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Boy these are the best things I have ever eaten, Im the person who has a cheese board for dessert! Would love to try coffee brownies with walnuts. I don't know what your doing Sara v Mykee-D Season 4. I would highly recommend them. The best Marvel movies to watch on demand.

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The head office is open for calls regarding Argos as a business and corporation, for inquiries about topics such as the company number, privacy policies, the company terms and conditions as well as any other corporate inquiries. Argos offer same day delivery called fast track delivery which means if you order before 6 pm you can have the item delivered by 10 pm. You can also collect items instore, just choose which store you would like to pick it up from when at the online checkout.

The prices for deliveries are as follows:. Argos offer a 30 day returns guarantee, to return a product you can take it back to a store, arrange a free pick up from Argos they will refund the original delivery charge , if the item is small you can return it in store and receive an immediate refund with a day processing wait.

You will need to bring proof of purchase and if you bought it with a credit or debit card you will need to bring that with you otherwise they will offer you an exchange.

The items should be unused in its original packaging and be in a condition that they can resell the item. Any free items should also be unused and in re-sellable condition.

You may need to provide the serial number. The outside is a case of just hard brownie and the inside soft and yummy, they are light and amazing hot or cold. They are the perfect brownie. My husband is not as obsessed with sweet things but he said they were amazing and the best brownie he has had too and we have had loads over the years. I will be sending these to my friends now instead of flowers and other chocolates.

If you like brownies or even if you dont, you will LOVE these!! I am absolutely thrilled with them. They are so scrummy like nothing I've tasted before. I would highly recommend them. The only thing is trying to keep me away from them as I could easily eat a few at once. They are truly amazing. Well OMG they are delicious!

Best I have ever tasted, really moist and just the perfect chocolate flavour. My husband is also converted too I think this new find could be really dangerous to our waist line!! We will be shopping again, plus the packaging is great and I would buy as gifts too.

I finally placed my order and received my box of heaven in Friday. I have to say these are amazing. The best brownies I've ever tasted moist but light at the same time. I tried hot and cold and both were equally gorgeous. I can't wait to try the hazelnut ones next time. They arrived just before our tea break perfect!! They were amazing, I never leave reviews but had to for these, honestly the tastiest best brownies I have ever eaten loved them!!

They are the best brownies I've ever eaten!! I hate to share them but I did with a friend today. She like myself made satisfying noises while eating them. I cannot sing their praises enough. Delicious as is and also yummy heated up with ice cream. So delicious and moreish are these brownies that I don't want to share them.

We discovered Gower Cottage Brownies at the Good Food Show and then lo and behold a box arrived from my husband for my birthday. I subscribed to 6 monthly boxes from the Cottage direct. They were so delicious I had all 6 boxes delivered over a few weeks. Mainly eaten by family, friends and gifts had more visits when the brownies were here Lol. Good job I kept 1 box in the freezer so I could thaw one or two just for me.

Great for gifts tho' - you have to buy n try. I've just ordered 2 boxes for a birthday party. Even the guys who don't eat sweet stuff were amazed by how good they taste! Such a lovely crusty top and so fudgy, chocolatey and creamy on the inside. The sales guys here were all over them. Thin slightly crispy outer containing the softest chocolatiest middle. What a wonderful "Thank You" present! I was really off my food, but these brownies were so tempting and tasted so divine, they went down a treat.

Such a lovely gift - genuinely the best brownies ever. Everyone i reluctantly shared them with agreed! Absolutely gorgeous, I will definitely be ordering some more!

Will be buying a box for my work at Christmas!! Me and my partner can honestly say that these are the best brownies that we have ever tasted and have highly recommended to everyone!

We have brought about 5 boxes of 12 since our first box and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. We will continue to support Kate's brownies and will continue to buy them for ourselves and others. They did not last long once opened and shared and the comments and watching the excitement on peoples faces when biting into the rich gooey chocolatey goodness Soooo moreish and not sickly at all, like most other brownies! I'm telling everyone I know and ordering more! I will definitely be purchasing these for myself and gifts for others in the future.

Always on time, always gorgeous. And customer service is top notch! They are such a lovely consistency and are simply beautiful! These brownies certainly did not last as long as intended, I think I may have to order some more very soon! I could not believe how amazing they were!! I will definitely be ordering more for my friends and myself in the future! I have just ordered more to send as Christmas presents - they are the ideal gift, wrapped beautifully and so easy to send at the touch of a button!

Customer service from Kate is also excellent. I can't wait to buy a box for my family to spread the joy and deliciousness!

Obviously i made my Husband share:

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