estrogen levels too.

Testogen is by far the best testosterone supplement there is. It literally tells your body to produce more testosterone, up to the highest optimal levels possible.

This provides maximum natural enhancement of sex drive and performance. And of course, if low testosterone levels are driving your bone loss, Testogen will be vital in stopping this and reversing osteoporosis. As with FemBalance, use 1 bottle a month of Testogen for at least as long as your bone density is low. For optimal aging, continue taking Testogen on an ongoing basis.

If you suffer from a swollen prostate causing excess urination with insufficient stream, you will also need to use a bottle a month of Custom Elixir DHT. As you age your body produces more of an enzyme that turns testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

Testosterone is good for you. However as DHT levels increase because of increased production of this enzyme, you start to suffer with conditions like an inflamed and swollen prostate. Custom Elixir DHT contains water that has been infused vibrationally with a message that instructs your body to reduce production of the enzyme that turns testosterone to DHT.

The things you do every day can be part of your plan to build strong bones. Just like your muscles, your bones get stronger if you give them a workout. Weight-bearing exercises are best for your bones. That prompts the body to make new bone. Strength training is also key to preventing osteoporosis. Your muscles pull on your bones when you work them. That builds bone strength. That means you lose bone mass. Vitamin D helps your body absorb the calcium you eat.

Not many foods naturally have the nutrient, but you can get it in:. Your skin also naturally makes vitamin D when sunlight hits it. Defining PFV on the basis of nutrient and phytochemical constituents is suggested 1. However, uniform data on food phytochemicals and corresponding intake recommendations are lacking 2.

This article describes a classification scheme defining PFV on the basis of 17 nutrients of public health importance per the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Institute of Medicine ie, potassium, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, zinc, and vitamins A, B 6 , B 12 , C, D, E, and K 3.

This cross-sectional study identified PFV in a 3-step process. Berry fruits and allium vegetables were added in light of their associations with reduced risks for cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases and some cancers 8. For each, and for 4 items apples, bananas, corn, and potatoes described elsewhere as low-nutrient-dense 1 , information was collected in February on amounts of the 17 nutrients and kilocalories per g of food 9.

Because preparation methods can alter the nutrient content of foods 2 , nutrient data were for the items in raw form. Second, a nutrient density score was calculated for each food using the method of Darmon et al The scores were weighted using available data Table 1 based on the bioavailability of the nutrients As some foods are excellent sources of a particular nutrient but contain few other nutrients, percent DVs were capped at so that any one nutrient would not contribute unduly to the total score 3.

The denominator is the energy density of the food kilocalories per g: The score represents the mean of percent DVs per kcal of food. Because there are no standards defining good sources of a combination of nutrients-per-kilocalories, the FDA threshold was used for this purpose.

The 4 low-nutrient-dense items were classified as non-PFV. To validate the classification scheme, the Spearman correlation between nutrient density scores and powerhouse group was examined.

Calcium and Vitamin D Build Bones