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4 Ways Measuring Cups and Spoons Helped Me Lose Weight
In practice, most people just use what they have as a Dry Measuring Cup, which tends to be a liquid one. Less Calories, More Taste. I love lemon treats, and these look delicious! Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead: Crusius Rl, Harisson Prolegomena 5. And you never know what the weather will be like at that time of year.

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Lemon Sugar Cookie Cups

Can we even call them sugar cookies? Well, they are sugar c00kie-esque so I am going with it. And since lemon is so timely for Spring and Easter recipes, I wanted lemon sugar cookie cups filled with a rich lemon pastry cream.

It still sometimes astonishes me that almond flour and coconut flour can be made to look and taste like regular flour. Sure, it takes some ingenuity and I flatter myself that I have some of that. But really, it is remarkable. Kind of makes you think that wheat became the go-to flour for baking purely by historical accident.

And gluten-free to boot! I tried the cookie cups both with and without liners in the muffin tins. I like the look of the smooth sides better, but the ones in the parchment liners released much more easily. Cookie Dough Easter Eggs. Copycat Easter Cream Eggs. Mini Lemon Cream Cake. Rosemary Garlic Grilled Leg of Lamb. Thank you for this! Putting this on my list for the weekend.

As always, great writing and perfect photos! I love my desserts luscious and lemony. These fit the bill perfectly! Thank you for these, Carolyn. They make me think of my mom, whose birthday was around Eastertime. And wow, did she love lemon! You are on a ROLL lately! These look amazing and I will be trying them right away. And thanks for being such a great BRM partner!

If I make these in my mini muffin pan, would it make 24, or more than that? Now I want to know what you put in your Easter eggs. Fun for elementary school age, obviously not for toddlers. I probably have to wait a couple years for the joke eggs. Might you experiment with some different flours? What about Cassava or Tiger Nut? Love what you do! Boy was I sad thinking I had to give up all my favorites.

You are a baker after my heart! Is there a substitute or is it completely necessary? In this recipe, you might be okay without it. Do you have a brand of xanthan gum that you like to use? I want to buy some and I know it will last a while, but I want to get one that is your tried and true, because, your recipes always work when I follow them to the letter.

You should get the degree symbol. I hope it works for you. Thanks for all you do for us! I love lemon treats, and these look delicious! If I make these in a silicon pan do I still need parchment liners? We used to hide those eggs too, way back when, but the dog would always bring them back to you.

One year we had a bad storm so we made Easter bonnets out of paper plates, ribbons and tissue paper flowers. Adding to my list for Easter. BUT — need to do a dry run this weekend, for quality control purposes, of course. This recipe looks amazing! But I have a question….. Does Coconut Flour taste like conconut? I can not stand the taste of coconut.

People always tell me………ohhhh, you can not taste it and will try to trick me and I take a bite and run and throw it up! So can one omit the coconut flour and replace it with something else?? Can you substitute it for coconut flour in recipes? Now my daughter has to be dairy free. Yes I think that should work. Thank you so much.

However, I did have enough to make the cups. Now what should I put in them? Ahhh… I had the ingredients for a chocolate ganache and so I left out the lemon zest and extract, subbed in almond extract. The cups were amazing and the chocolate ganache in them took them over the top. I will make the lemon ones soon! I made these and took them into work. They were a huge hit!! The sugar cookie portion has a great texture and the lemon curd is the perfect offset for it. Made it, loved it. I did use the mini muffin pan and put some in the freezer for portion control-I hope they freeze well..

I put some blueberries in a few of them before topping them with pastry cream, and they were good both ways. Thankfully I lost pounds and am now on a mission to help others find their freedom. One of the biggest issues I find people struggling with is portion size. However Meal Measure not only measures size but volume as well!

Thank you for this wonderful tool to help us out!!! The Meal Measure is the perfect tool for a person watching their weight. It takes the hassle out of measuring every helping — it delivers properly-proportioned meals, every time!

The Meal Measure is a must for anyone trying to control their portions; for weight loss or carbohydrate counting. I tried Meal Measure yesterday evening and was delighted. Inventor of the Meal Measure Meal Measure was created by Patty Cocchiarella, a working mom and former lunch room attendant who is passionate about using portion control for a healthier diet.

Patty is a wife, mother of 3 children, an inventor and entrepreneur. She invented Meal Measure to help people who need to control their portions whether for Diabetes or weight loss.

There are numerous hospitals, clinics and stores around the country selling this new product. Founded in , Apothecary Products is a global leader in consumer wellness products. Our retail products help consumers improve their health and wellness. We also support pharmacists and the patients they serve with our innovative pharmacy products.

Learn more about Apothecary Products. Essential tools for portion control Twelve innovative and effective portion control tools are profiled, including Meal Measure. Gadgets that help you lose weight Meal Measure is profiled as a simple and easy method for controlling calories.

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Meal Measure was featured in the Spring issue.

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